The Worst Generation or 12 Supernova ranked by strength in One Piece

“Somewhere along this lot may be the one who’ll lead the next generation of pirates. If this many rookies pour in at once, the New World will be a sea of blood.” —Shakuyaku “Shakky” describing the twelve Supernovas, chapter 498

The Worst Generation refers to the 12 rookie pirates that arrived at the Sabaody Archipelago prior to the Battle of Marineford and the Yonko. They managed to take a bounty above 100.000.000 Berry. A common trait among all of these pirates is that they all are seen as mischievous and survived through the ordeals along their voyage causing them to be recognized by the World Government.

Now the question is why they are called as Worst Generation. So, the reason is that they were behind every major conflict before and after the biggest marine and pirate wars. Such as Blackbeard, who sent Ace into the Marines for causing a big fight. Similarly, Luffy attacked Celestial Dragon and stormed Impel Down. 

From 12 rookie pirates who are known as Worst Generation or Supernova, who is thought to be the strongest.

Marshall D. Teach


Without a shadow of doubt, Blackbeard is the strongest of all members. Not only having a darkness and gravitation power from Yami Yami no Mi, but he successfully took the Gura Gura no Mi as well with the earthquake power after winning against Whitebeard. So there is no surprise if Blackbeard was chosen as one of Shichibukan for once, and he is also a Yonko. 

Though he is the most powerful but the award on Marshall D. Teach is still unknown

Monkey D. Luffy


The captain of Straw Hat Pirates and the protagonist of the series, Luffy, is the second strongest pirate. The real reason why he stands in the second position is his valor. Besides, he had consumed a Gomu Gomu Nomi (Gum-Gum fruit) which is a paramecia devil fruit. It transformed his body into a rubber. Now, he is continuously getting stronger because he has mastered the Haki powers. In fact, he is one of the very few people who can use all three types of Haki.

The reward on Monkey D. Luffy is 500.000.000 Berry.

Trafalgar D. Water Law


“The Surgeon of Death” or the captain of Heart Pirates is named due to his capability for slicing and connecting the body parts of his enemy. This power came from Ope Ope no Mi, a Devil fruit. Even Law is proficient at taking enemies’ hearts, however making them alive by utilizing his power. Trafalgar D. Water Law was once a member of Shichibukai. 

The bounty on Trafalgar D. Water Law is 500.000.000 Berry.

Eustass Kidd 


This ill-tempered and sadistic pirate threatens everyone since he does not hesitate to indulge everyone, including even villagers around him, for becoming the fatalities of the battle he triggered. It is said that the captain of Kidd Pirates has taken down two ships of Big Mom’s partner also. Moreover, talking about his powers so it came from his left hand, that was enhanced by throwing iron and steel things and magnetic energy. It is also considered that a particular devil fruit gave him majestic powers. 

The price of Eustass Kidd is 470.000.000 Berry. 

X Drake 


X Drake is an ex-marine who switched profession as a pirate and had an eerie Zoan devil fruit power. This fruit transformed him into a T-Rex. Usually, he has a relaxed demeanor and avoids all sorts of confrontations. However, he became bloodthirsty after his transformation and entering the battlefield. 

The reward for X Drake is 222.000.000 Berry. 



At present, Urouge wanders the wide ocean as the captain of Fallen Monk Pirates. Being judged by his wings, he is an ex-people of Sky Island.  Because he has eaten a devil fruit at some point in his life. Therefore, he is powerful enough to absorb the attacks of the enemies by enlarging his body. It eventually strengthens his attacks. Although his bounty is not massive, but with his powers, he can easily defeat one of 4 Sweet Commander of Big Mom, Snack.

The bounty on Urouge is 108.000.000 Berry. 

Scratchmen Apoo


The captain of music-themed pirates known as On Air Pirates, Apoo, is capable of combining martial arts with the music he generates from his body. It happens due to a mysterious devil fruit. With this combination, he produces a move set that is called “Fighting Music.” For this move, he can hypnotize or damage his enemies with excellence. So it should not wonder you that why he is nicknamed as “Roar of the Sea.”

The reward on Scratchmen Apoo is 350.000.000 Berry. 

Basil Hawkins

Hawkin is a character who is very calm, silent and always bet his life on tarot cards. He has firm faith in mystical things. As he has also consumed the devil fruit, that’s why he is able to create a voodoo doll. With this, he can repel attacks that are targeted to him. His sword assists him while fighting with his enemies. He carries this sword with him all the time that showcases him as a skilled swordsman.

The price on Basil Hawkins is 320.000.000 Berry. 

Roronoa Zoro


Roronoa Zoro is the right hand of Monkey D.Luffy and was formerly known as “Pirate Killer.” The actual cause of his popularity is his brave and reckless actions that has inceased his bounty for sure. He is the only member of Supernova who has the skill of using three swords along with Busoshoku Haki. It is not only remarkable but something to watch out for.

The bounty on Roronoa Zoro is 320.000.000 Berry. 



Like Zoro, Killer is a right-hand man of one of a pirate captain, Eustass Kidd like Zoro. Although he is a calculating and calm person, he is unable to stop Kidd and Apoo from combat when both of them are all intended to have an alliance. At the same time, he is the beast of the fight and can use two daggers of his own. 

The reward for Killer is 200.000.000 Berry. 

Capone Bege


Capone Bege is the captain of Firetank Pirates. He has eaten the most unique devil fruit among all i.e., Shiro Shiro no Mi. This fruit allows him to hold a thousand weaponry and soldiers inside his body. Capone can use them anytime he wants, and he is similar to a walking castle. His skill “full of secrets” is intensified by his wisdom. Now he is joining the pirate crew of Big Mom but it seems like he is plotting for a coup d’etat. His powers require support from other pirates he has that lower down his ranking. 

The price of Capone Bege is 300.000.000 Berry.

Jewelry Bonni


Among all the members of Supernova or Worst Generation, Jewelry Bonnie is the only woman. She has also eaten a devil fruit that has the power to change not only people around her but her age as well. She is gaining significant bounty because the World Government is after her and is unable to capture her.

The reward on Jewelry Bonnie is 140.000.000 Berry. 

So by going this list, you have gained an in-depth insight into every member of Supernova and their powers. Currently, 9 of those 12 supernovas are presented in Wano and they all have tendency to change the future of Wano country. With alliances form between them it could turn out to be an epic battle.

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