Five Nights at Freddys Pizza Sim Action Figure

Five Nights at Freddy’s Pizza

To celebrate the endlessly creepy Five Nights at Freddy’s media franchise
that now encompasses video games, books and a possible movie, Funko is excited
to announce a series of Funko Action Figures inspired
by the animatronic characters of Five Nights at Freddy’s.

No Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza collection is complete without a Funko
Action Figure El Chip beaver armed with his trusty mandolin and sombrero.

FNAF Pizza El Chip
El Chip

Collect possible-magician and definite-elephant Orville Elephant as a Funko Action Figure before he has an opportunity to climb into your duct system and ambush you.

FNAF Pizza - Orville Elephant Action Figure
Orville Elephant

Pigpatch comes complete with banjo, mismatched eyes and plenty of jump scares.

Five nights at freddys pigpatch action figure
Pigpatch w Banjo

Add Rockstar Foxy to your collection and get his accordion, parrot, peg leg and
eye patch in the bargain.

FNAF Pizza - Rockstar Foxy
Rockstar Foxy


And hide your Faz-coins before
adding Rockstar Freddy and Scrap Baby.

FNAF Pizza Rockstar Freddy Action Figure
Rockstar Freddy

Each Action Figure comes with a piece to build your own Scrap Baby!


The Orville Elephant Pop! is ready for a magic show, concert
or just to haunt your dreams. The Helpy Pop! might not be willing to assist
around the house, but he nonetheless deserves a place in
your Five Nights at Freddy’s collection. No Five Nights at Freddy’s collection
is complete without the violently violet Mr. Hippo Pop! Vinyl.
And the Happy Frog Pop! should bring joy to your collection.

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