Everything You Need to Know About the Hashira’s in Demon Slayer

In the war against Muzan Kibutsuji, the Hashira’s play a vital role in banding together to fight the major antagonist in this series. The Hashira’s are nine of the most masterful swordsman in the Demon Slayers Corps. These individuals are strong, reliable, and aim to remove all demons to protect humanity. To become a Hashira, a demon needs to defeat one of the twelve demon moons or defeat 50 demons, and in order to achieve this feat they have to go through strict five years of training. This clan also look for a successor to convert their powers into. They become strong fighters with the passage of time. Exciting, isn’t it? Here I have some of the best Hashira from Demon Slayer series. 

Mitsuri Kanroji- The Love Hashira


The pillar of love in the series is Misturi Kanroji. Her interesting breathing technique defeated many of her enemies in her time as a demon slayer. She is very soft and decent as a person. In spite of her title of love, she does not falter in the presence of a demon, she becomes more deadly, instead. She was on a hunt to find her husband but has failed many times. Demon Slayer mark is her most exciting feature as by using it her power remarkably increases enough to overpower her opponents. With her mark, she takes the form of two hearts upside down and opposite from each other with angel wings. With her powers, she is able to stand in equal power against Zohakuten giving her a boost in physical strength, precision, power and endurance.

Jigoro Kuwajima- Former Thunder Hashira


Jigoro Kuwajima is said to be one of the experienced master pillar in the Demon Slayer. He holds a considerable amount of knowledge that he passes on to other Hashira. Due to his experience, he believes that it is his responsibility to prepare the next generations for fight against demons and the rising threats to Muzan. He was devasted and jurt when he found that one of his greatest pupil’s Kaigaku betrayed the Demon Slayers Corps to join the evil Twelve Demon Moons. Jigoro used the lightning breathing technique to a great extent previously to attack his opponents with ultra speed and precision, but due to his old age and injuries, he is unable to use them now. He has played a unique role in the development of Hashira.

Kanae Kocho- Former Flower Hashira


Kanae Kocho was among the few mentally stable demon slayers. She had an even and beautiful smile on her face throughout the series. Kanae was caring towards her sisters Kanoi and Shinobu, and always took out time for them. The best part of her personality was that she always had a hope that there can be a world where demons and humans can live peacefully. Although Kanae is someone who usually acts in peace, her spirit may call upon her to face her opponent in battle such as when Shinobu was on the verge of being defeated. Kanae is excellent at reading lies and deception. Her attacks are quite graceful as she can use the breath of flower to defend herself or her sword twists and curves like a flower.

Shinobu Kocho- The Insect Hashira


Shinobu Kocho is the sister of Kanae and was different from other demons. Her lack of strengths showed that she couldn’t cut the heads off of the demons. Due to this, Kocho trained in a fight that counted on the style of piercing and plunging. She used this technique to inject poison into her opponents. She had excellent medical knowledge that had a significant impact and came for good use to the corp. She also is said to be an emotionally unstable force in the demon slayers. Shinobu has the rare power of the breath of insect allowing to to sting and poison her opponents during attack.

Muichiro Tokito – The Mist Hashira

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Muichiro Tokito is the previous Fog Pillar of the Demon Slayer. He strongly believes that feelings and sentiments should not play a part in the development of Demon Slaying techniques. In spite of his reasonable habits, Muichiro can sometimes be seen to act in an unreasoned manner, often wandering off on his own or being  absentminded. Muichiro was adequately strong to overthrow an upper moon after using his Demon Slayer Mark. However, once the mark wears off, he begins suffering from the brutal effects of the poison. With his mist style, he can launch himself high in the sky and send a series of ranged attacks in quick succession.

