New Anime Series Coming Out in 2020 that You Need to Watch

It’s crazy to think that 2019 has ended and another decade has passed. Good news is 2020 is coming out with a jaw dropping line-up of new Anime that’ll get you excited. New story lines, new drama and new characters for you to spend time indulging yourself in.

If you’re looking for new anime coming out in 2020, then this article will be your resource on the best series coming out. Some of the Anime series included will be sequels of some of your beloved shows and others will be brand new shows. 

#1. Darwin’s Game

Synopsis: A young 17 year old boy Kaname Sudo is invited to play an app game called ‘Darwin’s Game’. He accepts the challenge without knowing that it involves fighting and life or death scenarios. He has the ability to recreate any weapon that he wields. 
Air Date: Jan 3 2020Where to Watch: Funimation
Category: Supernatural, Action, MysteryNumber of Episodes: 11
19 Issues of Manga ReleasedProtagonists: Kaname Sudo, Shuka Karino, Rain Kashiwagi, Ryuhi Maesaka

#2. In/Spectre

Synopsis: Kotoko Iwanaga was kidnapped at an early age of 11 by yokai. She proposed the idea of becoming the “God of Wisdom” and she agreed. However, it cost her a right eye and left leg. The story takes place 6 years after the incident. KuroSakuragawa, another main character breaks up with her girlfriend. Kotoko makes her move to win the man of her dreams KuroSakuragawa. She realizes there’s supernatural that comes with him. This world is filled with evil such as yokai, monsters, spectres, spirits, demons and ghosts. They both navigate their way through the world to fight evil, while Kotoko hopes to express her love for him. 
Air Date: Jan 12 2020Where to Watch: CrunchyRoll
Category: Comedy, Romance, Mystery, SupernaturalNumber of Episodes: 12
11 Volumes of Manga ReleasedProtagonist: Sakuragawa Kurou, Yumihara Saki

#3. Plunderer

Synopsis: In the year of 305 in the Althea calendar, every human is appointed to a number. The number may have different meanings from the amount of people who have said your food is tasty or the number of kilometers walked. Once the number strikes zero, you are sent to the Abyss. The Abyss seems to be legend as people are supposed to suffer worse than death itself inside of the Abyss. Right before Hina’s mother had died, she advised Hina to search for the Legendary Red Baron. The Red Baron is a group of heroes known to have superpowers who could end the Abandonment war. 
Air Date: Jan 9 2020Where to Watch: Hulu
Category: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Romance Number of Episodes: 24
14 Volumes of Manga ReleasedProtagonist: Richto, Hina

#4. Somali and the Forest Spirit

Synopsis: In this world, humans have been close to extinction. This planet is ruled by demons, goblets, spirits and other strange creatures with unpredictable abilities. A golem and a lonely human girl meet. They travel and go on adventures. The Golem is on its pursuit to help her find other humans and the golem soon faces his mortality. 
Air Date: Jan 10 2020Where to Watch: JustWatch
Category: Adventure, FantasyNumber of Episodes: 12
5 Volumes Manga ReleasedProtagonist: Somali, Golem, Shizuno 

#5. Infinite Dendrogram

Synopsis: In 2043, there is a virtual reality game that allows for all five senses to be utilized. This game provides players with infinite possibilities. Reii Mukudori a college freshmen purchases the game and enters a new reality in which he calls himself Ray Starling. Along the way he brings his brother Shuu and Embryo companion Nemesis. 
Air Date: Jan 9 2020Where to Watch: Funimation
Category: GameNumber of Episodes: 13
6 Volumes of Manga ReleasedProtagonist: Ray Starling, Nemesis

#6. BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense

Synopsis: Kaede Honjo discovers a new game that is a virtual reality MMORPG called NewWorld Online. In this game, she plays Maple and fears getting hurt, so she puts all of her points into defensive skills. As a result, we are able to negate many attacks and despite skepticism it’s worked much better than anyone has anticipated. 
Air Date: Jan 8 2020Where to Watch: Hulu
Category: Game, Virtual RealityNumber of Episodes: 12 episodes 
2 Volumes of Manga ReleasedProtagonist: Maple, Sally

