The Most Heartbreaking Moments In My Hero Academia

The hit superhero anime series, My Hero Academia, takes its viewer to the fantasy world of awesome heroes who save the day while fighting scariest villains. Izuku Midoriya, a trainee hero, regularly meets new friends in the series, face battles and witness some shocking heartbreaking moments. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the series is a roller coaster of emotions. This series is a great amalgamation of humor, character enhancement, and some serious moments with a few references to the classic manga and American book comic characters; indeed, there are ‘shock and awe’ moments for the viewers when their favorite characters are heartbroken or fail to achieve their ambition. 

Here is a list of a few tragic moments of the series. Have a look!

Izuku witnesses the capturing of Katsuki

During the forest training arc, all the heroes were sure of their security and believed that they were protected from any attacks such as the ones led by the USJ Villians. However, Dabi and the villain vanguard action squad was led by Dabi launched a surprise attack and ambushed the students of Class 1-A.

The main aim of the attack wasn’t to kill everyone but rather to capture Katsuki Bakugo. Their goal was to turn Katsuki from a hero to a villain of perhaps even steal his amazing quirks that give him such powerful fire explosions. Izuku was seen screaming out in hopelessness when his friend was gone. This iconic scene of Izuku crying made many of the fans devastated and lost for words seeing on of their favorite characters Katsuki Bakugo captured. Despite all the efforts by the Bakugo Escort team to save Katsuki, their attempt was futile. Nobody was more crushed than his close friend Izuku were shed tears of grief. The attack from the League of Villains ended up causing 27 student to be injured and having Katsuki kidnapped.

Shoto’s Memories of his Abusive Father


In the UA sports festival arc is contest that allows students to show off their powers and skills to the pro heroes in hopes of possibly being hired and winning the entire tournament. In the second round, Izku and Shoto faced off in a tragic fight where Shoto had many flashbacks of his horrible and emotional childhood. The abilities of Shoto is deeply intertwined with his childhood. He is the son of Endeavor who is known for his flame powers and a woman with an ice quirk. Shoto has the best of both worlds being able to control both ice and fire.

During the fight, Izku challenges Shoto to use both of his ice and fire powers at once since he had only been using his ice abilities up to that point of the fight. Izku continues to poke at Shoto to use his full powers in which Shote is reluctant to. This causes Shoto to recall his miserable past. The past consisted of his father being extremely abusive to Shoto and his mother as well as preventing him from seeing his siblings. In the moment, Shoto was sad and angry about his past. However, he remembered that his mother once told him, he can harness his powers and choose what to do with them. Shoto had been afraid of activating his flames since he didn’t want to be like his father.

Sir Nighteye’s Last Moments


In the fight with Overhaul, Sir Nighteye is severely wounded. During the fight, it caused spikes through his chest, arm and elbow. In the hospital during his final moments, he foreshadowed and predicted the death of Midoriya. This prediction turned out to be wrong, however during that moment seemed to be quite traumatic. In the moment, his student Mirio cried begging him to live on. And Sir Nighteye predicted that he will become a finer hero than anyone else. Though this incident was horrible and tragic, it was an important part of Season 4, since it proved that predictions can be wrong. Up until that point, all of the foreshadows proved to be true. This means All Might isn’t set in stone after all. He gave one final speech to that everyone should smile and cheer up.

Inko tries to protect Izuku

In the beginning of the series, Inko is very apologetic to Izuku since he found out that he is quirkless and thus feels left out compared to his contemporaries. Inko believes it’s her fault that his son doesn’t have powers. Later in the series, Izuku ends up receiving his quirk, One for All and enrolls into U.A. High. Izuku attends training camp and comes home quite beaten up due to their intense training sessions. Inko then becomes worried about her son and does not want him to resume his studies to become a hero. She is afraid that the school’s staff is unable to protect Izuku from harm. This is a heartfelt moment where they both connect deeply. Later in the series, Inko accepts Izuku to continue training having the school promise to keep him alive and take good care of him.

