One Piece: Top Ten Characters That Can Wipe Out The Whole Island

The One Piece world is has strong characters who face terrible pirates and tenacious water stretches. These characters powerfully practice their abilities; be it trying to capture the coveted devil fruits, or the brutal pirate battles. While these characters from One Piece certainly aren’t capable of ending solar systems, they can demolish islands without any trouble. The 10 One Piece characters who are said to have the power to terminate an island and beyond, in my opinion, are as follows.



Edward Newgate who is also known as Whitebeard is the captain of the Whitebeard Pirates and is widely known as the strongest man in the world and the man who is the closest to one piece after Gol D. Roger’s death. In their prime, he was said to have been able to an equal match to Roger in terms of power. In terms of physical strengths, he has immense brute force making him the strongest man alive. After consuming the Gura Gura no Mi paramecia type devil fruit, Whitebeard can send shock waves by shattering air like glass. These shock waves can be redirected to the ground to cause earthquakes, tsunamis and other natural disasters. Sengoku has said that his powers are strong enough to destroy an entire planet! His power and his devil fruit allow him to cause tremendous damage to the One Piece world. His strengths are similar to that of the Ancient Weapons, which are said to be sturdy sufficient to finish the world.



Roger is definitely one of the strongest kings, if not the strongest, he is one of the most influential characters to ever perform in One Piece. He was famed to be the man who conquered the Grand Line and took on great fortune. Gol D. Roger’s famously said before he died, “my treasure is yours for the taking, but you’ll have to find it first. I let everything I own, in one piece. Roger is said to have occupied all skills, be it a treasure, reputation, or control. His voyage saw him reach Laugh Tale and discover the One Piece.

Roger was acknowledged as the most efficient pirate in history. In regards to his powers, Roger could match the most energetic characters such as Whitebeard in a competition. It’s not even a wonder that he can put an end to an island. I can bet that Roger can also do much more than just destruction. There’s a reason why he has recorded the highest bounty in history at $5,564,800,000.



Luffy is the protagonist and a member of the worst generation. He is the most ill-reputed in the lot, in recent times, messing up Big Mom’s Tea Party and now turning his eyes to Kaido after Blackbeard. His strength is no joe because he has a number of 1.5 billion berries. Luffy has grown offensively dominant, and by using his Gear 4 he can shatter an island to chunks without a shadow of a doubt. He almost destroyed the town of Dressrosa with his King Kong Gun. Since then, he has become more than stronger.

Depsite his small stature, Luffy can stretch and unwind his body so that the momentum increases building destructive power. Once Luffy reaches to gear fourth, he has immense power where he can blast opponents and shatter the ground. He can morph into different forms such as Bounce-man, tank-man and snake man. Either way, Luffy is a character you can’t count out.



Tragalgar Law also known as the surgeon of death is a pirate from North Blue and the captain of Heart Pirates. The Worst Generation member, Trafalgar Law, is just like Monkey D. Luffy in his skill set. Trafalgar Law became a fearsome pirate who is trying to dismantle Kaido at Wano Country with a bounty of 500 million berries. Although Law isn’t as robust as Luffy, his devil fruit allows him to do substantial destruction to antagonists. He was seen demonstrating remarkable powers at Punk Hazard and later at Green Bit in Dressrosa. Once Law ate the Ope Ope no Mi devil fruit, this allowed him to create a spherical territory of light blue aura where he is capable of separating and spatially displacing anything and everything inside. With this power, he can wipe out an entire village in seconds!



Kuzan is among the associates of the Blackbeard Pirates at this time, though, he served as an Admiral of the Marines before the jump over. Being a previous Admiral, Aokiji’s powers are incredibly perilous. He had fought against the likes of Akainu and even Whitebeard to some degree, proving that he’s not a liability in the battle. Aokiji is known to have entirely changed the air of half of Punk Hazard, and when at occupied power, he could destroy an entire island by himself, just like any other Admiral without question. After Kuzan consumes the Hie Hie no Mi, a logia devil fruit, he can easily control, create and even become ice. During the battle with whitebeard, he freezed an entire tsunami with ice. In battles, he can freeze his enemies in seconds and shatter them instantly.



