Demon Slayer: 8 New Things To Look For In The Biggest Demon Movie

Demon Slayer is certainly a best-selling hit in the anime production. Since its anime entrance in the spring of 2019, it has been decisively been recognized as one of the must-watch anime series of the year. Since the first and last episodes of demon slayer, the anime has recorded an increase in 1.4 million viewers. A survey done among Japanese viewers found that Demon Slayer is the most satisfying anime compared to others. The set exudes quality, making a pure conspiracy work so well and featuring high octane action along with a crisp, lovely moving picture. That is why it is no wonder that there would be an extension of the landing story. After the ending of Demon Slayer’s first spell, studio Ufotable broadcasted that Tanjiro and co.’s adventures would endure in the form of a movie featuring the “Infinity Train” arc. Fans will be paying consideration to this news leading up to its 2020 release, and with this subject, here are 8 things that I really feel to look out in the movie.



This is no surprise as Kyojuro Rengoku is becoming one of the notable characters and figures of the “Infinity Train” arc in the film. Inosuke, Tanjiro, and Zenitsu, learn that they are to link the Kyojuro Rengoku, Flame Pillar on a mission at the end of the season one finale of Demon Slayer.

We hadn’t got much of the excited Rengoku, meanwhile, his outline when Tanjiro and co. were conveyed to the Demon Slayer Corps headquarters. But as for so long, we know that he has to be a tough friend to Tanjiro and his friends because he is a Hashira, after all. For a long time, demons such as Akaza have been after Kyojuro in order to turn him into a demon and harness his power. We’ll have to wait until the movie to see if we can see him unlock his full potential with the breath of flames.



The most exciting part of Tanjiro’s band is Zenitsu. It is not like that other characters are not as much entertaining, all have their own impact over the story but he often complains about his given work, which looks reasonable. This leaves viewers questioning how this whiny, gutless character did becomes a demon slayer in the first dwelling.

Of course, then we find out his history, including the fact that when his life is a considerable threat, Zenitsu surpasses his limits and has grasped Breath of Thunder First Style: Thunderclap Flash by trusting virtuously on instinct. Though, this implicates him being comatose. He also has the god speed ability to augment the speed of his Thunder clap flash. However after using this twice in a day, his legs become useless due to the exertion of power and toll it takes on his body. With the risks high in the upcoming film, this would be a good time for Zenitsu to learn to be more aware – literally – of his capabilities.


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Nezuko is the main character of the plot of Demon Slayer. After all, Tanjiro’s primary purpose for becoming a demon slayer was to help find a cure for his now-demon sister. Nezuko played a central role in the Natagumo Mountain arc in the peak facing off in the fight with Lower Moon Five demon Rui.

She awakened her blood demon art to help Tanjiro deal the final setback to Rui. Nezuko is known as the only demon at this part of the series, to stimulate her blood demon art without eating creatures. Look out for Nezuko to gloss at some point in the film and possibly show off her blood demon art more since this is a movie, not a season. She is known to be quite the friendly demon because she still wants to protect her loved ones. Furthermore, she tends to sleep to regenerate rather than sucking blood from humans. We’ll have to see how her role as a demon may change in this movie to show her true capabilities.



Muzan Kibutsuji is, of course, the biggest demon of Demon Slayer and the cause of all glitches and difficulties for, not only the Demon Slaying Corps but the whole sphere.

I’ve seen a great example of Muzan making some significant playings at the end of season one. He, out of anger for the overall performance of the demons, killed all but left one demon in the Lower Moons. Fans are anticipated to look for Muzan to shake things up toward the end of the “Infinity Train” arc movie. It will be interesting to see if Muzan will be able to capture any of the Hashira’s and kill them or turn them into demons. Also, with her shape shifting abilities to transforms into somebody completely different, he can of course deceive the protagonist characters.



A remarkable example has been noted during the climax fight of the Natagumo Mountain arc with Tanjiro, who is his sister, which was a brilliant scene. His unique breathing style is known as the dance of the Fire God. A backstory of Tanjiro and Nezuko’s father was also expressed in the scene.

Tanjiro practices Dance of the Fire God breathing Waltz method against Rui, a single powerful gash factional by being adorned in the fire. This inhalation style is known only by Tanjuro and currently Tanjiro Kamado as well. A new, stronger enemy on the prospect for the “Infinity Train” arc movie, this style could make a modern look.



The breathing style is constant as we see that Tanjiro begin to learn in the future episodes of season one. That is why this technique is mainly mastered by the Hashira of the Demon Slaying Corps. This was a significant prominence during the later episodes of the first season, as Tanjiro well again from the events of the competition with Rui in the Natagumo Mountain arc. Even during his battle against the Upper Moon Six, Gutaro, Tanjiro was able to combine the breathing techniques from meditation to the Breath of Water and Dance of Fire God to boost his speed and perform attacks that resembled both breath styles. We’ll likely see more of this combination in this movie.



Inosuke is the most robust character and friend of Tanjiro’s group of explorers. Inosuke makes no mistake and has definite possible and unbelievable raw strength but is slightly held back by his above-mentioned harsh nature and general wickedness. Since he was raised in the mountains by boars, he can be quite short tempered and not empathetic towards humans. It’ll be interesting to see his role in helping the demon slayers corp in this movie.

On the other hand, he genuinely wants to be better and ultimate good friends once Zenitsu, Tanjiru, and Inosuke are brought back to the control center of the Demon Slaying Corps to get well after the battle with Rui and his artificial “family



For those who don’t know about the Upper Moons, they are the 6 stronger half of the twelve demon moons under the command of Muzan. Their mission is to find the blue spider lily, capture Nezuko Kamado, kill all of the demon slayer corps and serve Muzan with devotion. They are so strong that they have powers to easily wipe out each member of the demon slayer corp unlike the lower moons. Earlier in the series, only the lower moons have been fighting the demon slayer corps, but fans are excited to see what strong evil awaits.

If Enmu and Muzan Kibutsuji don’t end up being paid their way after the movie’s plot, this one could be a real likelihood. Of course, if it does come around, don’t expect it to be a significant part of the movie.

If Enmu fails to influence Muzan in any way in the film, then Muzan will have to take more severe events to make a dent in the Demon Slaying Corps. That could lead to a threatening instant of seeing at least some of the Upper Moon fellows.


The movie, in my opinion, will be a great hit and full of surprises. The fans are excited to see their favorite and popular demons slaying in the movie.

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