Who is Gyomei Himejima from Demon Slayer?

Gyomei is perhaps the tallest and the most physically dominant character within the Hashira family. He is the stone hashira from the Demon Slayer Corps. For those who are new to the series, the Demon Slayer Corps are a group of individuals who look to protect humanity from the evil demons. And the Hashira are the elite nine combatants who are the most skilled of all within the Demon Slayer Corp. Gyomei doesn’t say a lot, but he makes his presence felt with his demeanor. He is a stocky character seen with a massive beaded neckband and a beaded rosary.  

He may appear weak at times but has the capability of turning the table when required in fights – it is his immense powers, shrewd way of using swords, that vindicates him as a strong character in the series. Unlike all Demon Slayers who use the Nichirin sword in general, Gyomei uses the hand axe as a weapon.


If you think that his blindness is a major setback for him to stand out as a good fighter among other Demon Slayers. Think twice. Gyomei is proficient at combining his strength with Breath of Stone, which allows him to easily defeat his enemies. Inosuke and Tanjirou – the best among the lot also think that Gyomei is a go-to fighter for all occasions. Moreover, the Upper Moon demon, Kokushibou, believe that he enhances his physical strength to reach the peak, adding that he has never met a soldier like Gyomei. 

What does he personify?

Gyomei symbolises the calm giant archetype. Contrary to his intimidating appearance, he is amazingly sensitive and soft-spoken. He carries his prayer beads all the time and offers prayers in poignant situations.He is a rather soft spoken person and known to be a gentle giant in the story. Although it make take him a bit to trust others because of his doubtful nature, once he lets you in Gyomei is quite committed to help his allies.


Certain disturbing past experiences have deeply impacted his personality which can be seen from time to time in the series. An introvert who harbours a suspicious view of the people around him as he holds a firm belief that people are capable of doing anything if they are given the opportunity.

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Other Demon Slayers praise Gyomei Himejima’s characteristics and quirks

Being the strongest pillar of Demon Slayer Corps, Gyomei is a savvy swordsman. Both Inosuke Hashibira and Tanjiro accepts that he is the strongest Demon Slayer in the whole Demon Slayer Corps. 

This is further given credence by Kokushibo, the Upper Moon One, who observed that the natural physical abilities of Gyomei have allowed him to reach an absolute peak. He also said that he has not encountered a warrior like Gyomei’s calibre in the last three hundred years because Gyomei was not only capable of putting up a fight against him but he also showed the extent of his talent as well. 

The Natural Abilities of Gyomei

  • Master Swordsman

His wonderful skills to use the sword stands him at the top of the entire Demon Slayer Corps. He has excellent control over his sword. It can be easily seen when he swings it while fighting with his enemies. 

  • Invincible strength 

Gyomei has massive physical force, as depicted when he uses his power to push a large rock through a town that was bigger than him. He has the competency to do a set of pre-determined movements through “Repetitive Actions” for maximising his concentration. He already possessed incredible strength before undergoing training as a Demon slayer. 

  • Immense Reflexes

When Kokushibo had a fight with Gyomei, he observed that in stark contrast to Gyomei’s massive physical build, he has extremely fast and quick reflexes. Since he can quickly move around his body for avoiding attacks, Kokushibo remarked that the grace and the ease he possessed was something not to believe. 

  • Extreme endurance

Gyomei shows terrific levels of physical endurance as he was able to take multiple attacks from Kokushibo, the Upper Moon One. In this fight, he only received minor injuries and continued to fight until the battle ended. 

  • Enhanced Hearing

Gyomei has unbelievable hearing power. Even he heard the flesh regeneration’s sound of Muzan Kibutsuji during their brief conflict. Later during his battle with Kokushibo, the Upper Moon One noticed that he used his chains rattling sound to tell its exact position. With this sound, he guided his flail and axe during battle. 

  • Crimson Red Nichirin Blade

With the battle against the Upper Moon One, Sanemi attacks the spiked flail of Gyomei with his sword that turns both of them temporarily red. Furthermore, in the fight against Muzan, he could turn his axe and spiked flail red by striking them together.

During his battle with the Upper Moon One, Gyomei exhibited that he has awakened his mark as well. He appeared like patterns of cracked earth fissure on his forearms. After its drastic activation, it enhances his mental and physical abilities. That enables him to fight the Kokushibo for a more extended time. 

  • See-Through World 

The see-through world means a unique perspective of the world. As we know that Gyomei was blind, but he gained the power to sense his enemies and see their perfect image in his mind. 


  • A rare weapon

The whipping/swinging weapon that Gyomei owns is similar to a kusarigama. It consists of an ono (axe) joint to a spiked flail by a long chain. Due to the fact that he cannot see, he uses the sound of the chain for directing the motion of flail and axe. It enables him to wield the weapon efficiently. 

This weapon was forged from the same metals that were used in the formation of Nichirin Blades. In particular, its craftsmanship is incredibly high-class that makes it superior over the swords that were forged during the Sengoku period. In this period, the development of swordsmithing was at its peak. 

Even the Kokushibo, tried to fight with Gyomei but could not win because of his attacks. 

Breath of Stone 

Serpentinite Bipolar – First Form

Gyomei tosses both the axe and flail towards his target and controls the chain by rotating it. Consequently, it causes both of them to rotate for drilling and grinding right through his target. 

Upper Smash – Second Form

Before smashing down on the chain, Gyomei throws his spiked flail and axe for a pincer move. Thus, in this way, the flail will rebound and will eventually smash his target even from a long distance. 

Igneous Reflection – Third Form

This third form is used as a defense mechanism where Gyomei unleashes a flurry of slashes with his axe to deflect attacks from his enemy.

Volcanic Rock – Rapid Conquest – Fourth Form

Gyomei manipulates the flail and axe weapons and swings them together as one to strike his opponenets with two pronged long ranged attacks.

Arcs of Justice – Fifth Form

In this form, he attacks his enemies simultaneously with his axe and iron ball barrage.

Given Gyomei Himejima can be a somewhat forgotten character in the series because he is shadowed by the other Hashira’s, his importance cannot be understated. Moving forward, he will be an integral part in trying to stop Muzan and the Twelve Demon Moons from capturing Nezuko and wiping out the Demon Slayer Corps.

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