Top Rock Pops for 2020

When it comes to rock band and artists, their music is immortalized and become timeless classics because of their impact left on the world. One way to show their impact is having Funko Pops made and sold all across the world. We’ve compiled a list of 10 vinyl Funko pops of bands and artists that are best sellers but also must haves for 2020. Some of them are still performing, while others have passed, but their music lives on forever. There are dozens of types of rock music categories such as punk rock, hard rock, alternative, pop rock, funk rock, dance rock, and much more. Here’s our list of the best rock music Funko pops in the market today. 

#10. Guns N Roses 

For three and a half decades, Guns N Roses have giving us the most mind blowing hard rock we know of. Some of it’s best singles are “Welcome to the Jungle”, “Sweet Child O’Mine”, “Patience” and “November Rain.” Guns N Roses announced it’s 2020 tour dates travelling across the United States, Mexico and Europe, performing in 23 locations in 7 months. Guitarist Richard Fortus hopes that their new album will be released in 2020. This will be it’s first time releasing new music since 2008, and boy we can’t wait! The band has won a total of 14 music awards including 4 American music awards, 1 billboard, 4 MTV VMA awards and 2 world music awards. 

#9. Metallica 

For nearly four decades, Metallica has wowed us all with it’s incredible heavy metal music. In fact, It’s third studio album, Master of Puppets is widely considered to be one of the greatest heavy metal music albums of all time. Metallica has produced ten studio albums, four live albums, one cover album, five extended plays, thirty nine music videos and thirty seven singles. They have also won nine music awards and sold over 125 million albums as of 2018. According to Robert Trujillo, the bassist, they plan to release a new album no later than 2021. Their previous album Hardwired to Self Destruct released in 2016 which sold 291,000 copies and hit the top of the charts in 57 countries. Trujillo says that their next record will be a culmination of the previous two records. 

#8. Panic at the Disco 

Do you remember the lyrics, “Cold hearts brew colder songs” from Let’s Kill Tonight or “But girls love girls and boys and love is not a choice” from Girls, Girls Boys? Panic at the Disco not only has amazing instrumental sounds and a beautiful voice but also very poetic lyrics. This american pop rock band started in 2004 releasing six studio albums, four live albums, two compilation albums, twenty eight music videos, and twenty five singles. Unfortunately, some of the greatest bands have broken apart. Currently Brendon Urie is the only official member of the band, while Brent Wilson, Ryan Ross, John Walker, Spencer Smith and Dallon Weekes have left. It’s last album released in 2018, “Pray for the Wicked” sold over 151,000 album copies, reached number one in the ARIA albums chart and 10th best selling Vinyl abum according to Billboard. This recent history of success and proven track record will keep them afloat through 2020 and beyond. 

#7. Twenty One Pilots 

The Alternative rock star duo, Twenty One Pilots has been a musical sensation since 2009. Their best known singles are “Stressed Out”, “Ride,” and “Heathens”. The duo have released five studio albums, one live album, ten extended plays, nineteen singles and twenty seven music videos. This duo has won an impressive 32 awards and nominated for 103, including Alternative Press Music, American Music, ARIA Music, BBC Radio, Billboard Music, Brit, Echo, GAFFA, Grammy, iHeartRadio Music, MTC, Rock Sound, Teen Choice, People’s Choice and many more. Their accomplishments are quite profound even compared to the other all time great rock musicians. The group plans to go 15 tour around the U.S. and mainly Europe from June to July. Their lack of tour dates throughout the year seems to be because they have a new album in the works. We can’t wait to see what else they have in store! 

#6. Queen 

In the 1970’s the Floppy Disk was invented. And it also is the era where Queen was born. This British rock band has revolutionized the rock music genre led by Freddy Mercury, lead vocalist and pianist, Brian May, guitarist and vocalist, Roger Taylor, drummer and vocalist and John Deacon, bassist. Since each member contributed to writing and singing their own music and they had a genuine friendship before the band started, their music seems to relate with their audience. The band has made fifteen studio albums, ten live albums, fifteen compilation albums, seventy two singles, two soundtrack albums and nineteen box sets. Some of it’s hits such as “We Will Rock You” and “We are the Champions” were inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame and Rock and Roll hall of fame. Other great hits are “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Flash” and “The Show Must Go On.” Currently they are scheduled to have 27 concerts on their European tour in 2020.  

