10 Things You Need to Know About My Hero Academia

The storyline of My Hero Academia has touched the hearts of many anime fans making it one of the most popular anime and manga series with about 8 million viewers worldwide and over 26 million copies of manga sold. The story’s premise is based on the character of a young boy named Izuku Midoriya, a powerless boy who is named the successor of All for One, an incredible quirk from the former worlds greatest superhero All Might. Ready to become a professional hero, Izuku joins a superhero training academy that tests him and his friends without end. The action-packed sequences give fans little time to rest. The story has always something new to offer from time to time, which often leaves its viewer in awe. The fans and reviewers have appreciated the finer detailing present in the series.  

It’s an astounding fact to note that the widescale combination of superheroes makes ‘My Hero Academia’ the biggest superhero anime series globally. In my humble opinion, the anime series is a complete package as it has got all that an anime fan desires. But still, it’s quite interesting to note that a large number of the fans and followers of the series are still unaware of a lot of intricacies and details present in the series. If you want to check out some of the series’ little-known facts, then you can check out the list below:

The superpowers are called quirks:


The superpowers possessed by the characters of My Hero Academia are called characteristics. Almost 80% of the population of the high school in the series possesses superpowers that have a significant impact on society. Some of the characters are born with the powers and others recognize them at the age of four. Quirks are said to be the next stage of evolution for the human race. These quirks can any of the following quirk types: emitter, transformation or mutant. Emitter is the ability to control elemants or things outside of themselves such as explosion, brainwashing, fire and ice, and others. Transformation is altering their own bodies to either enhance, remove or alter certain features about themselves. Mutant is similar to transformation, however it creates abnormal structures that are more complex than transformation or emitter. For example, Mashirao can add a tail using as a transformation. Fumikage Tokoyami creates a dark shadow bird like creature that comes out of his body.

The cause of quirks is unknown:


There is a piece of evidence that said it was caused by mice but safe to say that the assumption was mere speculation, not a just cause for the superpowers. The first person to acquire a quirk was a newborn baby from the city of Qingqing in China who had the ability to emanate light from their body. From there, many humans began to evolve to and quirks are spread through genetics. This also caused a rise of both superheroes and villains.

The quirks are genetic:


Peculiarities appear to be hereditary in nature. For example, a juvenile with a Quirk will incline to have either one of their blood relation’s Twists or a union of both of their parents’ Quirks. Though, there are cases of children with a solely unconnected Quirk, which can be somewhat indicative of changes. Sometimes a person may acquire quirks of both of their parents. For example Shoto Todoroki possesses powers from both his parents being able to control fire and ice. Half of his body can manipulate ice and the other half controls fire which is a legendary tier emitter. With training, the newer generation has the ability to morph their quirk into greater heights.

The quirk marriages:


Quirk marriages have came about once quirks came to be in society during the second and third generation of quirk users. This quirk marriages are made to strategically combine the powers of their quirks to ensure their bloodline becomes stronger through hereditary enhancement. For example, a child of parents with both legendary quirks will surely acquire a strong quirk or quite possibly create a new quirk that is stronger with the combination of both. The common example is Shoto Todoroki who can perform both ice and fire abilities.

All For One – The Villain:

All for One is the one of the main antagonist of the series along with Tomura Shigaraki. However, since he is locked up under police control and imprisoned in Tarturus, he is not involved but he still commands over the League of Villains who rain terror to superheroes. All might was so attached to his power and status which made him devastated when All Might took it from him. The All for One quirk is the power and experience to steal and combine many quirks at once. He can switch between quirks during battle to maximize the power and effectiveness. All for One has stolen some of the most powerful quirks such as warping, the ability to transport through portals, search, the ability to monitor 100 people at once to identify their weakpoints, air canon, allows him to release air shockwaves through his arms and many others. He currently wears his masks to breath since suffering tremendous damage from All Might.

Adaptations are sometimes not perfect:

Quirk users have a habit to adjust themselves according to their Quirk habit. Awkwardly, this isn’t perfect, which is why several characters have Quirks that they can’t switch well on their own. As for the Quirk less, well, be enough to say that they are even more missing in such editions, meaning that learning to control their Quirks can come with intellectual challenges. For evidence, contemplate how Izuku can’t use the full power of One For All without imposing thoughtful damages on himself. A character needs to train and practice their quirk through many years in order to potentially gain it’s full capability. But if overused, there are many health consequences. Eventually an overuse of quirk or old age can cause someone to lose a quirk completely.

Usage of quirks in public is not allowed:

The usage of Quirks in society is forbidden under certain conditions, which completely makes sense as some Quirks have deadly powers. With that said, self-defense is openly allowed in the series. As the law is obligatory to follow, a decorum is usually maintained in the series. 

Some characters are government paid:


My Hero Academia has firm guidelines about what heroes are and are not allowed to do. Furthermore, some heroes are absolutely paid for their employment by the government, which is exciting because it proposes a very different mind-set from a lot of cowboy movie superhero media that often have very mocking boldness about whether governments can be reliable or not.

Two different mediums:

My Hero Academia comes from two different mediums and both of them are extremely enjoyable. Some of the fans like to read it in the shape of comic books or manga and others like to see it on TV. The series’ solid fan base is strong enough to suggest that people like both the mediums. Currently My Hero Academia has a total of 4 seasons with 63 episodes. There are 23 manga volumes and also 2 movies that have been released.


My Hero Academia anime idea is adapted from Kohei Horikoshi’s comic of the same name. While the comics began its entertainment in installments, Jump back in 2014, the anime came to life somewhat later. The anime will always be behind the comic book as long as the storyline is considered. Manga is still said to be the powerhouse of the story. Hence, it always plays a vital part in serialization also. Manga fans are notorious for spoiling what happens in the future, while Anime fans still need to catch up on the main story line.

All in all:

My Hero Academia is viewed by kids all over the world, and the show usually airs in doesn’t really make it anyway at ease for it to feature paraphernalia that’s a slight too hard to believe for those watching, especially the teenagers. A prime example of that would be All Might gusting his hand off in the fight against All For One. While the manga showed it reasonably clearly, the anime amended it for the reasons mentioned above.

As mentioned above, My Hero Academia is one of the best anime version from a manga that we’ve seen in the last span, if not the best. Much of it is down to the fact that Bones is allowed to have a regular schedule for adapting the manga, which leads to great pacing. I have observed and come up with all these facts and figures, which were unknown to many fans out there. Now, I hope all will watch the biggest hero series and note the events I’ve written here.

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