Top 10 Anime Funko Pops for 2020

Are you the type of person that loves buying anime collectibles such as phone cases, wallpapers, costumes and of course Funko pops? I mean, you can spot a die-hard anime fan if you find a row of Pops plastered in their bedroom. For those of you that don’t know, Funko Pops are little bobble head collectibles of your favorite famous characters. These cute toys are available online and offline such as anime-themed websites or bigger retailers such as Amazon, Barnes, and Noble, Target or even at your local toy fair. Here’s the Top 10 must-have Funko Pops in 2020 for if you’re an obsessed anime junkie such as myself. 


#10) Boruto Uzumaki from Naruto Next Generations

Since Boruto first came out in October of 2015, it has been picking up steam. In its previous anime arc, Boruto traveled back in time to protect his father Naruto as a young boy from having his chakra stolen. In the manga series, Naruto, as the Hokage has recently been sealed away by Jigen. In 2020, we’re predicting that Boruto will take a huge jump as a character as he figures out how to use his special karma seal and Jougen eye to help save his father Naruto. Furthermore, Boruto Shipudden is likely to come eventually and this is what fans have been waiting for since the series has begun. 

#9) Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul 

Ken Kaneki is the protagonist of Tokyo Ghoul who survives a deadly encounter with Rize. After the incident, Ken turns into half-ghoul. Throughout the series, Ken fights with himself as he takes on the identity of Haise Sasaki. Ken later regains his memory and strikes to unite humans and ghouls together. Season 4 ended in December of 2018. Though it’s been over a year since any new episodes have been released, there are rumors about a potential season 5. Still, Ken is one of the most fierce and beloved characters in all of anime.

#8) Luffy from One Piece 

Since October of 1999, One Piece has started and continue to make new season after season. Luffy is on a grand mission to become the coveted Pirate King and along the way he recruits allies and increases his bounty price in his journey. Currently in Season 20, Luffy and his crew look to liberate Wano County from the evil shogun. Luffy hopes to bring alliance between the pirates, samurai and minks. Due to it’s longevity and new story arcs, the manga has over 462 million copes sold in 43 countries worldwide making it the best selling manga in history. We believe Luffy will only become more popular as One Piece continues to release new content. 

#7) Luna from Sailor Moon

For anime watchers, Sailor Moon was one of our childhood memories. And Luna was one of the fan favorites. She is a talking cat and the advisor to Usagi Tsukino where she first discovered Usagi’s powers. Without the cat guardians from planet Mau to protect the Sailor Moon characters. In the Sailor Moon S: The Movie, Luna takes on her human form. Though Sailor Moon was mostly a 90’s Anime, many of us older millenials still have that nostalgia. Besides there will never be a girl anime series quite like this one. Still today, Sailor Moon has one of the highest manga and anime viewership/readership ranging from 12-16%. 

#6) Ichigo from Bleach 

Though Bleach Anime has ended in 2012 and Manga ended in 2016 – Shonen Jump has announced they will commemorate Ichigo with a 20 Year Anniversary celebration. The celebration will be called Bleach 20th Anniversary Project and Tite Kubo New Work Presentation. Since the anime ended abruptly causing fans to clammer for one of their favorite manga arcs to turn into anime, the Thousand Year Blood War, rumors are speculating about a possible return. Whether the show revives or not, Ichigo is one of those iconic anime series in 2000’s. As of 2018, the manga series sold over 120 million copies of volumes worldwide. Ichigo Kurosaki is the main protagonist who has soul repear abilities to fight against evil spirits in Kakrakura town. 

#5) Natsu from Fairy Tail 

Natsu Dragneel is a dragon slaying wizard who is in search for his foster parents and along the way meets his friends Lucy, a traveling Mage, and Happy, a blue flying cat. The Fairy Tail arcs seem to not be drawn out like other anime and has it’s comedic relief moments similar to One Piece. The characters all have their unique abilities and does an excellent job of displaying the strengths of each character. Recently Fairy Tail just completed their final season on September of 2019. Natsu has powers to shoot fire from any part of his body and consume fire giving him immunity. The epic battles in the series makes Natsu, an incredibly lovable character. 

#4) Cell from Dragon Ball Z 

Although Cell from Dragon Ball Z is one of those old 2000’s villains, he is still one of the most popular villains probably only rivaled by Majin Buu as the most popular villain. Funko makes Cell incredibly adorable as a villain which is why we absolutely adore this toy. Cell was a creation of Dr. Gero from a future timeline to make him the perfect warrior. He was created using cells from several main characters and absorbs Android #17 and #18. According to IGN, cell ranks a close third when it comes to the top villains in the dragon ball franchise. The Dragon Ball franchise sold an estimate of 250-300 million manga copies making it one of the most popular along with One Piece, Naruto and Golgo 13. 

#3) Aggretsuko from Sanrio 

Aggretsuko is one of the funniest and relatable characters in the Anime universe. He’s a 25 year old panda who works in an accounting department of a Japanese trading company. In this musical comedy anime, he is constantly frustrating from pushy and annoying bosses and co-workers. To relieve his stress, Aggretsuko goes to a karaoke bar every night to sing death metal music. His unhappiness puts him through a series of unfortunate events that jeopardizes his job. Make sure to keep this in your room or work desk to remind you that your life doesn’t suck as much as Aggretsuko! The anime series on Netflix is launching it’s third season in 2020, and it’s sure to raise a lot of attention this year. Find out who Aggretsuko will marry in this years episodes! 

#2) Tokoyami from My Hero Academia 

Currently Amazon’s Choice of Funko pop is the Tokoyami one from My Hero Academia. Tokoyami is a reserved teenager with a crow or raven’s head and has the strongest powers in the Class 1-A. His primary attack and defense is the Dark Shadow allowing a monster crow to appear outside of the body. The darker the surrounding, the stronger the monster. My Hero Academia is about a school that is made to train aspiring superheros. The world’s greater hero dies and is looking to pass on the mantle. This anime is rated at an 8.4 out of 10 and won the IGN people’s choice award as the best anime series in 2017. New episodes are still running as season 3 will be released soon. We expect Tokoyami to only rise in popularity moving forward. 

#1) Naruto Hokage Pop from Boruto

It’s no secret that Naruto is by far one of the most popular in the anime universe. According to, Naurto ranks #9 of all time anime characters. What makes him so popular is his relateability from how he started as an outcast to a hero. His courage to save the ones he truly cares about makes him incredibly admirable. Kyuubi Chakra and Hokage Naruto is by far the coolest of them all. I mean who can forget the Boruto series where Naruto as hokage saves the village from being destroyed by the villian Momoshiki. Since the Naruto manga series recently showed that Naruto has been sealed away by Jigen. It’s only a matter of time before the anime series catches up and the anticipation from fans will grow. We believe Naruto’s popularity will only grow in 2020. 

So these were must have funko pops list and I hope you would like them too. If you are a true anime lover and want to know which popular anime is for you then check out this Fun Quiz Game. I am sure you will enjoy this quiz too. 

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