The Demon slayer at Ufotable will experience rains in waterless spring. Among the underperforming teams this season, the Demon slayer performed well. The animation is a comic book of the same name, adapted from the Weekly Shonen Jump. This series is illustrated and written by Koyoharu Gotōge, and the story follows Tanjirō Kamado, young blood who turns into a Demon Slayer when his loved ones were massacred by a demon. Not including Nezuko, his little sister, who later in the series also turned into a demon. The young boy promises her sister to figure out a way to make her mortal again.

In this blog post, I’m going to give a review about this manga’s story plot, the main characters, things you should know before watching this show and will tell you why you should watch Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba, literal translation, Blade of Demon Destruction

The plot of the story

Since the Taisho era (1912-1926) and since earliest times, there have been many rumors about ogres wandering around at night, and Demon Slayers hunted these demons to protect the people who slept at their home. One day, the lead role Tanjirou discovered that his loved ones were massacred and the only person left that was not slaughtered was his sister Nezuko, but after some time she also became a demon. Another Demon Slayer known as Tomioka Giyuu reached Nezuko and Tanjirou and decided to kill Nezuko, but after reaching her, he was baffled to see that instead of trying to eat her brother, Tanjirou protected him. Watching the extraordinary and auspicious combat expertise of Tanjirou, Giyuu decided to send them to his previous guru for teaching, to make him a Demon Slayer and join the Demon Slayer Corps. As a result, Tanjirou started his life as a Demon Slayer, with the aim of healing his sister and finding those demons that kill his entire family. The demon slayer corps is an organization that looks to protect humanity from the demons. There are different rankings within the corps and the Hashira’s are among the highest ranking of them all due to their elite level of combat and powers.

Three Main Characters 



The main character Tanjirou is different from the other main characters of Shounen. Tanjiro is not loud and annoying for people like most of Naruto’s characters (like Naruto and Asta). Tanjirou is not far-reaching but can be compared to Midoriya in My Hero Academia to some level. He is a wise and kind boy, and everyone around him likes and respects him. The leading personality of the show is one of the motives why this animatronics is unlike any other Shonen animation. Tanjirou has a friendly, warm and helpful nature. He lives on the hillside with his mother and his five brothers and walks a long way towards the city to support his family by selling coal. The first episode seamlessly outlines Tanjirou’s character as a handsome, responsible and poor boy who works hard for his loved ones. Tanjirou’s vocal sound is made by Hansuki Hanae and his work is appreciated all across the board. Tanjirou cries for hid deceased’s family is so perfect that the audience could relate and understand the pain he was going through. 

Tanjiro uses the breath of water to use many forms with his sword. His breath of water allows him to increase the amount of oxygen in his blood in order to increase his strength and speed equal to ones of a demons. Sometimes he can focus his breath such as meditation to channel even greater power. With the breath of water, he has ten different moves thus far.



Tanjirou’s sister, Nezuko, became a demon after her family was attacked and killed. She got exposed to the demon’s blood and hence turned into a demon. Usually, when a person becomes a demon, they will feast their family without any hesitation, but in Nezuko’s case, she is different from other demons. She did not devour her brother but in fact, protected him. Nezuko’s attitude showed her love for his brother. Even though she has become a demon, she hasn’t lost her morality and love for her brother.

Nezuko has tremendous demon abilities such as the ability to restore her power without consuming human life but merely sleeping. Her demon powers even let her powers grow stronger without training. In the battle with Susamaru, she was able to surpass her simply by tapping into her demon abilities. Of course, she can also regenerate her abilities and recover from injuries with ease. And unlike other demons is sunlight resistance whereas other demons can live in the sunlight.



Giyu Tomioka was a Demon Slayer who attempted to kill Nezuko, but when he saw her guard Tanjirou, he halted his plans. He made a fierce and brutal speech to gain Tanjirou’s attention. The character courteously hid his kindness for Tanjirou. He is a kind person and understands the pain that Tanjirou was going through. Though he was seen using harsh worlds it appears that his intents were wholesome. 

Why you Should Watch Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba

The animation draws consideration from the start and never fades, taking you to the world of Demon Slayer. The show starts with tragedy. The very first episode pushes the viewer towards sadness with the killing of an innocent family. The humorous bits of the show is pretty good, the second episode shows the incredible side of the show. The order of the series is excellent and fully meets the needs of the public. The success of this program is the development of the main character. Tanjirou’s growth, speed, and progress deserve appreciation.

Personally I love the antagonist Muzan in the series. Muzan Kibutsuji is responsible for slaughtering the majority of the Kamado family and is the one who transformed Nezuko Kamado into a demon. He is also the ruler of the evil Twelve Demon Moons. They are similar to the Akatsuki in Naruto where they reign terror and look to destroy humanity. Muzan is by far of the strongest characters who has the ability to morph into anyone that he pleased. He has even morphed into a gigantic demon infant to an attempt to protect his main body from being burned from the sun since he is a demon after all. Not to mention he has instant regeneration and can absorb inorganic or organic objects to obtain greater power.

Things You Need to Know About the Show

Even though very similar to any other shounen animation, this animation has more blood and a more severe theme, especially for the characters. As we advance, our hero will have to go through a lot of pain. This story is not so much a happy ending but has a more advanced theme, with moments that one can relate in real life. 

The rhythm of the first episodes is fast, and there is not much explanation; therefore, all knowledge is visualized through conversation, not informed by dialogue. The first episode also has action scenes, and the second episode captures Tanjirou’s training. The series seems to jump from one action scene to another, but at the same time let these scenes respire with its pleasing scenarios. 

Although the protagonist is tasked to hunt the demon, he becomes increasingly powerful and perfect as the story progresses: the starting song and the final soundtrack give off a sense of fear and hope although there is not much rhythmic music that accompanies the rhythm, the sound effects and soft music complete each scene very much.

The series has a perfect balance between tragedy and humor, incredible characters, and excellent storyline but perhaps it just lacked a little synchronization in character development. If asked to rate this series, I will be happy to give it 9 points out of 10.

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