Paquete para jugar de Los Increibles

The Incredibles, a super entertaining and exciting movie for children and adults where it shows us the importance of family unity, now brings a fun package for children to play, color and stick pictures everywhere, they can also open and close it easily to store it and take it everywhere. Inside it you will find.

  • A sheet of prints.
  • A fun coloring book with 24 pages.
  • 4 crayons

Children 3+

licensed product

Safe for children (without asbestos, non-toxic)



If you are looking for something small and fun to give away at birthday parties I invite you to try these small packages at a very low price you can find them at and the children will love them. You can use them to put them inside the candy bag, give as prizes at the party or even to make small and fun centerpieces so that the children can color while they are at their tables.


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