Quotes from Kimetsu no Yaiba that siblings can relate to

Kimetsu no Yaiba also known as Demon Slayer in the United States, is an anime/manga of a brother and sister who fight off demons plaguing their world. After losing their family to a demon, Tanjiro (the brother) takes lessons on how to become a Demon Slayer to avenge his family’s death. His sister was almost killed by the demon as well but miraculously survived. In the story, once a demon sheds your blood, you become a demon and this is true in her case as well. Nezuko is somehow able to fight the urge to drink blood and now helps her brother fight the demons. Below, are quotes from the show, pertaining to the brother and sister duo that any sibling is able to relate to.

“The bond between Nezuko and me, can’t be severed by anyone!” – Tanjiro Kamado

“I swear your big brother will save you no matter what!” – Tanjiro Kamado

“Anyone who hurts my sister… Hashira or not, I won’t let you get away with it.” – Tanjiro Kamado

“Don’t stop! Run! You gotta protect Nezuko! Even if it means getting slashed by him at the same time!”