Here Are The Worst To Best Quirks Of My Hero Academia Students

The students of Japanese superhero manga series ‘My Hero Academia’ are some of the best and brightest heroes.Quirks are superpowers that are given to characters that fall under the Emitter, Transformation or Heteromorphic categories. Most quirks are inherited through gene pool.

In training, the world has to offer with class 1A having some of the greatest heroes. But how do these powerful young heroes stack up against each other, I have got an official ranking for you right here. So, let’s see who falls at the bottom and who comes out on top at our list of the most influential students of class 1A in “My Hero Academia.”

#10. Toru Hagakure, Getting Invisible


Starting off, we have Toru Hagakure, who has the quirk of being invisible. Although you can see her, you can feel her presence. Well, Tohru’s power is useful for stealth operations in terms of fighting. She doesn’t have that much going for her pack sense. Her ability requires her to strip down naked to be entirely invisible. It is still unknown whether her quirk is permanently active or whether she can activate or deactivate her invisibility from her own will. She is completely exposed to taking damage when attempting to sneak around again. Toru is not a useless character in a long shot but in the battle of power, obviously, she doesn’t stand much of a chance. Her fighting skills consist of hand to hand combat where she launches a barrage of punches to surprise attack others. She can be lethal because she is invisible, however she can also take a lot of damage.

#9. Masahirao Ojiro, The Tail Man


Next up, we have Mashirao whose superpower is having a tail which he is very adroit at using for combat. A definite nod to the fact that he has a big old fleshy muscular tail as gross as that might sound. His quirks along with his skill as a martial artist that makes him pretty keen. The tail is like an extra limb, a super-strong one at that and since he has lived with it in his entire life. And undoubtedly, he knows how to use it in combination with his martial arts training, you get one strong opponent. Mashirao has been very creative with using his tail such as whipping it against the ground to give him a speed boost. During his training he attacked a hardened body of Eijiro Kirishima. With each hit, he gained strength and durability in his tail.

#8. Yuga Aoyama, Navel Laser


Yuga is a very prideful character who believes that he is the most superior compared to all of the other heroes. However, he seems to use this boastfulness to hide his insecurities where he can hide during danger instead of fighting. Yuga has a quirk called naval laser which allows him to shoot a beam of energy from his belly button but because of his weak constitutions he gets terrible stomach aches. The blast is so powerful that it can blast through 2 meters of solid concrete obliterating anything in it’s way. After longer periods of training, he doesn’t experience as much intestinal distress as he use to.

#7. Mina Ashido,  Pinky – Acid

Remember the scene when at the sports festival when Ashido fought against Yuga and easily defeated him by dissolving his support item; that’s precisely the fight that makes us think that she could easily beat Iti-San solid. While Mina has a lot of abilities that result from her quirk, which is why we think she ranked higher in the class. Her quirks known as acid, lets her produce a corrosive acid from any part of her body and control the solubility and viscosity of this liquid. There is however to a limit of acid she can produce as her body will begin to lose it’s natural resistance and she could turn full liquid. Some cool tricks she can use her acid for is melting solids such as handholds for herself to climb with or secrete her acid to slide around.

#6. Denki Kaminari, Electrifying


His unusual quirk is known as electrification which is a bit different from the other ranked characters. He can wear electricity meaning that he can activate an electrical aura around him, covering his body with it. This allows him to electrocute anyone whoever touches him. A danger for his opponents and himself as well – as he can fry his own brain turning him into well a drooling buffoon. Denki can even shoot this electricity, however he still has little control over it.

#5. Ochaco Uraraka, Zero Gravity

Ochaco is a hard character to rank. Her quirk is called Zero Gravity which gives her the power causing solid objects to be free of gravity. This means these objects or targets whom are living or non-living are weightless and can float. This is an effective defense mechanism preventing her enemies from attacking and controlling their movement. The drawback of her quirk is that she can become nauseous from using her quick too much and has a limit of about three tons of weight currently.

On one hand, she has extensive martial arts training following her hero internship but on the other hand, her quirk has limited combat applications. Some tough situations have pushed her to become a better fighter and hero. Additionally, I have seen her using her whims in creative ways. She used the debris from her fight with Paco to go to form a meteor storm. But again, this is one of few attack applications that her court is capable of among so many powers so why not rank her among the top ten.

#4. Momo Yaoyorozu, Create – Creation


In terms of description alone, Momo’s quirk is probably the most powerful, useful, and versatile character in the entire series. Momo’s abilities allows her to create non-living material or objects, however the catch is that she must know the chemical makeup of that material in order to create it. Since she has got a genius-level brain, her quirks work by converting lipids in momo’s body into whatever items she wishes to create, and not to forget she has created some crazy things. She is incredibly skilled with her quirks.

Also, the more she eats, the more material that she has to work with. She maintains her slim body figure, because although she can consume large amounts of food, Momo also needs a ton of material to create objects. Her weakness is that if she creates more than she can consume, Momo can become weak and anemic.

#3. Katsuki Bakugou, Explosion Everywhere


From the very first incident of the series, it was clear that Bakugou had one hell of a quirk. It causes his palms to sweat nitroglycerin like that he can ignite to create explosions. He has learned to utilize it in a number of ways. This includes everything from straight-up firing explosions to his opponent, increasing his airtime, and even adding force to punch and kick by using his explosions. The more Katsuki sweats, the more explosions comes out of it. Clearly, his quirk is a powerful one. Furthermore he can use his explosive power to propel his body forward into high speed levels to attack opponents. Like other superheroes, the more he overuses it, his health can be jeopardized as his shoulder will experience tremendous pain.

#2. Izuku Midoriya, Without A Quirk


It’s quite ironic that the person without a quirk can quite possibly the stronger hero of them all. Toshinori Yagi also known as All Might transferred his powers One for All to Izuku because he saw him as the successor. This quirk allows him to gather enourmous amount of raw power and physical abilities such as super human strength, speed, agility and durability. Just think of superman. He has learned a few cool moves such as Float to levitate in air or Detroit Smash to deliver a powerful uppercut. Izuku still needs to develop his quirk more as he can only control 20% of the full power before it breaks his bones apart.

#1. Shoto Todoroki, Half Hot, Half Cold


No student in the UA academy is perfect in using his quirks and its application other than Shoto Todoruku. Shoto’s quirk gives him the power to generate ice from the right side of his body and fire from his left side of the body, essentially giving him two quirks. Although he is often called a prodigy and his whim proves it. He sometimes ignores the fire part of his quirk because his pass with his abusive father. He is incredibly skilled with his ice powers and his ability to use them on a massive scale is an evidence of it. This guy can turn any battlefield into an icicle. With a single skill of his cold right-hand breeze, he only stands with this much power in the academy. Since he tends to use ice more, he still needs to develop the full range of power for his fire side. His body temperature may suffer from using one side too much causing it to be unbalanced.

So that was the list guys. I hope you like it. I’ll come up with more from the series. All of these characters remind me of the good times!

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