One Piece: The Five Best Devil Fruits Ranked

The One Piece villains get their power from the devil fruits which they win either on the battlefield or through berries. The devil fruits give them the required skills to fight against the Demon Slayers. Here in this article, we will rank the five best devil fruits ranked in One Piece.

#5. Op-Op Devil Fruit

So, starting our list with this amazingly complicated and confusing “Op-Op devil fruit”. It allows the user to conjure a spherical room. While in this room, the user has complete control over the orientation and placement of all objects including people. Actually, not a single atom is safe in this room. Body parts and internal organs can be removed and replaced with other organs or objects with great ease.

It should be noted that how extreme the surgery, this generally does not injure or kill the victim of the fruit’s power. Although the user of the fruits has proved that he can physically harm targets inside the room mainly by using spatial energy to create high voltage shockable to bypass skin and bone to damage internal organs directly. This probably isn’t even the limit of the fruit’s potential to deal Damage Island, but the open up enemy is exceptionally versatile.

The apparent weakness of this fruit is that it is restricted to the range of the room. Law has shown that he can significantly increase the size of the room and doing it so rapidly depletes user stamina and overuse of the fruits will even shorten the life span of this fruit. It’s really cool, but at this stage, it’s not all great. It gives you a fantastic ability but at a very high cost. The reason why this fruit is on the list and the reason why people are willing to pay five million berries is because of its ultimate ability.

#4. Bird-Bird Devil Fruit

It s Marco’s unnamed or “Bird-Bird devil fruit.” The only stolen type fruit on this list allows the user to become a blue phoenix. Its specific subclasses and mythical villain type shows an extraordinarily rare subclass. Rarer than low gears. Actually and for a good reason, the main power bestowed by this fruit is blue flames in Phoenix. It warns the practically invincible user, as the flames are able to regenerate any damage inflicted on the user. Unlike other zones, it appears the user can control to what degree his or her body is affected by the phoenix form as well allowing for much greater versatility and use. So, in reality, the spirit is kind of a mix of the three of the primary classes. It will enable the user to turn into an animal as well as an adult with the additional physical abilities granted mimic that of the paramecia and the regenerative abilities granted by the blue phoenix fire are very similar to that below the fruit. Finally, something very basic and compelling, this fruit is one of the only basic, but five fruits said to grant the ability of flight.

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#3: Tremor-Tremor or Guru-Guru Devil Fruit

It is the “Tremor-Tremor or Gura-Gura devil fruit.” It is the fruit with the power to destroy the world. This exceptional fruit is considered to be the strongest in the paramecia class, allowing its user to create extraordinarily powerful shock waves and vibration through any medium. It results in the ability to conjure natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis. The user has the ability to control both the magnetic endpoint of the impact of the shock waves allowing for incredibly devastating targeted attacking. The tremor devil fruits have no apparent weakness in regards to the effect on the user from what we have seen.

It took no physical or mental toll on whitebeard or Blackbeard after invoking its power. However, it does come with one major weakness that is the indiscriminate nature of creating natural disasters. The user cannot control the occurrence after the disaster falls, which makes it quite dangerous too.

#2. Soul-Soul Devil Fruit

The “Soul-Soul devil fruit or Soru Soru no Mi” comes on the number 2 in this list.  This terrifying fruit gives the ability to the user to interact with and manipulate souls. With this maddening power, the user can entirely extract a person’s soul, killing them instantly. The user of this fruit can choose how much of the soul will remove, resulting in the loss of a certain amount of years of life. After the extraction, the user can put the soul into objects and animals. They seem to inherit the intelligence of the person whose soul was extracted and previously inanimate objects just gained a completely new life. This fruit has the ability to manipulate presence being able to give and take it freely. The only weakness of this fruit is that it only works on the people who are afraid of death. Big Mom from the Yonkos used this fruit to extract the souls of many. However it didn’t work on Luffy and the Straw Pirates.

#1. Rumble-Rumble Devil Fruit

The “Rumble-Rumble devil fruit or Goro Goro no Mi” has got the first number on the ranking. It allows the user to conjure, manipulate and lightning power. So, what’s good about it? the two before this one could create instant death in one circumstance and can cause the destruction? So does this fruit also but the exceptional feature is that the powerful lightning strikes are enough to take out most individual fighters in a single attack as well as destroy the entire island. The voltage and point of impact are entirely controllable by the user. It can deal with as much damage to whatever person or position is intended.

Additionally, the lightning strikes allow the user to travel at the speed of light, especially teleporting him to the place it desires. The only drawback of this fruit is that it was being used by a spoiled brat Colin, other than that, it doesn’t have any disadvantages. He relied only on his fruit’s power, neglecting to train himself in other areas. If this fruit were in the hands of any of the previous users, it would be devastating. It has extraordinary world-ending capabilities with only one-hit.

So, that was the ranking from five till one best devil fruits from the one-piece series. There are other fruits also that you think maybe on this list, but I find the fruits as mentioned above the most devastating of all.

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