Tenya and Tensei’s last moment together

In the UA Sports Festival Arc, Tensei searches around Hosu to find Stain, the hero killer. He is a villian and ex vigilante who is best known for killing many pro heroes. In total, Stain has killed 17 pro heroes and injured 23 of them to the point where they weren’t able to fully recover. Tensei confronts Stain and Stain easily defeats Tensei causing him to be severly injured. Tensei is in a pool of blood and taken to the hospital. His brother Tenya finds Tensei in the hospital and pleas for him to live. Tensei apologizes to his younger brother telling him that he’s sorry for not being the hero that he could look up to anymore. In the end, Tensei dies and this was a crushing moment for his brother. As a result, Tenya plans to seek revenge on Stain to avenge his brother’s death.

Izuku and Mirio tries to save Eri

Eri is the grand daughter of the boss criminal Yakuza. Her quirk doesn’t resemble her parents and therefore she was believed to be cursed. She was unfortunately tortured many times and also been captured as a prisoner. In one attempt to escape, she runs down an alley hoping someone would help her. This is where she runs into Izuku and Mirio. Eri runs to Izuku and clutches his arm. Kai, also known as the villain Overhaul catches up to them and tries to convince them to give Eri back to him. He makes up excuses such as Eri had just been scolding to explain why she’s crying. He also says that Eri falls down a lot which explain the bandages. Izuku and Mirio didn’t believe Kai however, Kai was able to kill them, but Eri made him stop and went back to Kai. In hindsight, the characters avoided a major clash. Once Overhaul’s plans were discovered by the main characters, they regretted not saving Eri when they had the chance to,

Kota meets Muscular, the villain who killed his parents


Izuku and Kota have a rough start to their friendship. Though both of them had a lot in common such as both being quirkless at first, Kota was quite a reserved person. Kota doesn’t like to have friends and refuses the help of Izuku. Later in the series, Muscular tries to attack Kota. When Muscular was unmasked, he quickly realized that he was the villain to kill his parents. Izuku saves Kota from the attack. Kota finally activates his quirk out of desperation and both of them go on to defeat Muscular. After that moment, Kota respected Izuku and realized the importance of heroes. Izuku had risked his life and even became injured to save Kota despite how poorly he treated Izuku. Kota later sends him a letter to thank him for saving him and apologizes for behavior towards him. The sad moment from this event is how Kota realized Muscular, a villain who killed his parents had shown up in his life.

Tsuyu worries for her friends


The UA pupils are seen having harmless fun after moving into their residences. The characters linked each other’s dorms – waves of laughter and banter were all round the corner. But the mood drastically changed when Tsuyu called her friends out for a discussion. Tsuyu in tears disclosed that she was worried about the colleagues who went to save Bakugo, and she was terrified of the thought that many of them would never laugh a minute together again. This was in response to how Bakugo was kidnapped by the League of Villains.

Ocacho gets emotion following her lost to Bakugo

Ochaco is a character who is deeply motivated by helping her parents especially since she wants to become a hero to financially support them. That is why the UA Sports Festival means so much to her, since students have the opportunity to be hired by pro heroes and win the event. Ochaco put on an excellent showing against the very powerful and explosive Katsuki Bakugo. But in the end, she ended up losing in a tough matchup in round 1. After the lost, her parents threw her a surprise party to show support to her. And Ochaco cried happy to know she has such great support, but also sad about her lost.



All Might was known to be a symbol of justice and peace. Similar to Izuku, he was someone with no super powers who had a power given to him where he gained incredible strength. After his fight with All For One, he suffered an injury that allowed him only to use his super hero form 3 hours a day. This quickly diminished to 1 hour per day. Eventually his muscle form depleted and he retired from being a superhero. In this scene, he had to tell Izuku about his retirement which was a very sad moment since this was who Izuku had looked up to. However, Izuku promised him that he would devote his time to teaching and training Izuku to be the best hero he could be.

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