7 Practical Tips to Avoid Fake Funko Pops

Face it, Pop Vinyl’s have been a major collectibles item since it has started. More and more pops are being released yearly at conventions around the world and as crazy fanatics that we are, we need to collect them! Funko Pops are also limited in quantity and the rare ones are very hard to find. This makes people susceptible to scams because people often drive the price of funko pops and even make fake ones pretending them to be the original or rare pops to scam others and make a quick buck. Today we will discuss the subject of how to spot whether your Funko Pop Dolls is original or fake.

Many people have already suffered from scams when buying these pops, so today I am here to help you identify these pops and give you pointers on how to avoid being scammed yourself.

We’ll do our best to provide you with the best pointers so you don’t get scammed or tricked in anyway. There’s nothing worse than spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on pops and come to find they are not the real ones you had hoped.

Poor Quality

We all know what imitation is and what it does, right? It is about relating the “minimal expenditure” approach to production. Companies that work with counterfeit products try to maximize profits from the pops by sacrificing its quality. If it looks like it’s poorly made in person, then definitely that is a huge red flag. If you’re buying online, it is difficult to tell poor quality, since sellers can just post stock photos or other people’s photos of the funko pop. If you’re worried, just ask the seller for real life photos to approve or even potentially a video chat to see the product. If they can’t prove to you the quality, you shouldn’t buy from them all together. The quality of the pop and box is an important aspect of collecting pop vinyls.

Price Tag

Make sure to consider the price before purchasing a funko pop. Most Funko Pops go for at least $10. Sure there are exceptions, but seeing a $2 new unused pop doesn’t make sense. If a rare pop is normally $1,000 but you see a price tag of $200, that is incredibly suspicious. When purchasing a Funko Pop, also make sure there is a buyer protection. For example, eBay has a buyer protection so you can file a customer complaint to get your money back.

Ships from China


First, avoid shopping on Chinese business sites at all costs. Sure, there are sites such as Aliexpress that sell cheap pops. They won’t scam you in terms of giving you the product, but if you’re expecting a rare collectibles items, Aliexpress or chinese sites won’t be your best bet. It is also important to note that foreign websites that you aren’t aware of that ship from China are generally difficult to trust. I can guarantee that in 99% of cases they will try to imitate, and sell low quality pops. There are also sellers who advertise on different blog sites with annoying pop-ups. Be weary of these sellers as well.

Our suggestion is to analyze and check the reviews and opinions of the person or company who distributed these funko pops. You may also check on popular Funko Pop Facebook groups and ask for their opinion on the matter. If, after that, you still suspect you may be the victim of a scam, we’ll give you some tips on how to check Funko Pop!

Buy from reputable companies and websites


Make sure to purchase from reputable brands and companies. Reputable websites to purchase are sites such as Funko official site, target, barnes and nobles, walmart, radartoys, amazon, boxlunch, gamestop, Forbidden Planet, pop in a box or entertainment earth are generally very reliable. A place like eBay or Wish is fine, but be careful of auctions as well as where they ship these products from. Try not to buy them if they are shipped from China.

Serial Number

All Funko Pops will a 5 digit serial number either printed or engraved on the box or the sticker. If you’re concerned, you should ask to see the bottom of the box and look for the serial number print. Before asking them of the serial number, ask them when the pop was produced. The Serial Number’s last 5 digit’s is the date of the pop’s production in reverse.

Licensing Agreement Printed

When it comes to Pop Vinyl boxes, you can be assured that all boxes include a licensing agreement along with proper logos and fonts in place. I would double check pictures of the original box online and make sure the agreement and logos match with the one you are looking to buy. The logo of the brand is located of the top header of the box. And on the back of the box, you’ll find that there should also be a logo above the name Pop. And in the footer section of the back of the box, you should see the brand, logo, licensing agreement and date. If you’re unsure, ask for picture or real time video evidence. If in person, you can see the box for yourself.

Packaging Holds Funko Pop in Place

If you can see the box in person, the pop shouldn’t fall or look a little out of place in the box. There should be plastic packaging that should be molded to fit the pop perfectly. When you open the box, you should be able to easily slide the packaging out and the plastic will be gripping the pop. It’s difficult to see online, but in person you can easily tell.

What I Recommend: 

It is recommended that you ask the store for a certificate of originality before entering one of these dolls’ stores. If the seller doesn’t answer, you already know why. Instead, if you confirm that these are imitations, you can buy them at your own risk. If he claims his Funko Pop is original, you can ask for a picture at the bottom of the box or at the feet of the characters to identify the dolls and their originality.

One more thing, we’ve observed the fashion sales of Funko Pop. There are no obstacles between individuals. Let’s see, this is the most normal thing, and many people like these pops instead of collecting them. Therefore, they have no reason to throw the box on the shelf. However, in some cases, suspicious stores have started selling this way because it may be more challenging to detect counterfeits right away. Of course, this can also reduce production costs and lower the absolute worth of the product. Before purchasing any pop vinyl, check for how the original looks like, and if there are any minor details to cross check along with all of the other tips we’ve provided. We hope that now you’ll have a good idea of how to tell whether a funko pop is real or fake.

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