Top 15 Rarest Funko Pops Ranked

San Diego Comic-Con 2020 is around the corner. For fans, it means announcements from their favorite television series or comic books, the release of trailers from highly-anticipated movies, and pictures of the devoted cosplays out there. However, for the collectors, it means waiting in long lines and saving up money for ordering exclusive collectibles and toys and online. At present, the most popular and highly demanded collectibles at SDCC are the Funko Pop vinyl figures.

Since many of you can’t be in San Diego, yet I’m sure most pop vinyls are salivating over the new pops such as Bucky Cap, Wonder Woman’s Ares, and Rogue One’s Bodhi. But, even if we manage to find everything on our hunt list, there are still many more Pop figures that collectors are hunting for. They are not flocked, metallic, or black-and-white variant figures but were are highly touted Funko Pops have circled on their wish list.

Here is the list of the 15 rarest Funko Pop figures every collector will want in their collection.


You all are well-aware of The Walking Dead television show that has reached a high peak of popularity in pop culture.  And, they are not slowing down even after numerous seasons. He has been one of the main villains in the show where he is devoted to the governor and ruthlessly kills anyone in his target. Merle reuinted with his borther and rejoined Ricks group, also becoming one of the top soldiers. This zombie form is from coming back once being shot dead repeatedly.

Though there is a wide range of The Walking Dead Funko figures but a few variants are very hard to find. We love that this pop vinyl is a zombie variant of the Merle Dixon Pop. It was released in 2013. The cool features of this figure are an attraction to every Funko Pop fan. They include Merle’s lined face, knife in the pocket and duck tape, and a blade.


Seeing as how Batman is one of the most liked superheroes and that his rogue’s gallery is the most recognizable as well, it makes sense that there must be a significant number of Funko Pop Batman and his supporting cast figures. Two face is one of Batman’s biggest foes. His name is Harvey Dent and he was formally an district attorney, but Boss Maroni threw acid in his face causing the hideous two face look. Once on Batman’s side as a vigilante protector and even trained by Batman himself, he became evil. Two face is an expert detective, criminal mastermind, marksman and skilled combatant.

Talking about the villains, so the first featured Funko Pop villain was Two-face. It came in 2011. Consequently, it has become quite exceptional; only those were able to get it who got in early on the Funko train. To add this figure in the collection, the collector has to look for it online. And he or she will have to pay an average price of $170 to get their hands on this Two-Face figure.


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This funko pop matches Indiana Jones perfectly as he is known for his leather coat, signature hat and bull whip. The golden owl matches the film “Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark” where he searches for a golden idol. This adventure caused a series of dangers such as boulders chasing him out of the temple. The demand for a Funko Pop of teacher-slash-archaeologist was always very vocal since its beginning. So, finally, Funko released the Indians Jones pop figure in 2016. It was unique to the Funko booth at the SDCC.

While particular convention exclusive figures are frequently “shared exclusives” that certain chain stores receive in limited quantities, this figure got no such treatment. Those who attended the convention were able to get the Funko pop figure of Indiana Jones. However, you can still find this figure for $230. One thing is for sure, if you have this one, you’ll tell everyone it “belongs in a museum.”


The Marvel studio released the Iron Man 3 at its ever-burgeoning popularity. After an overwhelming response to The Avengers, people made guesses that this movie would be a sort of team-up film. So, Funko found reasons to launch new versions of their Iron Man Pops. After the Avengers EndGame, Tony Starks dies tragically in order to save the multi-verse. Though it is rumored Tony Starks will still be around, as of now he has died. This makes Tony funko pops even more valuable.

This Pop figure is an unmasked variant of the regular release of Tony Stark’s Mark 42 armor figure. It was a very limited release, and only con attendees were capable of purchasing it. It might cost you $270. However, there is no doubt that the Iron Man Pop collection would be incomplete without this exclusive variant.


Some of DC’s most beloved characters received the Pop treatment early on but never returned. Such is the case for Shazam’s figure that was released in 2011. Like others, such as Martian Manhunter and Aquaman, this figure never saw the extensive levels of release that new characters get today. Shazam’s recent movie release grossed $364.6 million in sales recorded in the box office. Shazam was a normal boy to was bestowed upon tremendous power from an ancient wizard because of his pure soul. In his battle, he had to fight the seven deadly sins who looked to reek havoc on the modern world.

Being portrayed in his classic comic book look, Shazam has not seen the latest version of a Pop in the following years. Neither with his injustice look or nor with his new 52 costumes. So, the fans of Shazam can hunt down this figure online by making the payment of an average $260.


The White Walkers have been extremely popular after his appearance in Game of Thrones. The reason the show’s characters have to whisper “Winter is coming” is him as he is the real face of evil. Being the main antagonist of the series, a Pop figure was released in the first wave of Game of Thrones Pop figures. White walkers were previously human and are from the age of heroes. They broke free from the children of the forest and threatened to kill anything alive.

After one year, the retail chain store had an exclusive Glow-In-The-Dark White Walker figure available for purchase. Nowadays, it has a value of $280. If you are an admirer of Game of Throne series, then you must opt for this figure. The attractive attribute of this figure is that when you turn off the lights, you can see this frightening White Walker glow in the dark.


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The Golden age of pop figures, 2011, had some famous Marvel and DC characters. In this long list was Red Skull, who was perhaps released in association with the release of Captain America: The First Avenger. But, it was never marked or advertised. Red Skull who is Johann Schmidt is the great foe against Captain America who slaughtered many people on his rise to power in the Nazi war. Schmidt took a Super Soldier Serum to gain the ultimate power to become the Red Skull.

