Everything You Need to Know About Building a DIY Funko Pops Display Case

Everyone has a hobby and mine is to collect Funko Pop figures. The Funko company has released a diverse range of pop figures until now for almost every famous character. From an outstanding sports player to movie characters, you can easily purchase the Funko pop figures of all at your local store.

As you add more Funko pops to your collection, you’ll find that your figures along with the boxes take up a lot of space and there you need a clean way to organize and store them.

But for some, there is a small issue at hand which is how can we have the perfect set-up to display our Funko pops. Oftentimes, due to the lack of space, Funko Pop figure collectors put all of their figures on book shelves or windowsill. Having them directly under sunlight can actually cause sun damage as well. In order for your pops to not look messy or collect dust, we recommend having a proper display case, so you can enjoy these work of art.

Having a display case may be expensive to purchase. Plus you want a display case with more extensive space for putting in all your pop figures, and it should decorate your room as well. In this case, people opt for building their own display case. 

Display cases gives you the advantage of making a storage unit to fit your space perfectly while so showing off your collections of pops.

Pro tips before making your display case 

Before building your own display case, you’ll want to make sure that you have everything you need set up properly. Being able to create a DIY display case allows you to make it, however you’d like. For instance, you can decorate it with lights, paint it, or you can put the stickers of your favorite Pop figures on this case. Here are a few general rules to follow before you start building:

  • Choose a broad area and make sure to measure the right amount of space needed
  • Select a hardboard instead of the soft board.
  • Measurements are necessary before cutting the hardboard.
  • Use cutters instead of knives.
  • Drilling for holes by drill machine is not appropriate.

How to begin?

It is the question a number of people have asked me so now I am sharing my experience. I went to a warehouse to purchase a skirting board of various lengths. Each had a cost of $5.94. I told the seller to cut that board as per my measurements. Then, I got a pack of Timber screws that had 100 screws in it and had a value of $15. Because I bought seven skirting boards in a total of numerous lengths, that’s why it all cost me $56.58. 

Things you need

7x pieces skirting board at 100cm length
3x pieces skirting board at 212cm length
38x 40mm timber screws

Drill Bit (slightly smaller than the screws’ diameter)

Screwdriver or cordless drill along with screwdriver bit

Start construction 

There is no restriction on how and where to start constructing. It’s totally up to your convenience. But, talking about myself, I began from the top. 

To the top piece, I screwed two side pieces and made holes for the screws. This ensures that the Timber would not split. I also made sure to drive the screws a little lower than the surface of the timber so there would be no problem of catching or scratching the hardwood. Moving ahead, I cut some spacers of 33 cm from scrap timber. This size was suitable as each box of the Pop figures were 16 cm high. I made the decision to stack them twice on the shelves. 

Shelve Distance Spacer

I also left a centimeter wiggle room for pop protectors. In order to make the case heavier, I chose to stack two blocks high as a shelf for every row. Later, I realized that it would cost me more and would eventually be less efficient space-wise. In the end, I put my spacers in between the top shelf and the top of the case. Be sure to perform, one final check to confirm everything is symmetrical and spaced evenly.

Now I screwed in the top shelf, and per side, I used two screws. I moved the spacers down under the top shelf, positioned the next rack and screwed it into place. I repeated the process all the way down. 

To fit the base or bottom shelf of the case, I decided to angle it too slightly, so once in place that the total unit leaned backward a fraction. Consequently, the display case will not fall over and damage the pop figures. 

It is the other view of the cabinet base or bottom shelf.

Side View Of Bottom Shelf/Cabinet Base

There is no denial of the fact that the display case must have rigidity so that it can hold a minimum of twelve pop figures. In order to do so, I screwed 212 cm piece down the middle. It is also useful as an anchor point for securing the cabinet to the wall. Hence, it will not fall forward, and your Pop figures will be saved. 

Here, I took a final look at my display case. This is how you can construct your display case. You can make it fancy by beautiful wallpapers. Furthermore, if you love painting so you can awake your inner artist and can draw the things you want. 

Talking about myself so I chose to paint. Though I am not an artist but painted display case always attracts me. I used colors that were going with the interior of the room. Then, I left it for drying. After a few hours, my display case was ready to showcase my Funko pop figures. 

Custom Funko Pop Vinyl Display Case

The best thing about this DIY display case is that it wasn’t very difficult to make. I constructed it in hardly 90 minutes. And the time for drying was three to four hours. 

So, here is how I built my own custom Pop Vinyl display case. It has the capacity to hold 96 Pops and it cost me only $60. 

Below we’ve also done you the favor of showing you other examples of potential funko pop display cases.

Acrylic Riser Stand

The Acrylic riser stands gives you the capability to position your pops on three levels in a very unique way. The sizes we recommend is 9×6 inches or 12×8.5 inches. The 9 inch wide frame can fit 4 standard sized funk pop and the 12 inch frame can fit 5 pops. This stand is super easy to assemble because you only need 3 pieces and a mini screw driver.

Baseball Hat Display Case

With a baseball case, they fit a wide number of pops in one column with roughly 12-14 regular sized funko pops. You can also stack these Baseball hat display case on top of each other to fit and display more pops. Furthermore, you can stack up these pops on top of the case as well if you’d like!

Geek Stack-able Shelves Display

We love these Geek Stack-able shelves display case because they are made to fit the exact size of funko pop boxes. They fit about 15 in total and give you the room to put your pop in front of your box. These shelves fit 5 per row with a measurement of 21x21x7.5 inches.

Clear Acrylic 3 Tier Half Moon Shelf Unit

These clear acrylic 3 tier half moon shelf unit is a fancy way to display your pops and is sure to receive compliments when you have other people over. These displays can fit total of 20 pops and you can even add some back lighting behind or underneath this display case to make it look incredible.

Wedding Party Acrylic Cupcake Display

This is another baking style display mainly used for desserts such as cupcakes. But with this display you can spin your funk pops around. You can even rank your pops where the best pops are placed on the top. We imagine that you can fit roughly 20 pops on this display case. The levels are 12, 10, 8 and 6 inches based on the tier level.

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