Finding Dory Play Pack Grab & Go


This is a fun play pack in which children will dive into the ocean with the characters from the movie Finding Dory and spend your time coloring and pasting stickers, it is super easy to use because it comes in a ziploc bag that can be Open and close easily. Each play pack includes:

  • 4 Crayons
  • 25 Stickers
  • 24- page fun size coloring book


For ages 3+,

Kid safe (Asbestos free and Toxic free)


It is a good item to give at birthday parties is very practical and cheaper , you can put inside the candy bags or make small centerpieces as shown in the pictures and the best thing is that you can find them easily and even super price at partytoyz .com visit our web site to find everything you need for your parties.



We have three different designs in the  Finding Dory play packs, so you can choose which one you like or give variety to your guests so that children can compare differents images of scenes from the movie in your coloring book.

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