The rarest Funko Pop figures and how much they are worth

Pocket size to life size Funko Pops

Funko Pop figures the latest trend in the USA, they are the tiny-sized figures of the most famous characters of either cartoon, series, shows or films. From animation to comics, movies to sports, a diverse genre of these Pop figures are eye-appealing. 

Funko is the company that is licensed to produce the Pop figures of the films’ protagonists just after their releases. There is no denial of this fact that these Pop figures have swept the world. At present, people from all over the world are having their own alliance of these Pop figures. 

The attractive attribute of these Pop figures is their size. You can have a pocket-sized Pop figure if you love to take them with you everywhere you go. Or being a fan of big Pop figures to showcase them in your display case, life-size Pop figures will suit you for sure. Hence, Funko pops has been a collectible item for many fans who show their love for specific characters in films, books, shows and more.

As you know that the Funko has released more than thousands of Pop figures until now on almost every popular figure. However, a majority of you are still unaware of numerous pop figures. So here I am, enlisting Funko Pop figures according to their sizes.

Let’s get started

Leatherface Freddy Funko

Leatherface Freddy was inspired by the hit movie Texas Chainsaw 3D which was a very bloody movie made in 2013. He is the main character of this massacre movie. Freddy wears this mask in this adaptation and this mask in particular is made of human skin. He engages in cannibalism and murder along with his crazy family. Freddy and his family uses the bones and skins of the victims in his murder cases to create furniture and other items in his house.

This Leatherface Freddy Krueger has an estimated value of $1,200 with just 34 sales in the last 90 days. The average sale is roughly $379 with a high of $1,500 sold price. It was released in 2012 at the SDCC and 96th edition size.

Loki from The Avengers

Loki is a fan favorite who is the brother of Thor who is sometimes good, yet very devious. He is also the Prince of Asguard and causes havoc across many realms and timelines. His hatred comes from being sabotaged and never fully became coronated. He ruined Thor’s coronation by calling upon Frost Giant soldiers that Loki summoned. In this uniform with the thorn crown he faces Thor on top of Star Tower. He uses his sceptor versus Thors Hammer. Later he is defeated by the avengers and captured by Thor inside Stark Tower.

This funko pop was released in 2012 at the SDCC with a 480 edition size. Currently the estimated value according to Pop Price Guide is $1,830 with 138 sales over the last 90 days. The aerage sale is $887.79 with a high price sold of $2,280! There is only 515 owned.

Metallic Steamboat Willie

Just imagine, before Mickey Mouse, there was Steamboat Willie. Steamboat Willie is a mickey mouse cartoon released in 1928 produced by Walt Disney. He is famous for controlling a steamboat down a river whiling whistling many tunes. The film has Mickey uses a goat as a phonograph to call Minnie over. He famously uses various kitchen tools such as pots and pans along with washboards to make a nice tune of Turkey in the Straw. Later he faces trouble with Peg Leg Pete who scolds him. This is a very playful and comedic film from Walt Disney before Mickey Mouse the modern films came out.

Steamboat Willie funko pop is definitely a rare classic and was released in 2013 at the D23 expo with an edition size of 360. The estimated value is currently $790 with 59 sales in the last 90 days. The average sale price is $549.62 with a high price sold of $2,000. There are only 134 owned in the world!

Flocked Chewbacca

Chewbacca also known as Chewi was probably the most friendly character who was very loyal to his Jedi friends. Chewie was a wookie warrior, and fighter in the battles of Galactic civil war and clone wars. He is best known for being the first mate of Han Solo in the 4th movie and serves as a co-pilot on his spacehip, the great Milleniuim Falcon. They work together along with Luke Skywalker and the Rebel Alliance to restore the freedom of the galaxy from the evil Galactic Empire.

Chewbacca a fan favorite in star wars has a rare limited Flocked edition. This rare pop was released in 2011 at the SDCC with an edition size of 480 and has an estimated value of $1,090. According to Pop Price Guide, there are 95 sold in the last 90 days with an average sold price of $963 and high sold price of $1,650! There are 347 individuals who own this.

Skeletor Black Hood

For those of you who are die hard comic fans, you may know Skeletor as the main villain in the Masters of the Universe franchise especially on Eternia. His mission and source of evil is motivated by obtaining the powers and secrets of Castle Grayskull to control and become the master of the universe. He constantly is in battle with He-Man. He can instantly transport him back to his lair at Snake Mountain and posseses dark magic sorcery.

The Skeletor Black Hood limited edition was released in the SDCC with an edition size of 480 in 2013. Currently the estimated value for this pop is $980 with 275 sold in the last 90 days. The average price sold for is $338 with a high price sold at $1,250.

Metallic Gold Stan Lee

Only the real ambitious comic lovers would know who Stan Lee is. He is the talented comic book creator of some of the most popular comic book superheroes such as Spiderman, Fantastic Four, X-Men and Doctor Strange. He was one of the main pioneers who comics and created the main aspects of Marvel Comics. It’s safe to say that Marvel would not be what it is today with Stan.

The rare Metallic gold Stan Lee was released in 2015 at the Comikaze with an edition size of 10. The estimated value is $200 and there is currently only 1 sold in the last 90 days. However, 46 people own them.

Silver Batman

We all know Batman as the great protector of Gotham city who frequently fights his enemies such as the Joker. He has a secret identity of Bruce Wayne a billionaire playboy. It’s funny how popular and how long he has lasted since Batman really doesn’t have any super powers. He is also the founder of the Justice League. He often has been killed many times throughout the batman and dark knight franchisee films and comics, however, he has been revived or somehow came back through marvel writings such as timeline complications or different realms.

This Silver Batman is an exclusive 108th edition with only 134 available in the world and has a total estimated value of $2,000. According to the Pop Price Guide, there have been 68 sales in the last 90 days ranging from as low as $350 to as high as $2,499.99.


As manufacturers and designers get more creative, new limited editions will come out. There are dozens of classics and new films being released. Look out for films that have sequences or originals which is where these limited editions usually come from. If you ever are able to get your hands on these rare funko pops, then you must be lucky!

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