Demon Slayer: What Every Sword Color Reveals

Demon Slayer (Kimetsu No Yaiba) is an imaginary world where a group of Demon Slayer Corps protect their country from the demons that come out once the sun sets down. Each Demon Slayer is equipped with an extraordinary sword known as Nichirin Blade, which is imitative from a unique ore that always captivates sunlight – a demon’s major weakness.

These swords take on some extravagant colours when first careworn by its holder, making each blade a matchless one. There is an enormous variety of colours that a sword can take, and it is said that each colour imparts specific belongings to the sword. So, here are all sword colours in Demon Slayer and what they reveal about them.



The hero, the centre or the main character – Tanjiro Kamado – holds the best of all the swords and that is the black Nichirin blade. Its symbolism is unknown, and the reason behind it is that they are the rarest of all the blades. The demons who own black swords tend to lose their lives soon. 

There are various theories by the fans about the black coloured blade, the most popular one is that the black sword symbolises charcoal which signifies Tanjiro’s past as he used to sell charcoal before becoming a key Demon Slayer. The theory also suggests that he possesses the sun style breathing as all the breathing techniques are derived from this single style.



The white blade which represents haze or fog attains the first place in the list. Muichiro Tokito, the demon slayer who exerts a white Nichirin Blade is the Mist Pillar of the Demon Slayer Corps. The Breath wind style derives the technique of the breath of mist giving it’s users the power to control wind and often confuse opponents visual perception. Muichiro, an introvert character who appears to be always lost in his own thoughts, flawlessly use the mist breathing technique and the white Nichirin Blade.



Zenitsu Agatsuma is the owner of one of the yellow Nichirin Blade, which indicates thunder. Zenitsu may have low morale and may seem like a scaredy-cat, but when the condition asks for it, he lets his real power show at the speed of lightning. Zenitsu’s actual strength shows up as all at once and explosively as lightning.

While most Nichirin Blades take on colours as a solid band running down the dimension of the blade, the colouration on Zenitsu’s sword is exclusive in that. It forms a lightning bolt in place of the motif down the length of the blade. It is unknown why his blade took on that design but it does make for an overwhelming looking sword.



Up next in the list is the green-coloured sword, which symbolises breeze. It is applied by the hot-blooded Wind Pillar of the Demon Slayer Corps, Sanemi Shinazugawa. Sanemi carries his tornado of rage to any demon he crosses with his faithful green blade in hand.

Sanemi is just as energetic and fast as the breathing style in which he has mastered, giving free rein to tornadoes of sword slits on the demons unlucky enough to confront him.



The best Nichirin blade, in my opinion, is the pink one that symbolises love. It also carries the style of breathing style of love. Mitsuri Kanroji owns this unique blade, the Love Support of the Demon Slayer Corps. It’s no surprise that her Blade turned pink because she’s a sensitive and passionate person, she’s shy and sparkling, and she’s always complimenting and admiring people (at least in her thoughts).

An interesting fact about her Love breathing technique is that she bent it herself, and she can only use the style. All thanks to the unique composition of her body. She’s flexible and nimble (she’s the whirlwind of the Pillars), but still retains inhuman strength due to having muscles eight times thicker than usual, without losing any speed



The Stone Support of the Demon Slayer Corps, , exerts a grey blade that represents stone. The symbol of the stone politely imitates Gyomei’s character, both strong and substantial. Gyomei is a calm and gentle giant but still has a threatening existence. He’s hushed and emotional, but the most active current demon slayer presently.

Unlike the out-of-date Nichirin Blade, he uses a hand-axe that has a spikey thrash attached to the hilt through a lengthy chain. Gyomei’s weapon was also an imitation, using a superior technique than that of the Nichirin Blade, but it is made with the same inimitable ore.



This sword colour signifies water, and it’s also the first Nichirin Blade we see in the series all the way. Giyu Tomioka owns a blue blade that he uses with his Breath of Water style. He is the Pillar of Water of the Demon Slayer Corps, making him one of the toughest among the demon slayer pillars.

Tomioka’s aggressive style is just like water. He moves in a liquid form, possess effortless movements to counter demons. He killed Rui and father spider demon, the Lower Moon Five demon, with one fluid gesture in each attempt.



The indigo-grey Nichirin Blade is perfect for slaying demons. The colour signifies the beast. None other than the boar-head tiresome Demon Slayer, he holds not one but two indigo-grey blades. After living his life in the massifs, he evolved some beast-like potentials. He’s sore-headed and extraordinarily full of pride – always up for challenging demons even those who are stronger than him.

He advanced in the Breath of the Beast solely after living in the mountains. This matchless breathing style, which has resulted from the Breath of Wind technique, gives Inosuke an improved sense of touch and trace.



Kyojuro Rengoku wields a red coloured sword that symbolises flame. The bright burning Flame Pillar is delightfully alluring and often merrily bizarre. He has steady wisdom of morals, and his desire for demon slaying burns with the intense hotness of a mighty flame.

Just like Zenitsu’s blade, Kyojuro’s blade colour took the shape of a unique design. The red colour of his sword displayed in a flame motif that runs down the length of his sword that looks remarkable in combination with his Breath of Flames technique.

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