10 Things Every Fan Must Know About the Straw Hat Pirates

The Straw Hat Pirates originally came from the East Blue and before embarking on a tremendous journey for the Grandline, they became infamous pirate crew in the entire East Blue. They successfully defeated Don Kreig and the Arlong Pirates which led the World Government to place the highest bounties on their heads, especially on Monkey D. Luffy and Rorono Zoro.The “Straw Hats” are named after Luffy

The “Straw Hats” crew were named after Luffy’s signature hat that was given to him as a gift from his mentor Red-Haired Shanks. Currently the bounty for all of the ten members combined is 3,161,000,000. They originally sailed on the Going Merry up until the water 7 arc before sailing on the Thousand Sunny, a new shop that Franky and Iceburg built them.

1- At Maximum Capacity


At the start of the series, Monkey D. Luffy wanted to have just ten members of his crew. Even after countless journeys and adventures have passed, it seems that Monkey has not forgotten to keep track of the crew numbers. In the course of the series, many pirates were rumored to join the crew; however, the last member to join the Straw Hats was Jinbei, way back at the Fish-Man Island. The current members of the Straw Hat Pirates are Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, Nani, Usopp, Sanji, Tony Tony chopper, Nico Robin, Franky, Brook Jinbe and Nefertari Vivi.

2- Grand Fleet


The Straw Hat Grand Fleet comprised all the main allies of Straw Hats that allied with Luffy after the Ddressrosa Arc. Seven pirate crews make up the Grand fleet including The Beautiful Pirates, Barto Club, Ideo Pirates, Happo Navy, Tontatta Pirates, The Yonta Maria fleet and The New Giant Warrior Pirates. All the crew members are made up of all the pirates who are infamous in the New World. With over 5000 members in the Grand, the fleet makes it a force to be reckoned with. 

3- Alliances 


Currently, the Straw Hats Pirates have the alliances with the Head Pirates, the Kozuki clan, the Minks and several Ninjas from Wano country. The alliances were made for the mutual benefit of the other gangs. Making alliances with the other gangs have always been fruitful for Luffy throughout the series. Like one time, Luffy allied with Law to able to defeat Doflamingo. The most recent alliance is made to take back the throne from Kaido and Orochi and hand them back to the country of Wano to Momonusuke and the Kozuki clan.

4- Bounty 


Known for being the most notorious pirates, there’s no surprise they have the highest amount of bounties on their heads, with over 3 billion berries overall. It is all because they are always part of dangerous adventures where chaos ensues. Though bounties may be seen as a crime or act of many felonies, these pirates see their bounty as a sign of strength. In fact Luffy was excited to have his first bounty handed out. Zoro was disappointed that his bounty wasn’t high enough. Typically the higher the bounty amount, the great the threat. It seems that the World Government and Marines know the danger that the Straw Pirates are in the open sea.

5- A threat to the Government


Way back in Enies Lobby, the war was declared by the Straw Hats on the World Government when the government tried to apprehend Robin. At that momentous time, Luffy ordered Usopp to shoot down the government’s flag which Usopp did it with great zeal and aplomb. Ever since then that fateful encounter, The Straw Hats have always been a pain in the neck for the government. More so when Luffy broke into prison Impel Down and escaped just to degrade the security of the World Government before the Marineford war. 

6- The Dawn of a New World


Ever since the time skip, the main theme of the dawn played a significant role in the development of the story of One Piece. The dawn is depicted as the time when there will be a dynamic change throughout the world and will give rise to a new and better place for humanity. Many characters of the series predicted this dawning of the world including Pedro and Nekmamushi. Before Pedro met his demise, he had a strong belief that this dawn would only be brought into this world by the Straw Hats.

7- Loyalty


The Grandline is notorious for being tremendously difficult sea to navigate. It’s a daily struggle for a pirate in the New World. The seas can only be conquered by only the strongest of crews who can face the dangers with a smile. This trait can be found in the Straw Hats; they are a tight bunch of crews that work in tandem with each other. They have the utmost trust in each other and would even lay down their lives for their friends. The Straw Hats have successfully managed to stay faithful to their Captain Luffy and crew throughout their adventures. Their loyalty will continue to play a significant role in all their future endeavors.

8- Natural Adventurers


The Straw Hat crew loves adventures and always have an amazing time wherever they wander. The credit goes to Luffy as he always has a knack for finding out legendary adventures. The Straw Hats are often being ridiculed for embarking on impossible journeys. Back in Mock Town, they are ridiculed when they decide to go to Sky Island because nobody believes its existence. 

Nevertheless, the Straw Hat didn’t back down and went down on their adventure in the Sky Island and takedown Enel, the God, while their mockers just lay in their homes. 

9- Extraordinary Pirates


The Straw Hats are not your average group of pirates. Even their captain, Luffy, who is known for his unique rubber body and leverage his superior intelligence in combats. Their musician is a reanimated skull that had died many years ago and their doctor is a talking Reindeer-Human. The Straw Hats are beloved a bunch of pirates; they tend to liberate wherever they have their adventures. Many times natives of the island initially have animosity with the Straw Hats; however, in the end, they will end up in cheers, celebrations, and festivities. Their reception from the natives stands apart from the rest of the pirates in One Piece. 

10- All for One & One for All


The Straw hats are known for being one out for each other both in joy and in the time of melancholy. All the crews of Straw hats have suffered a terrible loss in their lives. For instance, a Nico Robin learned the brutal truth of the real world when the World government invaded her entire country.

Moreover, Brook had lost all his crew in the Florian triangle and learned to found peace in his seclusion. Brook often jokes around to hide his pain. Similarly, all the members of the Straw Hats have suffered irreparable losses in their lives, which enables them to fight for their comrades till the very end, so those losses can never be repeated.  

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