Moana Imagine ink


Color with water!

Designed to keep the mess to a minimum, Imagine Ink formats use exclusive ink technology to reveal eye-popping colors without staining most materials! Hidden on each art board, your child will find patterns, games, images and his or her favorite Moana character for a surprise that is guaranteed to please. Even better, Imagine Ink formats have been designed with portability in mind so they’re just as effective on the go as you are!



Watch a rainbow of colors appear like magic with Disney Moana Imagine Ink Magic Ink Pictures! Artists of all skill levels will love finding Moana, Maui, and their voyage companions hidden across 4 magic reveals art boards. Its compact design makes it perfect for travel, too!



  • 1 Refillable water surprise brush
  • 4 Reusable water surprise art boards

Officially licensed product

Ideal for ages 3 and up

Let it dry and color images again and again with just water! add water to the water surprise brush to reveal hidden pictures,counting activities,matching shapes and magical surprises!

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