The world of One Piece encompasses supernatural power-granting fruits that are known as the devil fruits. Though they are not found frequently in the four blues, they’re very common in the Grand Line. 

Before exploring the types of devil fruits present in the much-acclaimed series, let’s have a look at what they are.

What are the Devil fruits?

Devil Fruits are mysterious and mystical fruits that are found all over the world in the series. It provides special abilities to its eater, but it depends on the variation and type of fruits. However, the thing to know is that characters can only eat one devil fruit, in case of eating more than one will cause their death but one notable exception is Black Beard, who ate two devil fruits. 

Devil Fruits contain a massive variety of powers that can be utilized in numerous ways. From powerful attacks to mundane utilities, they are exceptionally valued in the market. A majority of the world’s most influential people have consumed them, particularly those who are among the Three Great Powers

The mystery of devil fruits

It is said that these fruits are stemmed from Sea Devil, and the secret of their power is concealed somewhere in the Grand Line. Because their encounters are rare, particularly outside the Grand Line, therefore, numerous rumors about them have spread. Now, it’s difficult to tell whether they are facts or fiction. 

Nami dismissed all these rumors as mere myths until she saw the Bara Bara no Mi in action. The fact is that an average person knows very little or nothing about them and their majestic powers. It specifically relates to people who live in isolated countries, even within the Grand Line. 

For instance, Princess Shirahoshi of Fish-Man Island, Amazon Lily, and Wano Country, not a single person of them, know about Devil Fruits. Despite they believe that the powers bestowed are either curses or sorcery. 

The devil fruits, when sold, are expected to fetch well over Beli100,000,000 due to their powers. The Devil Fruit consumers are sold at market prices as slaves.

Naturally, each individual fruit has its dissimilarities in price, as it is dependent on the powers that are bestowed, such as the Ope Ope no Mi is worth Beli5,000,000,000 in the black market. There are over 100 varieties of Devil Fruit. The oldest introduced Devil Fruit consumer is Kozuki Toki, who was born 800 years ago. It depicts that Devil Fruits exist in the world for at least eight centuries. 

Kinds of devil fruits

All devil fruits are categorized into three different groups, namely ParameciaLogia, and Zoan.

Paramecia fruits have three diverse types, one that affects the environment, second that affects the body, and the third one that generates particular substances. It includes:

•Gomu Gomu No Mi (Gum-Gum Fruit)

•Bara Bara No Mi (Chop-Chop Fruit)

• Sube Sube No Mi (Slip-Slip/ Smooth-Smooth Fruit)

• Kilo Kilo No Mi(Kilo-Kilo Fruit)

• Ope Ope No Mi ( Op-Op Fruit)

They are the type of fruit that are natural elements. The attacker is unable to touch them unless the user allows it. Besides, they have a sea stone or Haki. It includes:

Moku Moku No Mi (Smoke-Smoke Fruit)

Mera Mera No Mi (Flame-Flame Fruit)

Suno Sino No Mi (Sand-Sand Fruit)

Goro Goro No Mi (Rumble-Rumble Fruit)

Hie Hie No Mi (Chilly-Chilly Fruit)

Yami Yami No Mi ( Dark -Dark Fruit)

Pika Pika No Mi ( Glint -Glint Fruit)

Magu Magu No Mi (Magma-Magma Fruit)

Numa Numa No Mi( Swamp-Swamp Fruit)

Gasu Gasu No Mi ( Gas-Gas Fruit)

Yuki Yuki No Mi (Snow-Snow Fruit)

Zoan fruits are basically the kind of fruits that changes their consumer to an animal. Several mythical Zoan fruits transform its user into a mythical animal of some kind. There is also a zoans type that is ancient animals.

•Ushi Ushi No Mi(Ox-Ox Fruit: Bison Model)

•Hito Hi to No Mi(Human-Human Fruit)

•Tori Tori No Mi(Tweet-Tweet Fruit)

•Inu Inu No Mi(Mutt-Mutt Fruit)

•Sara Sara No Mi(Sala-Sala Fruit)

•Mogu Mogu No Mi(Diggy-Diggy Fruit)

•Neko Neko No Mi: Model Leopard (Cat-Cat Fruit)

Every fruit type is distinct from other fruit and offers a wide range of abilities such as transforming the user into an animal or turning into an element like fire. All the fruits are equally powerful, but neither of them makes their user weaker. In this blog, we’ll be ranking the 10 rarest devil fruits in the world of One Piece.