#7. Rikei ga Koi ni Ochita no de Shoumei Shite Mita

Synopsis: This anime is based off of two graduate students Ayame Himuro and Shinya Yukimura. They both have a strong passion for science and proving all theories through experiments. They sense they could be falling in love with each other therefore, they test the theory to prove their love for each other. 
Air Date: Jan 11 2020Where to Watch: CrunchyRoll
Category: Romance, ScienceNumber of Episodes: 12
4 Volumes of Manga ReleasedProtagonist: Ayame Himuro, Shinya Yukimura 

#8. Haikyuu!! To the Top

Synopsis: Kageyama is invited to an All Japan Youth Training Camp, however Tsukishima gets invited to a select rookie training camp. Meanwhile Hinata is jealous and feels left behind to not have been invited. Hinata decides to attend the select rookie camp anyway to prove his abilities as a Volleyball player. 
Air Date: Jan 11 2020Where to Watch: CrunchyRoll
Category: Comedy, Drama, School Number of Episodes: 13
41 Volumes of Manga ReleasedProtagonist: Hinata Shouyou, Kageyama Tobio

#9. Interspecies Reviewers

Synopsis: The story is centered around Stunk, a human, Zel an elf, and two other adventurers to explore the land of brothels. Each brothel has its own rules and these cast of characters are looking to review their experiences with each one. 
Air Date: Jan 11 2020Where to Watch: CrunchyRoll
Category: Comedy, FantasyNumber of Episodes: 12
4 Volumes of Manga ReleasedProtagonist: Stunk, Zel, Crimvael, Kanchal

#10. Nekopara 

Synopsis:Kashou Minaduki opened his first and very own La Soleil patisserie shop. But a twist of events happened when he found out his family had been taking care of two catgirls named Chocola and Vanilla. They begged and pleaded to stay with Kashou and help him with his shop. The comedy shows their adventures in their business as they show affection to their master Kashou. 
Air Date: Jan 9 2020Where to Watch: Funimation
Category: Comedy, RomanceNumber of Episodes: 12
3 Volumes of Manga ReleasedProtagonist: Chocola, Vanilla, Minaduko Kashou

#11. Radiant 2nd Season

Synopsis: The radiant is full of mystery’s and great power. A species of monsters called nemeses which fall from the sky. Those who are the few that survive are cursed, yet yield magical powers called Fantasia. The main character Seth is cursed by the nemeses and is looking to take down the entire species in order to bring peace. He must find the origins of these nemeses species. 
Air Date: Oct 2 2019Where to Watch: Funimation
Category:Action, FantasyNumber of Episodes: 21
13 Volumes of Manga ReleasedProtagonist: Melie, Seth

#12. Drifting Dragons 

Synopsis: In this world, chasing and taking down dragons is everything. There lies a vessel named Quin Zara which soars through the skies looking to hunt dragons. A big catch will mean the crew gets fed all the meat they can eat and wonderful fortunes. Failure to capture these dragons means no food and empty wallet. 
Air Date: Jan 9 2020Where to Watch: Vore
Category: Fantasy, ActionNumber of Episodes: 12
7 Volumes of Manga ReleasedProtagonist: Mika, Takita, Vanabelle, Gibbs

#13. Uzumaki

Synopsis: Uzumaki is a spiral curse that plagues the city. The spiral affects the people around the main characters Kirie and Shuichi who are a couple. Unfortunately Kirie gets infected and her hair begins to curl up to drain her life energy and hypnotize others. Shuichi attempts to cut the hair but is unsuccessful. The story continues of how these two try to stop the horrible curse. 
Air Date: Jan 2020Where to Watch: Adult Swim
Category: HorrorNumber of Episodes: 4
3 Volumes of Manga ReleasedProtagonist: Shuichi Saito, Kirie Goshima, 

