One Piece – Best Moments of Manga In The Wano Arc So Far

The One Piece fans have been waiting for the Wano Country Arc for years. In fact, the creator of the series was eager to draw this arc, and couldn’t wait for its release. He said, “what the fans will get to witness here will dwarf Marineford in comparison.”

The third act of the Wano Arc has started, and with that, we have almost reached the half-way point of the arc. Even though the main battle of the arc hasn’t been released, and it’s yet to be seen – honestly speaking, we have already witnessed some incredible moments so far. 

We have gathered all the eight best moments of the Wano Country arc so far. Let’s read it through together!


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Zoro and Sanji have finally brought back together in the second act of Wano Country after staying apart for three years in One Piece. The event followed the death of Yasuie, who sacrificed himself for those who were imprisoned and to save the plan of the Samurai of Wano.

While Tokyo was trying to save her father with Toad Oil, Orochi ordered her death, and this is when Zoro and Sanji step in to defend her. The two have their usual mockery afterward, and that’s what fans had been missing since Dressrosa.


In Act 3, it is shown that preparations are going on for the enormous war that’s coming up at Onigashima. The Promised Port is absolute to be port Tokage in Udon, from where the union was to set sail to Onigashima.

Nonetheless, when the heavens turn on them, and Orochi somehow gets to know about their plan, the Akazaya Nine seem defeated. In spite of that, they claim they’re loyal to Oden and follow with the project despite not having any numbers to defeat Kaido. Fans loved this moment, and it quickly touched almost every viewer’s heart. Saying that it is one of the most emotional scenes of Wano yet wouldn’t be wrong, especially after going through the Oden flashback.



After the arrival of Big Mom in Act 2 of One Piece, we get to see her confronting with Kaido after being imprisoned by Queen. Once Kaido is freed from the prison, the two come face to face splitting the heavens, just like when Shanks met Whitebeard. Surprisingly, both Big Mom and Kaido stopped battling after 12 hours and decided to create an alliance and revive Rocks. Therefore, the most massive pirate crew in the world is born.


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Both the watchers and alliance enjoyed the time of Monkey D. Luffy in Udon Prison. It not only helped in freeing the Yakuza of Wano Country, but it also led to Kawamatsu. The scene where Luffy gave a speech and made everyone believe that he would, indeed, defeat Kaido and free Wano Country won the hearts of One Piece’s fans.

On the other hand, the wills of the Samurai imprisoned were shattered in the beginning, Luffy’s speech strengthened their faith and they also joined the cause. 



It was unclear to every One Piece’s fan that whether Kaido is a Dragon or some kind of an Oni fruit user. One Piece fandom was also busy discussing the powers of Kaido. By the end of One Piece Act 1, Kaido showed up as a dragon at Kuri for the first time in a while, and everybody got to have a proper look at the beast that he is.

Everybody expected Kaido to appear in the typical red theme; however, his color scheme was revealed to be blue, which looked great on the screen. Not only that, but Kaido’s powers were also exposed to us shortly afterward, but his appearance alone was enough to send the fandom into a frenzy.


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In One Piece Chapter 970, a great battle was shown by Eiichiro Oda between Oden and Kaido, where the two clashed in Udon. Shockingly, Oden proved to be more powerful than Kaido and was able to cause a huge wound on Kaido with Enma and Ame no Habakiri.

Additionally, Oden would’ve gone on to kill Kaido shortly after that, only if Kurozumi Higurashi’s evil plot did not distract Oden. This distraction made Kaido land a hit on him from behind, knocking him out in the process.



After the return of Oden to Wano, following his journey with Roger and Whitebeard, he was criticized by his people for not battling against Kaido and Orochi, and instead of dancing naked in the Flower Capital. It happened, so everything could be fixed without any bloodshed. Though, upon Hyougoro’s imprisonment and the death of his men, Oden grouped all the Akazaya Nine, who then planned on to march on Onigashima to end Kaido’s life. Eiichiro Oda called this as ‘The Hour of the Legends’, and some of it might still be unseen. Nevertheless, the gathering of the Akazaya Nine and the walk was quite heroic for sure. 


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The first Act of Wano ended with the iconic fight of Monkey D. Luffy and the Governor-General of the Animal Kingdom Pirates, Kaido. Kaido attacked Luffy’s crew and injured Tama, which is why Luffy got furious and couldn’t control himself that he released all his anger on Kaido.  

It was surprising for the watchers because none of it seemed to hurt Kaido even a bit. Kaido then went on to launch one of his own attacks, known as Thunder Bagua, on Luffy, knocking him out completely. Although it was a short fight, it brought pleasure to watch it. 

This is only the beginning of the Wano Arc series, and fans are expecting that it’s going to be even more exciting in the next arcs. Stay tuned for more One Piece fun! 

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