#5. Elton John

Elton John is one of the most iconic musicians in history focusing on Rock, pop rock, glam rock and soft rock genres. John has sold over 300 million records and has over fifty Top 40 hits, seven number ones and seven consecutive number one albums in the U.S. His volume of work is extremely impressive to say the least. He’s released thirty three studio albums, four live albums, seven soundtrack albums, sixteen compilation albums, three extended plays and two other albums. Elton John announced his final farewell tour which runs from February of 2020 to January of 2021 across the globe to countries such as Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Switzlerland, Spain, Norway, United States, Finland, Sweden, and Belgium. Since this is his final tour, we anticipate Elton John’s popularity to grow exponentially. Some of his greatest hits include “Your Song”, “Rocket Man”, “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”. “Levon”, “Bennie and the Jets” and so much more. 

#4. Jonh Lennon from the Beattles

John Lennon was an icon for rock and pop for the music he’s produced as the founder, co-lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of the Beatles, an English rock band. Although, they were active only from 1960 to 1970, they are known as the best-selling music act of all time with certified sales of over 183 million united in the U.S. and 600 million worldwide. Some of their most iconic songs are “Hey Jude”, “Come Together”, “A Day in the Life”, “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”, “Something” and others. The Beatles were truly transcendent with their music and performances such as only performing original songwriting, performing in a stadium, putting music videos out there, using electronic sounds in rock and roll, and stood for various movements such as peace. Unfortunately, John Lennon isn’t around to continue to produce music or tour around the world. Even going to another decade, we expect the legend of Beatles to live on for a long time. 

#3. Blink 182

Do you remember jamming out in the 2000’s to “all the small things” or “I miss you?” For Millennials, this band was most people’s go to rock music. Blink 182 is american rock band formed in 1992, where they made eight studio albums, one live album, two compilation albums, three video albums, twenty two music videos, and twenty four singles. The band has won 18 awards with 29 nominations from prestige music platforms such as MTV video music awards, MTV Europe music awards, Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards, San Diego Music Awards, California Music Awards and much more. Their latest album was called “Nine” released in September of 2019. Their group has sold over 13 million albums and over 50 million worldwide. They’re contribution to the music world is bringing pop punk – very sub community of music into the mainstream. This Blink 182 plans to tour 5 locations including Nottingham, UK, Preston, UK, Milwaukee WI, Tarrant County TX, and Sacramento, CA. 

#2. Angus Young from AC/DC

Angus Young is best known for his school boy outfits and crazy energetic live performance while playing the guitar. He is the co-founder, lead guitarist and song writer for their Australian hard rock band, AC/DC. Some of their best hits include “Hell’s Bells”, “Shoot to Thrill”, “Dirty Deeds”, and who could forget “Let there be rock.” This group laid the foundation for a more high energy guitar driven sound which influenced some of the greatest bands of all time including Guns N Roses, Metallica and Foo Fighters. This group has sold over 200 million records worldwide and are the tenth highest selling artist in the U.S. and 14th best selling worldwide. In 2004, AC/DC ranked 72 of the “100 Greatest Artists of All Time”, and in 2010, VH1 ranked them number 23 of all time. Their latest album is Rock or Bust in 2014, but are rumored to release an album in Fall of 2020 and will be touring Australia in October and November.  

#1. Kurt Cobain from Nirvana 

Kurt Cobain, the leading singer, songwriter and front man guitarist was the main staple of Nirvana, the band that help popularize and globalize punk, post punk and indie rock. You might recall their best songs especially in the 90’s, “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, “Come as You Are”, “All Apologies”, “Heart-Shaped Box” and “In Bloom.” Though, they aren’t active anymore, they are still one of the most iconic movements and bands of all time. Nirvana, sold over 25 million records in the U.S. and over 75 million worldwide. Rolling Stones ranked them 27 out of 100 greatest artists of all time and has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014. Though the full band will never be together, some of the surviving members still perform guest appearance shows worldwide. This band has produced three studio albums, five live albums, four compilation albums, six video albums, eight music videos and twenty one singles. 

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