Bleach: Gin’s Betrayal To Soul Society Has Given Rise To New Possibilities

In essence, one would think that Tite Kubo`s main intention in the Bleach anime series was to bring out betrayal differently. Did he purpose to draw a fair and transparent line between good people and bad people? If you have trouble understanding it, perhaps watching the Bleach anime series to the end would give you a clear picture behind the scenes. To give you an idea, the characters in the series prove that the concept is not what it may seem.

Understanding the Protagonist: Gin Ichimaru

The various characters in the anime series toe the line of ethical behavior several times. They literally betray fans and their perceptions of them. Gin Ichimaru is among the characters. Together with Kaname Tosen, the two betray Soul Society. Gin betrays his image of a good guy that seemed to come out clearly at the beginning of the series. However, the reasons for his actions are explained below:

Gin Ichimaru
Gin Ichimaru

A Hidden Cover to Achieve True Purpose

In the Bleach series, Gin`s shortcomings begin to be demonstrated when he starts to pursue Aizen. While the Souls Society sees it as a betrayal, there is more to justify his actions. In reality, it created a hidden platform for him to seek and achieve a true purpose. Since his childhood, Gin and his friend, Soul Reaper Rangiku Matsumoto had a very close relationship. It changed when Aizen showed up in their lives.

Bleach: Gin Ichimaru and Sōsuke Aizen
Gin Ichimaru and Sōsuke Aizen

One day, Gin went out to gather wood. In his quest, he stumbles upon Aizen, accompanied by other Soul Reapers over the Hogyuku. The party also has the limp body of Gin`s friend, Rangiku. They had stolen a portion of Rangiku`s soul using the Hogouku. 

Gin becomes angry and decides to become a Soul Reaper. However, he did not aim to hurt people with intent. He wanted to destroy Aizen for what he did to his friend. 

Betrayal to Gain Trust for a Good Cause

After becoming a Soul Reaper, Gin figures out how he would kill Aizen successfully. He decides that the best way would be to get as close to him as possible. He gains his trust by killing one of his friends, who also happened to be a Soul Reaper.

In essence, Gin had to obey the command to prove that he is loyal to Aizen. All the same, he manages to maintain good graces using a snake-like personality. He hated Aizen but followed his orders in the name of being faithful. The `loyal` minion carries on with his game, to a point where he betrays the Soul Society entirely. He also betrays Rangiku in the process. 

Betrayal to Identify the Enemy`s Weakest Spot

Gin spent many years working for Aizen. During the period, he gets to learn a lot about Aizen, which would be significant in defeating him. Through the years of being a `fake` villain, he analyzes the behavior of his enemy and powers. Eventually, Gin learns of the most critical and weakest spot of Aizen’s zanpakuto. 

One time, Gin and Aizen enter the real Karakura Town in Souls Society. Gin finally uses the opportunity to make a move against his master. They are confronted by Rangiku while in the town. When Rangiku is about to start a fight with Aizen, Gin offers to fight in his master’s place.. As he had lied about killing her, he strikes against Aizen before he could retract. 

Interestingly, Aizen took a deep stab in the heart, but that did not stop him. It took some time, and eventually, his wound healed. He pursued Gin and killed him for betrayal.

Betrayal with the Burden to Save the World

The reasons why Gin wanted to kill Aizen were beyond personal revenge. While the audience thought he was only hurting from what happened to Rangiku, Gin had more on the table. In the scene where he strikes his enemy, Gin mentions that he was the only one who could kill him. Well, no one knew his master’s weakness more than him, anyway. 

Who knows, maybe Aizen was of more threat beyond what the audience knew. Gin understood right from the start that Aizen was powerful enough to take down the world. Subsequently, he knew that the enemy would strike people when they least expected.

Bleach: Gin Ichimaru and Rangiku Matsumoto
Gin Ichimaru and Rangiku Matsumoto

On that note, Gin had to do all it took to silence Aizen. It is amazing how he comes up with a way of eating on the same table with the enemy, without raising suspicions. One would agree that Gin`s patience, perseverance, and determination were the aspects that led to his pursuit of the enemy. 

To this end, Gin defected from the Soul Society to get more personal with Aizen. He sacrificed many years to learn new things about him until the ideal moment to strike presented itself. However, his quest was not a success, as the audience expected. His mission failed when Aizen defeated him.

A new character, Ichigo, arises at the end of the plot of Bleach to pick up where Gin has left. His recently gained new abilities would determine whether he defeats Aizen ultimately.

Bleach: Ichigo Kurosaki
Ichigo Kurosaki


Primarily, the Bleach anime series illustrates the go intentions of Gin. Perhaps controversy comes in when the character took things to the furthest extreme of becoming a villain. While he intended to save Soul Society, he found himself facing untimely death in the end. 

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