Obanai Iguro – The Serpent Hashira

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Obanai’s snake breathing style lets him demonstrate smooth and slithery techniques of a snake, making him a dangerous fighter. Obanai is a strict man, who follows the rules of the Demon Slayers strictly and serves as it’s current Snake Pillar. He’s known to flexibly rebuke and criticise those who do not follow the laws of the Demon Slayer Corps. He inspires his buddies to give up their lives for the Demon Slayers trusting it is their responsibility, and he doesn’t hold back his disagreements. Despite his punishing ways, Obanai has shown to be loving and thoughtful towards Mitsuri and Kagaya. After awakening his demon slayer mark, all of his abilities were enhanced and was the only one to land several blows on Muzan while being unscathed.

Tengen Uzui – The Sound Hashira

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Tengen is retired from official duty after suffering a massive wound in combat against a fellow of the Upper Demon positions. Tengen is an overly colourful charm, who is almost always up to something thought-provoking. His leadership abilities were also a great advantage to him throughout his years of full of life service. However, he’s now discharged and married to a couple of altered women. He still works hard to support the Demon Slayers in their tasks. His sound breathing techniques mark him a lethal adversary for the heavy-duty of demons. Ater his retirement, Tengen changes his appearance to coordinate the loss of his left eye and hand, where he wears a dark eyepatch and a long aquar colored yukata.

Sanemi Shinazugawa – The Wind Hashira

Sanemi is the elder brother of Genya and the present Wind Pillar of the Demon Slayer Corps. He’s recognized for being dull-witted, speedy to anger and slightly hard to satisfy. He doesn’t hold good perception of other demons. He’s grown intense hate for demons and declines to admit the notion that the two groups could in due course, come to live in peace because he has lost his family to them. Sanemi has an erratic type of blood that is exceptionally tempting, even to the toughest of demons, and he often practices this to lure them in before rapidly affecting them. His face and body are covered with scars due to his years of fighting demons. He’s quite the rude, cold and stubborn character, but he still fights in honor for his clan.

Giyu Tomioka – The Water Hashira

Giyu is a follower of Sakonji, and learned the water breathing techniques from the master swordsman. He showed his strength and was ultimately given the place of Water Pillar by using his abilities. Giyu has been mastering these techniques for so long and, frequently, overpowers the demons he faces. Giyu often prefers to be reserved as he struggles to express his feelings but, nonetheless, he has a caring and genuine heart. When his loved ones are in danger such as Akaza’s attempt to kill Tanjiro, Giyu is visually angered by this. Besides the Breath of Water, Giyu has Crimson Red Nichirin Blade which blocks the regeneration of Demons. He also has a demon slayer mark, a fluid water like design on his left check to give him a boost in speed, precision and endurance even stronger than him contemporaries.

Gyomei Himejima – The Stone Hashira

Gyomei Himejima is regarded as the most influential Hashira present in the series. He was a regular charcter with no specific aim and ambition but his life drastically changed after a demon killed several children in an attack on a temple. Gyomei went on offensive, and that’s where he found out that he was remarkably stable. Now, even the most sturdy demons recognized the strength of Gyomei. His stone breathing technique makes him exceptional, combined with his Demon Slayer ark. His Breath of Stone abilities gives him the ability to generate an immense power from throwing his flail and axe towards his target. Gyomei is able to manipulate the chain by rotating rapidly and drill right through his target.

Kyojuro Rengoku – The Flame Hashira

Kyojuro Rengoku is the flame Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps and is someone who honors the code of being in this prestige clan. Besides being an excellent swordsman with enhanced strength and speed, he also has tremendous fire power with the use of his sword. In his first form, he activated Unknowing fire to charge at his opponent and decapitates them in multiple slashes. One of the anime viewers favorite move is the flame tiger in his fifth form as a form of a tiger beast appears when using his sword.

Sakonji Urokodaki – Former Water Hashira

Sakonji Urokodaki is a retired members of the Demon Slayer Corps and works now to train Giyu Tomioka and Tanjiro Kamado is the art of the Water Breathing Style. His destiny is to train Tanjiro to eventually be ready to engage with Muzan and the other demons. Sakonji passed on his skill of the ten breath techniques to Tanjiro and Giyu which allows the user to increase the amount of oxygen in one’s blood by controlling their breathing pattern. By doing so, the user has a power-up in strength and agility to equal or surpass a Demon’s.

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