Monkey D. Garp is fairly one of the most dynamic characters to be in the world of One Piece. Garp proved to be a challenge to reckon with for Gol D. Roger and even Rocks D. Xebec. He gained the title of the ‘Hero of the Marines’ for the period of the God Valley episode as well.

As far as his powers are concerned, he could finish an island without any trouble. In his measures to fight Don Chinjao, Garp ruined a total of eight mountains with his strong fists, which was just a warm-up for him. Garp could absolutely destroy more than just an island with his powers, undoubtedly! Even at his old age, he can throw iron cannonballs with hyper speeds. With his Genkotsu Ryuseigun technique, he throws one thousand iron cannonballs at the enemies ships.


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Akainu is the existing Fleet-Admiral of the Marine stretches in One Piece. Thanks to his sovereign powers, he made this place on his own by overpowering none other than Aokiji in a battle that continued for about ten days.

He also fought against the old Whitebeard at Marineford and succeeded to survive. His colossal techniques, such as Ryuusei Kazan, are remarkable enough to wipe out an island with comfort. Akainu also succeeded in affecting the air of the other half of Punk Hazard. After Sakazuki eats the Magu Mahu no Mi, logia class devil fruit, he can transform himself into magma and produce an endless amount of it. Just imagine a volcano erupting. The destructive heat and explosiveness can wipe out an island and also burn his opponents.



Shiki the Golden Lion also known as the Flying Pirate is the admiral of the Golden Lion Pirates. He is among one of the legends of the One Piece world and a big shot who was sharp sufficient to be a rival to Gol D. Roger. Also recognized as the Golden Lion, Shiki could combat almost any powerful and mighty pirate, and gain success, albeit Whitebeard or Roger.

This is because of his Devil Fruit, known as the Fuwa Fuwa no Mi that Shiki has the power to make surrounding non living matter levitate. In his fight against Roger and Garp, Shiki effortlessly devastated half of Marineford, which is quite a vast island. When abandoned, Shiki can do guaranteed damage with his Devil Fruit power. When attacking, Shiki uses the surrounding environment such as by shaping earth or snow into giant lion heads and launching them against his enemies.



Shirahoshi is the daughter of Neptune, the current Fishman of the island. She may give the idea to be just an oversized mermaid, but her supremacies aren’t to be taken too lightly. Shirahoshi is the antique weapon Poseidon and thus commands a wonderful degree of power.

It is said that she holds power to extinguish the entire world, which means that her authority goes far beyond just abolishing an island. Although she doesn’t have full switch over her skills up till now, it appears that this is a problem for a temporary time period. Since he is part of the Poseidon family, she has the power to command Sea Kings unlike other Fish-Men who can only communicate with normal fish. Given her ability to control water and incredible strength, we think she is one of the most powerful characters in One Piece.



For those of you who are unaware, the Tonko are the four most notorious and powerful pirate captains of the world. The present Yonko are all enormous pirates who statute the seas of the New World like Kings. The Navy doesn’t challenge him because of their fighting abilities in the area of the New World. The Yonko are all dreadfully powerful, skillful of causing large-scale devastation, and that is true to their reputation.

Not only this, they are capable enough to destroy islands with their accumulative powers. The Yonko are genuinely terrifying by all standards; no matter from whichever angle you observe them, you will find them scary in the world of One Piece. Currently the Yonko consists of the WhiteBeard, Blackbeard, Big Mom and Kaido. The Whitebeard can send shock waves destroying the ground and earth with ease when he consumes Gura Gura no Mi. When Blackbeard eats the Yami Yami no mi, he can create, control and transform into darkness where he can trap things into darkness. Big Mom uses the soru soru no mi to steal people’s soul, and decreasing their life span. Lastly, Kaido can transform into a massive eastern dragon, fly and send fireblasts to decimate any landscape! It’s suffice to say, we know how deadly these 4 members of the Yonkos are and what they are capable of.

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