One Piece: The best moments from 2019

We have seen so many twists and turns in the One Piece series that by the end of the year 2019, we have many things to discuss, admire and criticize. I have seen the complete series, and I am going to count the best moments from the year that have rocked our world. There are many new revelations and story line pushes that have happened causing the most buzz we’ve ever heard from one piece fanatics like myself. Let’s recap some of the best moments for you.

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Komazu is the killer:

After the confrontation with Kaido, Kamazo the Manslayer appeared as a street murderer in Wano Country working for Kurozumi Orochi. This was an incredibly important event in the life span of the series ever since the killer was introduced. During wasabi rock, the theories have been overflowing with thoughts of what he could look like. His face stealthily made known to us in a brilliant but painful manner. After eating a faulty smile fruit, killer lost the ability to express negative emotions and can now only smile and laugh. This only makes him more creepy since he is a killer who only laughs. The very first fight between the two supernovas of the worst generation. It was a great revelation and one of the scenes that left the viewers anxious was when both the villains were in a rage. Komazu has become an incredibly power fighter and earned himself a bounty of 200,000,000. He relies on agility to dodge and hit his opponents at rapid speed. He uses a scythe bladed weapon to attack his foes.

Sora parting ways with Shu Sui:

This scene, in general, seems to focus on Sora as a secondary protagonist in much the same way that whole cake island had a focus on Sanji. Sora finally had to part ways with Shu Sui but ended up trading it for the mighty teammate of Blade Enma. This sword provides Sora with what I would call his first proper challenge of the new world era. It is a genuinely unruly beast, to say the least, and very demanding of his wielders being somehow capable forcing into the state of Haki which is a very new phenomenon for inanimate objects in this world. He then trains himself in using the blade, leaving everyone in amazement.

Big mom’s amnesia:

This one scene feels like a controversial storytelling decision that is really dividing the manga reading fan base. A lot of people said it was far too convenient, a method for her to join our side even for a brief period. Especially given the lack of any decent explanation. A character like big mom being reset back to her original innocent self is an idea that all the fans love. It was eventually better to see that she has gained her memory back, she played a significant role this year. In the next year, we will be watching a big mom with all her memories intact.

Oden’s lust for adventure:

This is said to be the most recent development but a character that we have been waiting to see for an awfully long time now. Oden has been tantalisingly hinted as quite a profound character within this world, and his official introduction and flashback did not disappoint us in the slightest. This man is really larger than life and in my opinion 2019 has given us a great impression of Oden’s rise to prominence and lust for adventure. Oden is strangely at the moment, connected to almost every major pirate in the world. He eventually meets his end through kaido, so the only person missing from which he is not connected is big mom. He is the character that can have a whole series written about him and gives pleasure.

Big mom VS kaido:

Even the clash of the two greatest emperors is not on the list, but this moment is nothing short than incredible. This is the only time that two of the four emperors had been shown the legendary whitebeard VS shanks moment at the end of the return of water 7. But the situation where big mom clashes with Kaido is the moment that leaves the viewer’s genuinely transpired. Everyone is looking to escape as their powers are so strong, the island just might explode!

The emperor alliance:

If there’s anything more impressive than two of the four emperors engaging in combat, it is still one of them actually forming a union and instantly becoming the most significant threat that this world has ever known. This event is something that anyone could ever comprehend happening before it actually did. The alliance of kaido with big mom has the pole to blaze with fear, and we are now entering unprecedented territory in the series.

The abolition of the seven wallets:

The wallet system is one of the earliest fractions of power we were introduced with. Luffy having either made allies or having defeated the large majority of them. The potential defeat of two of the emperors and the dissolution of the warlords, this series is really going to break into a vicious power vacuum that will consume pirates and marine alike and can culminate in the final battle of one piece.

The god valley incident:

One Piece fans love this moment. The God Valley Incident is an event that took place on the island about 38 years ago. It was a fierce battle between the Rock Pirates and the Marines. In order to protect the salves and world nobles at the God Valley, Monkey D. Gary and Gol D Roger had to temporary join forces as alliances. Eventually the rock pirates lost to the pirate marine alliance leading to Rocks D. Xebec’s death. Eventualy Monkey D. Garp was recognized as the Hero of the Marines. We’re all anticipating to see more flashbacks of this event.

Roger VS whitebeard:

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At last, we have a clash that made me forget that big mom Vs Kaido even happened in the year 2019. Gol D Rogers is a legendary pirate and captain of the Roger Pirates. Knowing that this would be the end for Whitebeard, Roger told him the secret of the Will of D. Whitebeard was one of the few that could match the power and strength of Rogers. Whitebeard was one of the Yonko and prior to his death, he held the highest bounty in the Yonko and second highest in history. The fight between the former pirate king and the most active pirate in the world was not less than incredible to come out on top of the best moments this year. We’re hoping to see more incredible moments to come in 2020 and can’t wait to find out what happens next.

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