It is currently used by Trafalgar Law and gives its users the ability to create not only rooms but to control the terrain within the room as well as per their choice. According to the Marine Vice Admiral Smoker, when this fruit is in it’s range, the opponent seems like a patient on the operating table where the user can surgically dissect and destroy the enemy. However, this fruit can be used for good. Previously a doctor had eaten this fruit and was able to perform miraculous operations that cured all sorts of diseases as well as save many people’s lives.



The Yami Yami no Mi was consumed by Blackbeard. After its consumption, he gained the power to control darkness as he likes. The super giveaway of this devil fruit is its capability to nullify everything, even other devil fruit abilities, including Haki. The strength of this fruit gives it’s users the ability to absorb and nullify at the attacks of it’s opponents sucking it into darkness. And furthermore, the user can pull their enemy toward them at will. The weakness is if the user fails to absorb the attack in time, they will still be vulnerable to attacks just like normal beings.


This fruit gives its user the power to turn into a real Brachiosaurus. Drake had consumed this fruit and became bigger than a Pacifista. He was also granted the biting ability that even even damage heavy armor. The tail of the brachiosaurus is also another great weapon to slam the user’s opponent with tremendous force. Since it is one of the zoans, its consumer also gets superior stamina and a high-level recovery. With no shadow of a doubt, the Ryu Ryu no Mi Model Brachiosaurus is exceptional, and it is predicted that more of its abilities will be unveiled in the future.



The Ryu Ryu no Mi, Pteranodon is a devil fruit enabling the consumer of the fruit to transform into a pteranodon hybrid and full pteranodon at will. The user is able to fly and attack in the form. Pteranodon fruit is an ancient Zoan fruit that was eaten by King the Wildfire. While a number of its powers remain a mystery, but it is still well-known for granting its user an immense strength. It was evidence of the scene when King pushed Big Mom’s ship off the waterfall in Wano.


This fruit was eaten by the Charlotte Katakuri, right-hand man of Big Mom, at the age of 5. With the mochi mochi no mi, the user can create, control and transform into mochi. For those that don’t know, Mochi is a japanese rice cake made of a short grain sticky glutinous rice pounded and molded into a desired shape. This mochi is effective in battle for trapping people due to the sticky nature of the compound. The malleable nature of the mochi makes it easy to transform into a shield, fist, spiked weapon or anything else. This is a fun ability and we love the creativity that the One Piece writers had in coming up with this devil fruit idea.



This fruit was consumed by the sixth ship commander of Yonko Blackbeard, the Inu Inu no Mi Model: Kyubi no Kitsune. Its powers are ferocious, as it gives its user the capability to transform into any other person that replicates their full appearance in the process. When Catarina Devon ate this fruit she transformed into a nine tailed fox. Being able to impersonate another being gives them the ability to deceive others and even replicate the target’s clothing.


It is one of the many snake-snake fruits of One Piece. The Yamata no Orochi version is thought to be the rarest out of all. Shogun of Wano, Kurozumi Orochi ate this fruit and transformed into an eight-headed serpent, each of which has its own personality. Each head of it’s own has the power to speak it’s own thoughts. Due to the elongated neck, the user can bite their enemies with ferocity and power along with distant range. The user does have control of how many snake heads sprout with eight being the maximum.



It was eaten by the previous Fleet Admiral of the Marines, Sengoku the Buddha, the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Daibutsu. This fruit transformed Sengoku into a giant gold Buddha and made him capable of releasing massive blasts of shockwaves from his palms.When chopper consumed the fruit, he was given superior human intelligence allowing him to understand and communicate in human language.



The devil fruit Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Phoenix is the fruit of Yonko Whitebeard’s right-hand man. Due to this fruit, Marco has earned the moniker of ‘Marco the Phoenix’ because it transformed him into a giant Phoenix. With the phoenix form, the user can has increased physical abilities and can fly along with an array of aerial attacks. The greatest attribute is the user’s light blue and flames to burn their opponents and regenerate their own woulds.


This fruit permitted him to either transform into an Oni or a dragon. However, it is still unclear whether an Oni who has eaten the dragon devil fruit or the dragon, Kaido, is a dragon who ate the Oni devil fruit. In either way, Kaido’s devil fruit makes it unique in its own way. In the dragon form, he has a circle of flame around each of his upper arms. He is capable of moving through the air by creating clouds and using them as footholds. Kaido can also release devastating blasts of heat from his mouth to blow apart a large area and decimate large buildings or objects.

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