The 10 Worst Funko Pops of All Time

The Funko Pop craze has swept the globe. These figures have become a massive part of pop culture in present day as they have found their way into numerous avid collector’s homes. No matter whether you are a casual franchise fan or a manic toy hoarder, chances are you know about or have at least one Pop figure. 

However, there are a handful of Funko pop collectibles that have gone through to store shelves that have been quite frankly some of the worst made ever. We’ve made a list of the worst Funko pops in history.

#10. Tommy from Rugrats


It is a great idea to take Rugrats and turn them into Pop figures, but in reality, these pops didn’t turn out so great. Because when it comes to implementation, it looks like the Funko dropped the ball in Tommy Pickles’ case. 

The crux of the issue with this Tommy Funk Pop is that it looks very much like a normal baby. Thus, it stands this figure on the top position of the worst Funko Pops. In the cartoon, the color of his eyes is white, not black. Also, Tommy is very animated and always excited and full of emotion. This Funko pop doesn’t capture this emotion, therefore it’s rather bland. The only real upside is that this pop vinyl costs $6 which is cheaper than most pops.

#9 Dory from Finding Nemo

It’s very sad to see one of your favorite characters, Dory portrayed this way. In fact, if she looked like this, probably Nemo wouldn’t want to find her! She looks very clunks and block-like. Fish are suppose to be very agile and mobile. Her famous line is “just keep swimming”, but this block looks like it would sink! The only aspect that the manufacturers got right here is their color!

#8 Sonic from Sonic the Hedgehog

How far you have fallen for Sonic the hedgehog. The years have not been kind to you; however this Funko Pop fail is beyond the pale. Though the similarity of this pop figure to Sonic is decent, but its kicker eyes are sore to your eyes. Plus, the most painful thing is its price of $120.00 that really upsets the gamers. The spikey, bright-blue Sonic looks exactly like a Halloween ornament as compared to a collector’s item. It depicts that  Funko has decided to retire this figure. I hope they can chun out a more honorable design of Sonic

This weird rendition of Sonic has got to be one of the worst ideas possible. Though the similarity of this pop figure to Sonic is decent, however the eyes are just off. Typically the eyes of Sonic have green pupils. Normally sonic will raise his fist but this one just stands there like a robot. Plus, the most painful thing is its price of $120.00 which is a downright rip off. The spikey, bright-blue Sonic looks exactly like a Halloween toy rather than a Funko pop. Luckily  Funko has decided to retire this figure. I hope they can churn out a more honorable design of Sonic.

#7. Live-Action Mrs. Potts & Chip from Beauty and the Beast

These Potts and Chip Funk Pops look well crafted but they look vastly different from them in the movie. First off Potts has a purple crowned lid not a white one. Next Chip is a cracked cup but this Funk Pop doesn’t have any cracks whatsoever. And the worst part is the lack of emotion that these pops don’t have. What makes these two inseparable is their love for one another. They are literally two peas and a pod. They always look at each other fondly with love and I feel as if these pops don’t portray that. Instead, they look straight ahead with black dotted robot eyes. We hope Funko changes this one!

#6. Flik from A Bugs Life

Flik, from the movie A Bugs Life is one of the most adoring and heroic characters in the Disney/Pixar world. Yet I wish that this pop could really represent what this character was all about. He was a character who wanted to save an help his colony as well as had a huge crush on Princess Atta. In the movie, Flik had white lively eyes. He also had a bright giddy smile instead of a happy face. Sadly this pop makes him look more of a skeleton or alien making him one of the more unappealing pop collectibles out there. Too bad they didn’t add any motion to it, usually he has a very confident stance.

#5. Lord Voldemort from The Harry Potter Series

One of the most terrifying villains of all time Voldemort turned into a mere cute character with these Funko Pops. The figure has totally destroyed the image of the villain. It is heartwrenching for the fans of Harry Potter who expected a lot from the Funko company. I believe that the pop could have a little bit more of a scary tone to it. We do like the snack addition to show some of his unique features as a villain.

#4. Donkey from Shrek

Though, Donkey does have the smile that matches his character in the movie, his eyes makes him look like a dummy. Typically the eyes are white and very lively. In the movie, he’s very loyal, yet he’s a big comic relief and goofy ball. It could’ve been worse, but still we think adding a bit of liveliness would help. Also Donkey tends to raise his eyebrows up when cracking a joke and I think that’ll help with the character resemblance as well.

#3. Dogmeat from the Fallout Series Video Game

If you are a fan of the Fallout series, then you must be aware of this dog. But unfortunately, this Dogmeat pop figure disappointed us all. Though the markings and patterns on his fur are somehow close to the actual Dogmeat, but not on the body. After having a look at this figure so it seems like the manufacturer just took a simple body of the pet and glued a head at it that slightly resembles Dogmeat. Also I feel as if the pop looks more a cute puppy dog. In the video game, he’s more of a wandering wolf that is adventurous.

#2. Mr. Krabs from SpongeBob Square Pants

The question is who can manage a restaurant under a sea? So, being a great fan of SpongeBob and SquarePants, your answer is Mr. Krab. But, the figure is ridiculously dreadful. The body shape is wrong for starters, almost the same as SpongeBob’s shape along with features that belong to Mr. Krabs glued on. His body is more of a wobbly triangle shape where is torso is wide and his shoulders are narrow. Mr Krabs isn’t supposed to be square-shaped! People can ignore flat stump legs due to their support in standing the figure. But, how can they overlook the eyes of the figure? Mr. Krabs had lightly tinted green eyes, not full-blown luminescent green eyes. It has a cost of $110 which is ridiculously overpriced. Next I would’ve added a personal touch of him throwing money in the air or even adding dollar signs to his eyeballs to really help represent his character.

#1. Mr. Snuffleupagus from the Sesame Street

Mr. Snuffleupagus is the most beloved character of the program the Seasame street. He was a crazy woolly mammoth. The figure shows potential but miserably comes off as too common. It seems like Funko did the same thing with this figure as this company did with Dogmeat. The same primary body of the mammoth with a head attached to the glue. Personally, I would’ve liked to see a wider and more broad body because he is a mammoth, not a dog.

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