4 Best and Worst Rulers of One Piece

One Piece is a world of massive stretches of water that is surrounded by a number of islands with explorers; whole spectrums of characters are present in this anime series, from charitable, selfless kings and queens to some of the most self-centered and corrupt rulers. The most thrilling part of the series is the powerful good vs evil combats. On the journey for Luffy and the straw hat pirates to obtain the coveted greatest treasure and for Luffy to be the Pirate King, there are many villains who aim to take down their crew. This article is all about looking at the best and worst rulers present in the One Piece series. 

#8. Best: Gan Fall


Gan Fall is the two time god of Skypiea and former knight of sky. He is also known for being an ally to the Straw hat pirates in the Skypiea arc. The term “God” has a bizarre position in the world of One Piece. One land is willing to award all the power and stature of the title to their monarch. Within Skypiea, the area bears a resemblance to an early, regal setting where the religious group takes supremacy over the country’s politics. That religious group, strangely sufficient, isn’t precisely directed by the most talented or most generous ruler but whoever appears most potent. And while Eneru positively displayed this uniqueness in a deprived light, his corruption is only substantially contrasted against the incredibly caring and compassionate heritage of the nation’s preceding God, Gan Fall, who devoted his life to guarding the skies and helping travelers after he was recruited. Gan Fall is an old but noble man who goes out of his way and even puts himself at risk to help a stranger. Interestingly, his pet bird had eaten the Uma Uma no mi fruit enabling it to turn into a Pegasus horse to help fly Gan Fall around.

#7. Worst: Saint Charlos 

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Saint Charlos is a world noble, and the song of Saint Rosward. What makes him a terrible ruler is his personality because he acts as a rather spoiled brat with complete arrogance. He also has a habit of picking his nose, making him a rather comical character that is hard to be taken seriously as a ruler. With the vast history of One Piece, let’s talk about the time of Celestial Dragons. These dragons are basically the descendants of the real queens and kings that lined together to create the World Government but abandoned their own kingdoms to live in their hoarded luxury. Saint Charlos is a perfect example of what power and luxuries can do to a person. He flawlessly shows the spoiled childishness embedded in the nobles as well as the quick-tempered wickedness. Despite his childish behavior, he still demands respect. Charlos doesn’t have much powers other than the poltical power to order an assassination and he also wields a pistol.

#6. Best: Dalton 


Dalton is the king of Sakura kingdom and the former royal guard who served under Wapol. What makes him an excellent ruler is his compassionate and brave personality to deeply protect anyone living in the Drum Island. He is someone that all of his people trusts. Dalton wants to live with the common people rather than living in the castle. He likes rice with chestnuts. His simple minded attitude seems to make him more of a relatable character that all of his people enjoy. Although Dalton does not come from a noble family or has a political background, he is one of the best rulers of One Piece. Talking about his past, he was once just the head of the guard of the Drum Kingdom and a servant to its previous king, Wapol. He has always been a kind man who patrolled the cold streets of his country and still offered a caring hand to its citizens. After Wapol’s sudden and resounding departure from the kingdom’s throne (Thanks, Luffy!), nobody deserved this seat more than Dalton. 

#5. Worst: Sterry 


Sterry is the king of Goa Kingdom and was adopted by Sabo’s family at eight years old. Sadly, he is quite the arrogant person who doesn’t care for anyone especially people below him. He even calls people “stupid” or “trash.” Sterry is a new entry to the nobility of One Piece’s world and without a shadow of a doubt, he has succeeded in making a significant impact through his decisions. He was adopted as a promising replacement for Sabo. Upon the seeming death of Sabo, Stelly took hold of the household. Stelly would marry into the Goa Kingdom’s castle and finely upsurge to become its ruler after the secretive deaths of its past rulers. The smirky child that everybody wanted to punch upon now has a seat at the Reverie, and that really says a lot about how politics works in One Piece. What makes him an even worst ruler is how he is hungry for power, yet cries in fear when his life is threatened.

# Best: Nefertari Cobra And Vivi 


In contrast to Doflamingo’s kingdom which brought prosperity to its people courtesy shady dealings under their rule, King Nefertari Cobra’s Alabasta kingdom is a selfless and caring monarchy that improved its standing due to compassion for its people. Nonetheless, that compassion would be contorted and challenged by the smearing actions of Sir Crocodile, Princess Vivi of the family didn’t give up on the country. She would even risk her life to show the truth to everyone and eventually make Alabasta a happy land.  King Nefertari is loyal and willing to face death to prevent Crocodile from seizing the throne. Placing the welfare of others over his is a true testament to his character making him a truly great ruler.

#3. Worst: Donquixote Doflamingo 


Donquixote Doflamingo is the captain of the Donquixote pirates. He ruled Dressroas with iron marionette strings, after he claimed the throne through a murderous conspiracy. Doflamingo made Dressroas his base of operations for all his pirating activities; not only that, but he also traded and shipped weapons to different wars across the world.  

If anybody ever raised a voice against Doflamingo, he would either sentenced them to fight endlessly in the Corrida Colosseum or turned them into a toy to be forgotten yet subjugated by their own families.

#2. Best: Otohime 


Queen Otohime is a goldfish mermaid and the queen of the Ryugu Kingdom as well as the wife of King Neptune. She was a very open minded and fair person who tried to promote the friendship between the fish-men and humans. Despite the fact that the Fish-men were kidnapped, and made to slavery by humans, she told them that humans shouldn’t be harshly judged by the small minority that were rotten. Talking about the Fishman Island, it has not been at the top of the food chain. Since people of this land have odd appearances, the island is usually consigned to the sidelines of world politics. Thus, inhabitants of this land are either separated from the rest of the society or turned into a commodity for a slave for the nobility.  One mermaid never gave up hope, in spite of all the terrible behaviors of humanity. Queen Otohime is a pillar of peace and unity that continually worked to improve human-Fishman relations and their overall lives. Trying to create change from a soapbox and not a throne, Otohime is the one who has unconditional love for all beings.

#1. Worst: Big Mom 


Charlotte Linlin also known as Big Mom is the captain of the big mom pirates and also the ruler of the Whole cake island. If you just take a look at Big Mom and her kingdom, you will know what kind of psycho queen she is. Charlotte Linlin would have ordered destruction on other kingdoms raided for their resources, Big Mom consumes them for herself or builds impractical homes for others. And folks it’s very little of her evil characteristics. 

She even kills anyone who stands in her way while rampaging across her kingdom whenever she is furious. Big Mom also takes portions of people’s lifetimes as tax for living in her kingdom. The range of Whole Cake Island itself is not so much of a melting point as it is a collector’s set for a giant, spoiled child.

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