10 Top Sports Funko Pops in 2020

Are you a big fan of Funko Pop figures? If yes, then certainly you are part of the mainstream pop culture present today. Thousands of people have these figures collections at their homes. Children love to put them on their shelves as they enjoy playing with the tiny size product. And the best part is that it’s not just limited to them. Whether you are a manic toy hoarder or sports lover, you must have at least one Pop figure placed on your shelf. The die-hard fans keep collecting their favorite player’s Funko pops to decorate their shelves. If you are a sports fanatic, I have come up with all the famous sports Funko Pops figures that you must have on your collectible list. Let’s check out the list together!

Michael Jordan 

On top, we have the king of basketball, Michael Jordan. Although he retired years ago in 2003, he still rules of millions of basketball fans around the world. He won 6 NBA championships during his career in the Chicago Bulls and is widely recognized as the greatest basketball player of all time. Jordan is also popular for his sneaker collection which did $2.8 billion in revenue in 2016.

You can easily get his Funko Pop figure only for $14.99. One thing is for sure and it’s that if you have this figure on your rag, it will enhance your shelf’s value. It’s crazy how the Funko pop mimics one of his iconic free throw line dunks during the infamous dunk contest. It’s sad to see Michael Jordan not in our lives anymore, but this Funko Pop will allow us to reminisce the good times.

Roger Federer


It’s not a coincidence that Roger Federer is labeled as the “G.O.A.T.” (greatest of all time) in the box of the Funko Pop. It’s easy to put that label when he’s won 20 Grand Slam single titles, the most in history for a male player and has held the world number 1 spot ranking in the ATP rankings for a record total of 310 weeks. I mean, this man has won $129,946,683 in prize money alone along with 103 career titles, and has a winning percentage of 82.1%. This makes him the best singles male tennis player of all time. Since he is the age of 38, he is passed his peak of dominance, but he is still ranked number 4 in the world and was about to launch a major run for this year’s Wimbledon until the cancellations had occurred. Federer had incredible rivalries with the likes of Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. We expect Federer to potentially win his 21st Wimbledon if the tournament resumes in 2020. We love that this pop vinyl does an excellent job to have his headband, hairstyle and even a tennis racket! You can find his pops for roughly $9.99!

Conor Mcgregor

Conor Mcgregor is the most popular of fighter in UFC’s history and potentially the most popular in combat sports history including athletes from Boxing. His rise to fame from humble beginnings to his outgoing cocky personality has made his a sensation. Mcgregor has a record of 22 and 4 and once even held 2 titles in 2 different weight divisions. There is no doubt that he drives the most revenue for UFC as he has been the biggest pay-per-view draw in MMA history. His fight with Khabib drew 2.4 million PPV buys and his boxing match drew 4.3 million PPV buys. In August of 2017, he had a payday of $100 million! Coming from a poor background, he started amateur mixed martial arts in 2007 from Dublin Ireland. He’s famous for showing great country pride. We know he plans to fight again soon potentially in 2020 or 2021. His last fight, he knocked out Cowboy Cerrone in a whopping 40 seconds! You can buy this pop for about $19. We love this version of Conor with his hairstyle and mean attitude.

Patrick Mahomes


Patrick Mahomes coming off a super bowl victory and super bowl MVP is by far the most electrifying player in the NFL today. Many sports analysts have already predicting him to be a future all time great. In his first year as a starter, Mahomes won the league MVP and was very close to beating Patriots in the playoffs in the AFC championship game. In this 2018 record breaking season he passed for 5,097 yards with 50 touchdowns and only 12 interceptions. In the 2019 season, Mahomes came back to win the super bowl and had 4,031 passing yards with 26 touchdowns and only a record few 5 interceptions! Mahomes showed incredible resilience in the 2019-2020 season where he cameback from an injury and also led several iconic comebacks. In the divisional playoff round, the Kasas City Chiefs were down 24-0 and led a 51-7 run to win. In the next round, his team was down 17-7, before winning 35-24. The the superbowl, Chiefs were down to 20-10 to the San Francisco 49ers 20-10, before he lead them on a 21-0 run. We expect another MVP type of a season and potentially a repeat in super bowl victory this next season. We love his KC headband and football in the pop. You can find this vinyl for $8.99.

Cristiano Ronaldo


Ronaldo is easily the most popular athlete in sports today with 209 million Instagram followers! Ronaldo is a forward for Serie A club Juventus and captain of the Portugal National team. He has won five Ballons d’Or and four European golden shoes, both records for a european player. Currently, Ronaldo holds 29 trophies in his career with 6 league titles, 5 UEFA championships and 1 UEFA nations league. He is easily one of the best scorers of all time and has the most goals scored 128 in the UEFA league. This is why we’re very curious as to why he doesn’t have a easily accessible funko pop. We had to scour this custom made pop to find Ronaldo’s pop. This pop isn’t even in his usual red Portugal uniform. If you’re looking to add soccer player pops, we recommend picking up Lionel Messi or Neymar Santos funko pop!

