8 Reasons Why We Love Nezuko Kamado From Demon Slayer

Koyoharu Gotōge’s Demon Slayer is considered as one of the best anime series of 2019. Not only this, but it is also one of the most adventurous fantasy animes of all time. The storyline mainly comprises of an incredible pair of siblings, Tanjiro and Nezuko, who would do anything for one other. One of the demons slaughtered the family of the duo. Although Tanjiro succeeds in rescuing his sister, Nezuko, he later finds out that she has turned into a demon. Not only Tanjiro promises himself to turn his sister into a human again, but he also vows to take revenge from the demon responsible. Consequently, he joins the Demon Slayer Corps. 

Undoubtedly, Nezuko Kamado has a huge fan base, and everyone loves this adorable demon. Since she wasn’t born a demon, Nezuko has characteristics of both a demon and human making her incredibly versatile and complex as a character. Let’s explore what makes her so loveable. Here are some of the reasons why Nezuko is a fan favorite among the Demon Slayer anime series. 

#8. Everyone Is A Family To Her 


Sakonji Urokodaki put suggestions in Nezuko’s subconscious when she was in a coma for two years. These suggestions make her longing to protect human beings. After the incident of her parents and family, she starts seeing every human as her family. Initially, Tanjiro did not like Sakonji putting a suggestion in his sister’s mind. But when he sees Nezuko’s personality being more protective and caring, he approved of it. He couldn’t hide his astonishment when he sees her kind behavior with Yushiro and Tamayo because they are demons. Since these two villains are helpful and kind, she finds them as a family too. Sakonji’s presence helps the duo in defeating the demons and protecting other human beings. 

#7. She Is Protective Of Tanjiro 


When Tanjiro comes home to see his family slaughtered by demons but he was lucky enough in that regard that his sister, Nezuko, was still breathing. He took his sister to a safer place, but he later found himself attacked by her as she turned into a demon. But when Tanjiro reminds her about who she is, she immediately backs off to keep her brother safe from her. Afterward, Demon Slayer Giyu Tomioko attempts to kill Nezuko but at a very particular moment, Tanjiro saves her. The demon then attempts to kill both of the siblings but Nezuko not only manages to escape but also saves her brother. Despite turning into a demon, she still recognizes Tanjiro as her brother and remains a loving sister to him. It seems like Tanjiro is the only one who can calm Nezuko’s demon side especially when she has the lust for human blood.

#6. She Shows Bravery 


She may look just an innocent pretty little girl, but she is one of the bravest characters of the Demon Slayer series. After turning into a demon, she becomes bolder and finds the will to fight everyone who tries to hurt her brother and fellows. She never steps backs when Tanjiro is in danger, it makes her a loyal companion to her brother. Sometimes this makes her more restless but it’s worth looking at those expressions. 

#5. She Believes In Teamwork 


Most demons fly solo, proven by encounters held between the demons and Tanjiro (except Yahaba and Susamaru). But when it comes to Nezuko, she fully believes in teamwork. She often engages in battle with Tanjirou, dividing the responsibilities to achieve victory. Furthermore, she has even teamed up with Inosuke and Zenitsu, two of the Demon Slayers. Nezuko can work with anyone as long as it’s about protecting humans or for a good cause. 

#4. She Does Not Eat Humans 


While demons consume human flesh for their survival, Nezuko fights her will to keep human beings safe and protected. She never eats humans, instead, to kill that urge she takes long naps to restore her energy. Once she slept for so long that Tanjiro became concerned about his sister, thinking her to be dead. But it’s her way to regain her strength while not hurting anyone. This denial has resulted in incredible willpower, even in cases of extreme injury or exposure to human blood. For example, Nezuko refused Sanemi Shinazugawa when he tried to trap her into biting him with his Marechi blood. 

#3. She Puts the Needs of Others Before Her Own


One more reason to love this adorable demon is her selflessness. She prioritizes the survival of human beings over her need for food. Not only that, she even stays in a box on Tanjiro’s back because if a Demon Slayer, i.e., Tanjiro, is seen with a demon, it would put her brother in trouble. Nezuko had a poor family hence she couldn’t always have her desires fulfilled like buying new clothes or eating her favorite food – regardless of that she never complained to her parents and always acted as a good kid.  

#2. She Is An Expert Fighter 


She holds high strength as she has never eaten a human being. Among the duo, Tanjiro is a trained fighter while Nezuko never received any formal training. Despite it, she is a skilled fighter in many battles, there have been moments in the series where Tanjiro would have been killed if Nezuko was not there to save him. Her incredible strength, particularly her powerful kick, helps her in fighting against demons. In fact, this move can even kill a demon at the moment. Since she is a demon, she uses her demon powers – Blood Demon Art. She ignites her blood and turns them into flames, which she throws at her rivals. She is inarguably one of the most skilled fighters of this anime series. 

#1. She Helps Combat The Stigma Against Demons 


While keeping Nezuko detained, Giyu finds Tanjirou’s optimism pitiful. He claims that even if there is a cure, demons will never fulfill his wishes. Nezuko immediately proves Giyu wrong when she fights to shield Tanjirou. Nezuko is shown as a kind and friendly demon, unlike other demons, throughout the series.  She is the perfect example that not all demons are violent and cruel. Having once been human, she remembers some of her emotions, as she has been seen smiling and crying as a demon. Even Sakonji is convinced that Nezuko would never eat a human, and he believed that Tanjiro will find a way to make her a human again. 

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