10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Demons Of Demon Slayer

What is a good series without a good villain? While back in the days the demons did not get enough attention as the protagonists have but with times the art lovers realized that the antagonists are an important part of the game. They are known for their worst characteristics. Today we’ll cover the lesser-known facts of the demons in the series Demon Slayer. If you’re new to Demon Slayer, you’ll be delighted to learn more about the villains of in this anime.

Demon Slayers is an anime series that revolves around the character named Tangier. He comes home and finds out that the whole family has been slaughtered by demons and only his sister survived who was the youngest in the family. Her name was Munetaka. After some events, he came to know that his sister also has become a demon and here is where his journey started. A quest to find a cure for his sister. So have a look at the list of the unknown facts of the demons you like!

#1. Bright Pink Eyes:


In my opinion, Demon Slayer has one of the best animations. Much props goes to the animators and storyboard writers! The demon slayer is used for tables first shown in series. Nezuko is the youngest sister of the main protagonists of the series Ledya. She is a former human. Unfortunately, she is a demon now. As a human, her eyes were dark purple-red. But as a demon, her eyes are bright pink. That’s one of my favorite colors and the fact that many people don’t notice it! In this demonic state, she has incredible powers to manipulate her size, restore her power, enhanced strength and regeneration and explode blood into flames. Watch out for those pink eyes, her demon form can be scary!

#2. Made By Florets:


When a doctor was helping Muzan to survive from a life-threatening disease, the first demon was created, and it was hundreds of years ago. That disease could take the life of Muzan but the doctor created a medicine with a blue spider lily flower. The doctor experimented with the drug on Muzan and was still working on it. Muzan killed the doctor out of frustration and eventually found out that he could no longer walk out in the sunlight because of the transformation.

#3. Eating Human Give Them Powers:


The most horrifying thing about the demons is that they get their powers by eating humans or drinking their blood. In the series, we all have seen Muzan encouraging the people he attacked to eat more humans to gain more power, which makes them regenerate and grow.

It is also an unknown fact that blood demon when becoming powerful can get into any shape of the bodies. The most potent demons can even tell how many humans a demon has eaten only by being around them.

#4. Demons Can Be Poisoned:


Demons are said to be immune from almost everything except for the sunlight. Their reconstruction power allows them to become alive again or grow back from whatever damage caused to them. But the fact is that one thing seems to be an exception from the list. The wisteria flower is certainly poisonous for the demons. It can shut down a demon or sometimes can kill them too. Shinobu admitted that she couldn’t cut off a demon’s head because of their powers, so she invented a special sword with an injection like a tip to insert wisteria flower poison to kill them.

#5. Traditional Weapons Don’t Work On Them:

In the Demon Slayer series, it was almost impossible to kill a demon because of their supernatural powers. Ordinary people don’t get a chance to combat the demons because they are so powerful. And even humans get the ability to do so, demons don’t damage. The only thing that could kill the demons in the series was Nichirin Blades that are special weapons made to kill the demon slayers. Besides this, if you really want to kill a demon, take it out in the sun. Finished!

#6. Endlessly Growing:

The demons possess infinite evolution. They are capable of re-growing from any damage that occurred to them. There is no limit on the growth of the demons. Their regeneration ability becomes stronger with time. The older demons grow even faster than the younger ones. They can reshape their bodies. They can change their persona. Except for their weakness of not going in the sunlight, it is virtually impossible to end them.

#7. Psychologically Related To Muzan:


Muzan is the controller of all the demons and he controls them with an iron fist. His authority over them doesn’t just range to being far more influential than any of them could picture, additionally he’s also achieved spiritual control over them too. At one point in the series when the demon moons got together, Muzan was able to read their minds also.

#8. Cannot Call Muzan

Muzan is the cruelest character. He has no mercy for anyone, whether someone who has crossed him to his own subordinates. Muzan doesn’t forgive weaknesses and also doesn’t let his subordinates to reveal any sort of information. Therefore they cannot call his name. And we have seen in the series that if a demon tries to take his name, it often experiences some terrifying forms of threats.

#9. Regrow From Muzan’s Blood:

Muzan seemed to feed the demons from his own blood to make them even more dangerous. This makes them gain more strength and there is no limit to their power. The amount of evolution they possess is quite unpleasant for humans. This is not the only way they become more powerful, but surely it is one of the dangers.

#10. They Don’t Need To Eat Humans

All the demons are not taught to feed off from humans. Yes, it’s a fact you didn’t know! Yushiro never ate a human because he was never taught to do so. Most of the demons are introduced to extreme hunger but never shown to eat humans because of producing transformation. However, if they choose, its actually something they want to do, not taught to do.

So this was the list of the unknown facts from demon slayer. Probably you have known some of them, but all of them are amazing. These unique facts about Demon Slayer help move the story line in an interesting way that hooks it’s viewers. It’s no wonder why the White Paper reports that Demon Slayer the anime increased by 1.4 million viewers between the release of the first and last episode.

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