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Lapis Re: LIGHTs’ All the Focus Will Be on Magical Girl-Idols this Summer

An idol anime demands to pay attention to important aspects. First, the personalities that make up the story are as significant as their efforts. Secondly, the music that has to be good enough to catch the attention of the audience. If it doesn’t meet these expectations, it will leave a massive gap in the overall quality of the series. This summer’s Lapis Re: LIGHTs sets up a more interesting premise for its first two episodes. Below is more insight into the aspects that would bring joy this summer:

The Suspense in Pursuing an Unknown Dream in Lapis Re-Lights

The plot of Lapis Re: LIGHT begins when a girl group is formed at Flora Girls` Academy. A royal named Tiara leaves her home to pursue her dream, which is entirely unknown to her. She ends up joining a team, which also happens to be of her old friend- Rose. 

The first episode also shed some light on Tiara’s background. She was interested in music in the past. As such, her passion is what prompted her to pick her current interest at the school.


In essence, the Flora Girls` academy provides a platform where the girls can nurture their skills. They can flourish everything from performance in academics, or physical activities, to mention a few. The opportunities at the academy are also plenty for students to identify their role in the environment.

Hard Work with no Results?

Unfortunately, Tiara’s group isn’t showing excellent performance like the others. The groups in the academy are put together based on hierarchy: Noir comes first, then Rogue and Lapis. Tiara’s group, Lapis, sits at the bottom in terms of performance. They show no improvement to the point where they get relatively close to being expelled from the academy. Ideally, the school has standards, and the group is not meeting any of them.


The girls` poor performance is only notable in the first episode. In the second one, they begin to shine. Now that Tiara has joined the school, it is evident that she has identified the star in her. She has a bigger goal in mind. As much as singing is the central theme of the anime series, it diverts slightly into other themes. It doesn’t go straight into playing music at the forefront route for the girls.

An instance is where Tiara learns about the poor performance of her team. She focuses on going the extra mile to ensure that they don’t get expelled from the academy. Tiara decides to take vast notes in class to use them to study later. She goes on to explore different extracurricular activities to find the best match for her team.

Unfortunately, it seems like the world is against the Lapis. Throughout the episode, they work hard in everything they do. Regardless, they end up losing points at every turn.

An Excellent Solution for the Lapis Group

At this point, Tiara’s group hasn’t discovered the element that would help them perform well. They still don’t know what they are good at. However, there seems to be light at the end of a dark tunnel in the second episode. The world of Lapis Re: LIGHTs has a world of singers who occasionally gather to perform in Orchestras. Their primary function is to transform the excitement of audiences into mana. 

Tiara's group

Mana is used to build the prosperity of the city where Tiara’s academy is found. In essence, mana forms a magical girl’s aspect in the idol setting of the anime series.

An Envious Tiara

From the unique nature of Tiara, no one thought that enviousness could crop up in her at some point. Well, the audience doesn’t see it coming from the beginning. Tiara’s sister is also a singer. Apparently, she starts to gain opportunities to sing in one of the popular groups than her sister. Tiara becomes envious of her talent and decides to use it as a platform for inspiration.

Notably, she cites her motivation in Orchestra action performances. The performances demonstrate a future that is more likely to be filled with good music.


Final Thought

Lapis Re: LIGHTs isn’t the only show that has fulfilled joy in the idol genre. The anime series has great potential of becoming special this summer season. While other series have been created around the idol genre before, Lapis Re: LIGHTs has demonstrated unique aspects in its plot. It has laid solid groundwork for its premise to attract a larger audience.

Moreover, the words of the director of Flora Girls` Academy seem to back up a promising payoff for the series. Since the director says that the school is open to anyone who has a bright future.

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