Aaron Judge


Aaron Judge is the most famous baseball player where he has led the American League in home runs scored at 128 and second in the league in RBI’s. As an Outfielder who plays for the New York Yankees, Judge gets instant popularity and notoriety. He is well known for being a larger athlete (standing at 6 feet 7 inches) who plays baseball and hits really long home runs. Judge had burst onto the scene only in 2016 and is a 2 time all star, AL rookie of the year, won the silver slugger award and defensive player of the year. There’s still a long way to go for this young man, but we hope he can be similar to a Barry Bonds, Babe Ruth or Alex Rodriguez. We love how Judge’s got a Yankee Hat and this pop runs for about $10.99 online.

Tom Brady


Many younger football fans are calling Tom Brady the greatest quarterback of all time. It is hard to argue against him since he’s won 6 super bowls out of 9 super bowl appearances. We’ve never seen such a quarterback win and appear as many super bowls like he has. What makes him special is that he is a true underdog story as he was drafted in the 6th round in 2000 draft as the 199th overall pick. Brady has 4 super bowl MVP’s, 3 NFL MVPs, a 14 time pro bowler, 3 times NFL passing yards leader, 3 times first team and much more. He is famous for his iconic comebacks such as the 14 point comeback in the Superbowl against the Seattle Seahawks. Tom Brady will be a hot topic in 2020, as he has recently committed to signing with the Tampa Buccaneers. We know Patriots fans are crushed, but we’re all going to be on the edge of our seats to see if he will win another Super Bowl as a Buccaneer! We love how he’s wearing a beanie since he always plays in freezing cold temperatures in Boston. This Brady pop ranges from $9.99 to $24.95.

Tiger Woods  


If you were around in 2000 – 2002, there is no way you could have kept Tiger Woods off your TV screen. Tiger Woods put golf on the map and was one of the most electrifying athletes ever. Tiger Woods has won 15 total major tournaments, just 3 short of the all time leader Jack Nicklaus who has won 18 total. Many has thought he would pass Jack, but however, he has fallen off precipitously. Woods has fallen off tremendously from 2009-2018 almost a decade primarily due to injuries, accidents and scandals.

However, in 2019, Woods put himself on the map by winning the Masters Tournament, his 15th major championship. At the age of 44, he is well passed his prime and will be difficult to pass Nicklaus. But still Golf isn’t very popular unless Woods is doing well. There’s a good chance, he’ll continue to perform well in 2020 and we hope he wins another major tournament! We love how this pop has is famous black hat with a golf club and even shows his iconic fist pump! Currently this pop goes as low as $9.99.

LeBron James

I mean, how could we have a sports list without LeBron James. He is by far the most popular basketball player in 2020 and possibly the most popular player since Kobe and Jordan. LeBron James was a young high school sensation from St. Vincent St Mary from Akron Ohio who took the world by storm. LeBron James holds all kinds of records where is the 3rd all time in scoring, top 10 in assist, top 15 in steals, top 15 in minutes played and top 19 in 3 pointers. James is a 3 time NBA Champion, 2 with the Miami Heat and 1 with the Cleveland Cavaliers, 3 times Finals MVP, 4 times MVP, 16 times NBA all star, 12 times nba first team, NBA rookie of the year, 1 time NBA scoring champion and many more. James is iconic for revolutionizing player empowerment in the league where he created super teams by joining the Miami Heat along with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh.

Currently, James is on the Los Angeles Lakers in his 17th season looking to add to his legacy. It’s a huge debate whether or not he will catch Michael Jordan to be the greatest of all time. His pops run from $9 to over $500. We love how this pop has a beard to match his current facial features. Add LeBron to your super team of athlete pop vinyls!

Kobe Bryant


What can we say about Kobe Bryant. If you’re a sports fan, I’m sure you rolled up a paper ball and yelled, “3, 2, 1 – KOBE!” before swishing the ball into the waste basket. Kobe Bryant transcended sports because he was an iconic figure that many of the millennial grew up watching and idolizing. Kobe taught us about hard work and dedicating countless hours to your craft. Recently with the passing of Kobe, the whole world wept. And because of this, we know anything related to Kobe has gone up in price and will sell out.

Kobe is known for being a 5 time NBA champion as a Los Angeles Laker, a one time gold medalist, 18 time NBA all star, 2 time Finals MVP, 1 time league MVP, slam dunk contest winner, 2 time scoring champion, 9 time first team all defense. Besides his basketball accomplishments, Kobe also wont an Academy Award and an Annie Award for his film work. This guy was an incredible human being who will never be forgotten. This funko pop sells for $10.99 but others sell for $24 or even $114. It’s funny because Kobe Bryant in a 24 uniform didn’t really have hair on his head, he was bald. Still, we love the pop because it’s Kobe! We hope you add Kobe to your sports collection.


There you have it! We’ve just completed our list of the 10 most popular sports pop vinyls in 2020. Our goal was to cover a wide variety of sports to fit a broad spectrum of fans. Many of these athletes are so iconic that they transcend sports themselves where individuals who aren’t sports fanatics even know who they are. Sports are for entertainment and these athletes are so good at their craft that they are just downright entertaining. Don’t be surprised if these pops sell outs because they will go down as not only some of the best athletes of all time, but most popular. In fact, some of these athletes are the “GOAT” – greatest of all time. We hope you can get your hands on these pops to add to your collection!

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