#14. A Destructive God Sits Next to Me

Synopsis: Seri Koyuki is a normal high school student who doesn’t want any trouble. One day one of his classmates is Kabuto Hanadori who has an eyepatch that seals his god of destruction alter ego. 
Air Date: Jan 11 2020Where to Watch: Anime Planet 
Category: Supernatural, School Number of Episodes: 12
9 volumes of Manga ReleasedProtagonist: Jun Fukuyama, Takahiro Sakurai, Ai Kayano 

#15. Kabukichou Sherlock

Synopsis: Shinjuku ward is filled with bright lights. But under those lights are evil and unseen darkness. John Watson who works at the university hospital needs help with an odd case. He meets Sherlock Holmes and finds himself in awe of his detective skills. John begins spiraling into the detective style and joins Sherlock. 
Air Date: Oct 11 2019Where to Watch: hulu
Category: MysteryNumber of Episodes: 24
No Manga ReleasedProtagonist: Fuyuto Kyogoku, Sherlock Holmes, James Moriarty, John Watson, Lucy Mortstan

#16. Number24

Synopsis: The cast of characters are filled with individuals who have failed or deemed unfit to play Rugby anymore. They ban together to play in the Kansai University Rugby League. Natsusa Yuzuki due to unforeseen circumstances can no longer play. Ibuki Ueoka quit rugby. 
Air Date: Jan 8 2020Where to Watch: Funimation
Category: SportsNumber of Episodes: 12
No Manga ReleasedProtagonist: Kengo Kawanishi, Ryota Suzuki, Junichi Yanagita, Shohei Komatsu 

#17. Zenonzard the Animation 

Synopsis: In a world of a card game to battle others called Zenozard, humans are combined with AI. Azuma Souta is challenged by a code woman named Eillietta Lash. Her intent is to team up with Zenon. The game grows and new challenges arise throughout the series. 
Air Date: Sept 10 2019Where to Watch: Simkl
Category: GameNumber of Episodes: 12
1 Volume Manga ReleasedProtagonist: Ellietta Lash, Sota Azuma, Shion Saionji, Ash Claude

#18. Natsunagu!

Synopsis: A number of earthquakes called the kumamoto earthquakes happened. Natsuma Kunugi a university student in Tokyo is in search of her long lost friends who went missing after the earthquakes. She has lost touch with them and is looking to regain them. She meets people along the journey to help her. 
Air Date: Jan 7 2020Where to Watch: Vore 
Category: Drama, AdventureNumber of Episodes: 12
No Manga ReleasedProtagonist: Natsuna Keyaki, Izumi Chiba, Shigezou Chiba

#19. 22/7

Synopsis: 22/7 is a japanese idol group. Their talents seem to transcend even dimensions. They go through their challenges and look to grow as a musical group. The series focuses on one or two members of the 22/7 group and showcases in depth of their story of idol activities and relationships with their group members. 
Air Date: Jan 11 2020Where to Watch: Funimation
Category: MusicNumber of Episodes: 12
1 Volume of Manga ReleasedProtagonist: Miyako Kono, Nicole Saito, Reika Sato, Miu Takigawa, Ayaka Tachikawa Jun Toda

#20. Pocket Monsters 

Synopsis: In this new season of Pocket Monsters, Satoshi hears about a new rare pokemon. They rush to an area in the Kanto region and find Lugia a legendary pokemon. Many trainers try to catch it however Lugia flees. Right before they flee, Satoshi and Gou hops on Lugia’s back. Lugia takes them on many adventures. 
Air Date: Nov 17 2019Where to Watch: Stack Anime
Category: Game, AdventureNumber of Episodes: 49
13 Volumes of Manga ReleasedProtagonist: Satoshi, Gou, Hanako,