Seeing that the movie added to the Red Skull’s popularity and that no actual Marvel Cinematic Universe Pop of the Red Skull was manufactured after that. It is the only figure that fans of this character, whether from the movies or comics, can own. Even after paying $310, it is still harder to find.


It was released in 2011 along with the much sought-after Hawkmanextensive, Shazam, Two-Face, and Martian Manhunter. However, what Funko couldn’t expect was how much the character would be shot when The CW series Arrow became a massive hit. And suddenly, Funko collectors wanted the figure of Green Arrow. Green Arrow who is also known as Oliver Queen is a vigiliante who uses bow and arrows to fight street crime to protect Starling City. He fought against many villains such as Count Vertigo, Constantine Drakon, Cupid, Malcom Merlyn, China White and others. In the crisis on infinite earths comic, Green Arrow was slain by shadow demons.

For a while, this Pop figure was on every DC fan’s hunt list. Later, Funko released an Arrow line of Pops, but it never came close to stopping collectors from having a Green Arrow. With a value of $340, this figure is the one to aim for.


Mr. incredible pop figure was released in 2011 and was exclusive to San Diego Comic-Con. And the fact is the SDCC 2011 would be the most crucial time to go back to if Pop figure collectors had a time machine. The Incredibles movie of Disney Pixar has a huge fanbase, one that overlapped both comic books and Disney fans.

Who doesn’t love Mr. Incredible. He is the guy with ultra strength who worked at a boring job before being thrust into superhero stardom. In order to protect his family and the city, he has to face villains such as Syndrome, the Underminer, Bomb Voyage, Gilbert Huph and Mirage.

This figure was not only exclusively made after the movie’s release, but it was also released with the original blue costume of Mr. Incredible. This rare is rarer than the figure of Mr. Incredible in his red outfit. It had a limited release of 480 pop figures. It’s no surprise that it has a value of $670, and this value can go up due to the sequel of this movie.


It was relatively easy for collectors to find the figures before Funko Pops got popularity. However, it was quite difficult for the pop figure of the Phoenix and was exclusive to Seattle’s very own Emerald City Comicon released in 2013. This pop figure of the Phoenix was a treat for fans when there weren’t that many Marvel Pop figures to collect. Jean Grey Summers also known as Dark Phoenix has extraordinary powers of telepathy and telekinesis. She is able to rearrange the molecular structure of matter and fly at supersonic speeds. Phoenix can even travel through hyperspace and destroy battle cruisers with ease.

As a famous X-Men character, one dear to longtime fans of both the cartoons and the comics, this Phoenix figure is rare and sought after by those who couldn’t make it to Seattle, Washington that year. But there is no need to worry. If you can afford its $350 value, the Phoenix pop figure can be the centerpiece of your collection.


Just after the release of the movie, The Watchmen, its pops were released as well. They included Rorschach and Dr. Manhattan. These figures are one of the brilliant classic and most favorite of comic book readers. Subsequently, they flew off the shelves quickly and are not easy to find now. Rorschach who has an inkblot mask disguises himself after superheroes became detested and illegal. He doesn’t have superpowers, but rather is skills in street combat, boxing, detective and tactically brilliant.

However, Funko released the third Watchmen figure in 2013. It was a variation of Rorschach that was covered in blood. This pop figure attracted everyone. With only 480 of these figures, Rorschach is worth $510.


No matter whether you read the book Game of Thrones before its premier or you were unaware of Winterfell or Westeros before its series. There is no denial to this reality that everyone who was following the series shocked to see Ned Stark. He was the most honorable character of the series. Ned the head of House of Stark strategically was betrayed and killed by Ser Lynn Payne especially after he had forgiven them. He was ordered to be beheaded by King Joffrey. It’s too bad Ned didn’t last longer until the end of the series.

The fans showed great likeness towards the pop figure of Ned Stark that was released at San Diego Comic-Con 2013. This figure was made in limited quantity; that’s why it is hard to find. Nowadays, it has a value of $690.


Planet Arlia Vegeta is a delightful take on the highly liked Dragon Ball Z character. It is regarded as the hardest Funko Pop Vinyl by collectors. The Funko released this version of Arlia Vegeta in 2014 as an exclusive for the Toy Tokyo and New York Comic-Con. Vegeta and Nappa on their way to Earth decided to stop by Arlia to rest. As the leaders of Arlia decide to irritate Vegeta, he decides to blow up the entire Arlia planet.

The pop figure is a solid representation of the character because it is based on Planet Vegeta. It has a value of $850. 


With the development of the movie universe under Disney, there is no stopping to the franchise. Therefore, today, there are numerous pop figures of the movie Star Wars. But, if you are an ultimate fan of this movie, then you must opt for this Shadow Trooper figure. The Shadow Troopers are elite stormtroopers that served Darth Vader in the Galactic Empire in the Galactic Civil war against the Rebel Alliance. They wore black suites that allow them to go invisible with cloaking devices making them dangerous in missions.

A limited release of 480 in the mythical San Diego Comic-Con 2011, the Shadow Trooper Funko Pop figure completes a Stormtrooper display. It’s valued at $1040.


After five solo movies and four years of build-up, The Avengers finally got on-screen in 2012. Funko made a line of movie-based Avengers Pops to tie with the movie’s release. They were Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor. However, the set completes after having a collection of heroes and villains. 

The Loki is the best Marvel villain that time who has great battles in Avengers fighting Thor. He is the brother who caused Thor to not acquire his coronation of Asguard. In the end he gets captured by Thor and the avengers in the Tower of Stark. So those who were getting in early on the Funko train, the pop figure of Loki, was the real present to Marvel fans. But, it could only be found at San Diego Comic-Con in 2012. All you need is $1080 to get your hands on one. 

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