The Best and Worst Relationships in My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia has introduced us to a number of lovely couples and pairings. When it comes to pairings, some duos are a matched made due to their similar personalities or motives. As die hard fans of My Hero Academia, we are always delighted to see certain pairings that made it together.

Their dialogue and expressions brighten our day, their romantic entanglements make our hearts skip a beat. However, there are some duos that simply make no sense and as fans, we are left scratching our heads wondering who even came up with that horrible idea. In this article, we take a look at some of these pairings and tell you what we think about them together!

Best Pairings

Izuku Midoriya And Ochaco Uraraka 


Since the first meeting between the two of them have shared a liking to each other. These two first met when Izuku nearly tripped by the doorsteps when Ochaco saved him from falling using her zero-gravity quirk. Through their time together, they have shared many times where both characters blushed around one another. Izuku was giddy about having his first full conversation with a female which was Ochaco. She blushed whenm Gunhead teased her about having a boyfriend in class. During the Class 1-A training camp, Ochaco wanted to check if Izuku was okay and in doing so she got really close to him. That causes Izuku to turn red blushing about having her so up close. Another example occurs when they first gather in their costumes for the first time. Izuku has googly eyes when he sees Ochaco in her skin tight pink costume.

My Hero Academia fans love ‘IzuOcha’ so much that there are chances they will soon become a couple in the series. Izuku is shy and adorably geeky, but it’s still pretty clear that he has some feelings for Uraraka. And there is no doubt that these feelings are mutual. In fact, Uraraka has been more honest about her feeling on screen than Midoriya. This is one of the most favourite couples of My Hero Academia fans, and we can certainly see why. Both of them are cute and brave who do whatever it takes to save and help humans. The duo is always found to rise each other up and not tearing one another down. 

Eijiro Kirishima And Katsuki Bakugo 

Eijiro and Katsuki have a beautiful friendship despite their differences. In fact their differences complement each other in a way that many duos do not. Katsuki is someone that very closed off and quite firey. But he interacts with Eijiro more than anyone else except Izuku. Since their pairing in the USJ arc to battle against Izuku, they have grown to respect one another. For Eijiro, he values that Katsuki shows manly values such as fighting for what he believes in. Eijiro is the only one who can help Katsuki. Usually Katsuki doesn’t want help from anyone due to his incredibly boastful pride and ego. Another scene proved their friendship, where Eijiro was down about almost being expelled. Katsuki helped to cheer Eijiro and reminded him about how strong he was during the Sports festival.

Similarly, Eijiro is endlessly supportive and positive about Bakugo. In fact, they complement each other quite nicely. These are two characters that initially didn’t start off liking each other, however their battles together and studies have made them close where both of them have a strong mutual respect for one another.

Shoto Todoroki And Momo Yaoyorozu   


These two haven’t been confirmed as a couple, but both share quite a lot of similarities to one another. Both of them come from very well respected families and have incredibly powerful quirks. Shoto has a lot of respect ofr Momo’s powers and abilities. During the Human Cavalry battle in the U.A. sports festival, Momo chose her as a partner. Furthermore, he voted for her as the class rep leader to represent the class. When Katsuki was captured by the LEage of Villains, Shoto wanted Momo to help him in rescuing Katsuki. The two don’t bond as much as we’d like, but the potential is there for them to create amazing experiences in the series.

Eijiro Kirishima And Mina Ashido 


Though they do not interact a lot in the series, Mina and Eijiro are quite an interesting pairing. They first met in middle school and their relationship begins where Eijiro seems to be cowardly when heroic abilities is called upon. For example, Eijiro tries to stop a villain, but his legs freezes up. Mina then jumps in to stop the villain instead. Eijiro feels self conscious around Mina, but that later pushes him to color his hair to a spiky red to signify that when will never be a cowardly hero again. While Mina later created a new defensive move called Acidman that was inspired by Kirishima. Kirishima sometimes pokes fun at Eijiro just to get him to lighten up and not take things seriously. Eijiro tends to put a lot of pressure on himself and Mina wants to help him relax.

Frankly, Eijiro has a sweet and easy-going personality that makes it work out with most of the pairings. Being a My Hero Academia fan, we already know that Mina helped Eijiro in becoming a better hero and that lately he’s been inspirational for her to do better as well. So, here we are once again – a situation in which two heroes are lifting each other up, and that makes perfect sense.

Mirio Togata And Amajiki  


Tamaki and Mirio are childhood friends since meeting each other in the third grade. Their long histroy of each other seems to make them almost inseperable. In fact, they seem to know when each other is in danger. For example Mirio was shot by Shin Nemoto during the fight against Overhaul. Tamaki could sense that Mirio was in danger and actually woke himself out of unconsciousness. Tamaki then went to search for Mirio. Both believe that they shine a ray of positivity upon each other. It is implied that Mirio gave Tamaki’s hero name, Suneater.

Worst Pairings

Katsuki Bakugo And Izuku Midoriya 


Izuku and Katsuki have long known each other since childhood, however their relationship has deterioted over the years. When Izuku didn’t have a quirk, Katsuki would call him Deku which is an insult to him. Izuku is a positive person who loves to help others and cheer people up. But unfortunately, it seems like Katsuki is too prideful to want Izuku’s help or even accept it for that matter. When Izuku tried to save Katsuki, he berates him for his actions. Izuku was also chosen by All Might to be the successful of One For All and that makes Katsuki even more jealouds especially because Izuku is quirk less. These two have a rather strained relationship because of how Katsuki tries to bully Izuku every chance he gets, which only highlights the insecurities of Katsuki. They have fought many times and will continue to be a rivalry throughout the series.

Katsuki Bakugo and Ochaco Uraka


The pairing of Katsuki and Ochaco is not ideal due to the reasons of Izuku. Katsuki doesn’t interact with Ochaco and is quite rude to her since she is very close with Izuku. These two end up fighting each other in round 1 of the Sports Festival. Ochaco put up an excellent fight and even pushes Katsuki to his limit. At this point, Ochaco has earned the respect of Katsuki. Ochaco later questions Katsuki’s anger and rudeness towards Izuku calling him out that he is only masking his insecurities and jealousy of Izuku. However, Katsuki responds angrily.

Izuku Midoriya and Himiko Toga


These two are quite interesting because typically Izuku is someone who can get along with anyone. However Izuku seems to be freightened by Himiko due to her scary personality. Himiko was intrigued by how Izuku would go far to save anybody even his opponents. Himiko wanted to test his kindness and often would interact with Izuku in disguise. She even went as far as trying to ccut Izuku with a knife to gain more intel on him. She is someone who is manipulative towards him and thus wouldn’t make a good pairing.

Endeavor and Hawks


Endeavor, also known as Enji Todoroki is someone who is quite aloof towards Hawks. Hawks requested to team up with Endeavor converning an investigation about the sightings of Nomus. Although Hawks is really nice to Endeavor, the same cannot said to be mutual. Hawks congratulated Endeavor on his victory when defeating High End. Another reason is Hawks has been pretty busy being a double agent and all. Thus, even if he was interested, he wouldn’t find enough time for any of it. 

Eraserhead And Izuku Midoriya  

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Eraserhead and Izuku is quite an interesting teacher and student combination. Both of them did not like each other from the beginning. Eraserhead also known as Shota had no confidence in Izuku’s ability to become a good hero. He viewed Izuku as someone who is very reckless and a problem child. Through out the series, their relationship grows as Izuku grows stronger. Eraserhead is amazed by his growth. Izuku does show respect for Shota’s powers and is horrified when he saw the League of Villains defeat him.

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