Top 10 Villains of One Piece

The TV series, One Piece has been on-air since 1999 and counting. The best part is that despite decades-long journey, there still is a long way to go before it ends since Luffy still hasn’t captured the great treasure that was set by King Gol D. Roger. The series has introduced a vast combination of characters. Some good, some vague, and some just pure evil. In this article, I’m going to list down some of my favorite villains on the story line and how deadly their powers are. Every character on this list commands respect both in the world of One Piece and its fan base. Sit back, relax and find out who cracks are top 10 villains of One Piece.



Arlong the Saw is a sawshark fishman who is the captain of all fish man crew called the Arlong Pirates. He appears to be a large, muscular, blue shark with an extremely long saw shaped nose. Arlong unfortunately doesn’t care for humans and won’t hesitate to kill them.

Arlong has physical abilities that are ten times stronger than the human race and much stronger than even normal fish men. He has unique abilities such as Shark on Darts allowing him to shoot himself at opponent like a torpedo and piercing them with his saw shaped nose. Arlong can also pull out his tooth and use it as a weapon and his teeth will regrow immediately!

Arlong is an oldie who harbors nothing but pure hatred for the human race. An ultimate antagonist stepped into the role of a villain like no other One Piece antagonist before him, he was dominant, intimidating, and painstakingly cruel despite that he had the depth to him. Particularly in the way that he genuinely cared for his own crew members as well as his pride in the Fishman race. Viewers get an ultimate satisfaction on his eventual defeat at the climax of One Piece.

Sir crocodile


Sir Crocodile, also known as the “Desert King” is the former presdients of the mysterious crime syndicate Baroque Works. He is notable for being the first villain to Luffy and actually beat Luffy twice. Sir Crocodile appears as a tall man with a wide chest, muscular arms and conveys himself similar to an Italian mafia boss. He is someone who carries himself with extreme confidence and also doesn’t care about killing anyone.

One moment we’ll all remember about Sir Crocodile is when he ate the devil fruit Suna Suna no Mi, which gave him incredibly sand powers. He has the ability to manipulate and generate sand. For example, when provoked, he could easily transform himself into sand reflectively to avoid attacks. Furthermore he could summon up huge sandstorms, create bladed weapons from sand and create quicksand to drown his enemies. One unique feature is his powers to suck out all the moisture from any object by touching it with his right hand, so his opponent dies from dehydration.

Eventually Luffy completely destroyed Sir Crocodile, but we’ll forever remember him as an excellent villain who played an intricate role in the series.


Before we start looking into this character, allow me to say that this is a pretty big leap by jumping from warlord of the sea straight to one of the four emperors – who is the most active creature in the world. Kaido is a unique addition to this list because unlike every other villain of series, he doesn’t have a list of evil acts under his belt as we have seldom seen him in the series. But nonetheless, his presence and its impact in those brief stints are absolutely undeniable and unmatched.

Kaido of the beasts is also known as the strongest creature in the world and is the current Governor-General of the Beasts Pirates crew. During the Wano Country Arc, he is the main antagonist. Kaido is a large man with an almost exaggerated muscular upper body. He is the ultimate villain where he is seemingly always grumpy and is merciless when it comes to killing. Kaido seeks to form the strongest crew of the the Devil Fruit users by recruiting formidable foes such as Super Rookies including the Basil Hawkins, Scratchman Apoo and X Drake. One of his most powerful attacks is Bolo Breath, where he releases a massive heat blast from his mouth towards a target. This blast has the ability to decimate large structures such as the Oden Castle within a second.

His name was planted into the series after the beautiful Lobby Arkin, who would come up briefly from time to time, looming in the background until his official introduction of chapters. Later and honestly, Kaido has had the best presentation of any character in the entirety of One Piece. Kaido is immortal. His hobby is to have thrill. He even aspires to find a way to kill himself by jumping off from a cliff of a sky island. 

Black beard

The villain sitting at the fourth spot is practically the anti-thesis of the Luffy, Blackbeard. Blackbeard’s real name is Mashall D. Teach and he is the admiral of the Blackbeard pirates crew and one of the Yonko. He’s also known to be the only person to wield the power of two devil fruits. As a villain, Blackbeard has achieved an incredible amount including defeating and capturing Lucy’s brother ace. Blackbeard only has one ambition and that is to become a pirate king. The desire makes him the final villain of One Piece. Blackbeard is also a quite unique villain. He is a pure sense of dread who enjoys purely sinister motives. 

