The Incredibles Play Pack Grab & Go


The incredibles a super entertaining and exciting movie for children and adults where it shows us the importance of family, now brings for children a fun play pack to coloring and paste stickers everywhere, also can open and close easily to save it and take it everywhere.

Each play pack includes:

  • 4 Crayons
  • 25 stickers
  • 24-page mini coloring book


For ages 3+,

Kid safe (Asbestos free and Toxic free)

If you are looking for something small and fun to give in the birthday parties I invite you to try these little packages it is very cheaper and you can find them on and the children will love it. You can use them to put them inside the candy bag, give as prizes at the party or even to make small and fun centerpieces so that children can color while they are at their tables.

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