Blackbeard appears as an extremely tall man, twice Luffy’s height. He has a strong build, but very thin limbs and crooked nose. When Blackbeard eats the Yami Tamni no Mi devil fruit, he can create a shroud of darkness that possesses a strong gravitational pull to devour any of his enemy into darkness and destroy his surroundings. After eating the Gura Gura no Mi fruit, he has the ability to create giant earthquakes that can destroy the gargantuan Marineford main building.



There is probably no surprise here as this admiral turned fleet is perhaps the most successful villain in the series to date. He is cold, calculating, and represents the terrifying idea of absolute justice. He is the epitome of what happens when good goes too far. The villain with a black and white perspective will absolutely not hesitate to carry out whatever he believes to be in the best interest of justice. Sakazuki rose to notoriety for executing Luffy’s brother ace during the supreme law. In addition to that, he also faced the strongest man in the world, White Beard, in one-on-one combat managing to blow off one of white beard’s face in the process. He is an absolute beast and another critical content to be the final villain of One Piece. On some important events, Sakazuki has defeated Blackbeard with a full win situation that has led him to be on top of this list.

God Eneru

God Eneru is the main enemy of the Skypiea Arc where he became the new ruler of the moon after being defeated by the Straw Hat Pirates. Despite being defeated, he thinks of himself an invincible god. For example he once told Luffy, “Life and Earth belong to me. Now. I shall take your life as well.” Since, he believe he is a divine being, he justifies his actions of taking, destroying and doing what he pleases. Another memorable quote from Eneru is “people do not fear God. Fear itself is God.” Once God Eneru ate the Goro Goro no Mi devil fruit, he had to ability to transform into, create and control lighting at will. One unique mechanism is when he is near death, he can use lightning to jump start his heart to recover. His moves consists of channeling lightning through his body to blast his enemies. Eneru is quite the fun villain and we love his arrogance, making him all the more fun to watch.

Rob Lucci

Rob Lucci is a member of the Cp-O and was formally the strongest assassin in the CP-9 unit’s history. Unfortunately, once he was defeated by Luffy, he was dismissed from the group and was declared responsible for letting the Straw Hat Pirates take over. At first he would just speak through his pet pigeon using ventriloquism. But later he spoke normally. Lucci is a villain who is cold and calculated where he never makes mistakes or displays any emotions.

One memorable quote by Lucci was, “The World Government decides justice for us. As long as they recognizes you as the leader of CP9, we will carry out our orders with the utmost efficiency. But we don’t have to support your ideals. While we’re here, murder is permissible.”

Once Rob Lucci ate the Neko Neko no Mi devil fruit, he can transform into a leopard with a hybrid of speed and agility of a leopard and combat martial arts skills of a human.

World Government

The World Government is a political organization that plays an intricate role in the series of One Piece. They are comprisd of the majority of the inhabited world ruled by the Five Elders and their existence is kept secret. Collectively, they are these strongest antagonist in the series. They live by absolute justice which is a belief that people should be prosecuted if they don’t obey the law. The World Government has a long history of evil acts such as turning humans into giants, put amber lead a poison in the country, worked with the Fish-Man to continue slavery and much more.

Big Mom

Charlotte Linlin, also known as Big Mom is the captain of the Big Mom Pirates and one of the Yonko. The Yonko’s in short as the most notorious and powerful pirate captains in the world. THey aren’t allies but rather enemies of each other. Her appearance is an obese old woman who has a torso that covers her chin. After eating the Soru Soru no Mi devil fruit, she can suck the soul of any substance she chooses by taking away their lifespan and absorbing it for herself. She can also create special homies to act as her powerful minions. In the Whole Cake Island Arc, she was quite the tough villain to deal with and even the Straw Hat Pirates could not handle her alone. This is why her current bounty is up to 4,388,000,000.

Donquixote Doflamingo

Donquixote Doflamingo also known as Heavenly Taksha is the captain of the Donquixote Pirates and also is the most influential underworld broker. In the Marineford Arc, he is the main villain. Unfortunately after his defeat and crimes, he had been stripped of his titles as king of Dressorsa and as one of the seven warlords. He is now locked up at Impel Down Level 6. Donquixote resembles a lot of the characteristics of the Joker from batman where he is very conniving and mischievous. He is someone who has little patience. As a child, he took revenge on his father for leaving Mary Geoise and ended up killing him. Once he ate the Ito Ito no Mi devil fruit, he can control people on a string using his parasite technique. He can even control large objects such as buildings and the ground the shied off attacks. Furthermore, he can create exact clones of himself for deception.

These are the main villains that we will remember so far when it comes to One Piece. One Luffy’s quest to find the great treasure, he’ll go through a load of villains who are looking to take him down. Each with their own unique skill set and story. And as the villains pile up, we can sit back and remember all of our favorite.

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