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MY HERO ACADEMIA: Which Character Matches Your Personality?

A Japanese Manga Series, My Hero Academia is an anime TV Show written and illustrated by Kōhei Horikoshi. The Manga was adapted into an anime series by Bones, with its first chapter released on April 16. Since then, the makers have released 26 Tankōbon volumes as of March 2020. The makers have also announced the fifth installment of this anime series.

The storyline of My Hero Academia

The plot of this series revolves around a world where more than 80 percent of the population possesses different kinds of superpowers. The superpowers that each citizen of this world possess is labeled as ‘Quirk’. The story revolves around the main character Izuku Midoriya, who wants to become a hero despite being a victim of constant bullying from his childhood friend Katsuki Bakugo. Katsuki bullies Izuku for lacking a quirk.

In essence, both friends idolize ‘All Might,’ who is one of the world’s greatest superhumans. They met All Might while he was suffering from an injury that he was hiding from the public to maintain positive morale. Looking at Izuku’s determination during a dangerous situation, All Might reveals Izuku’s quirk nature, i.e., ‘One For All.’

Characters That Matches Your Personality

Ideally, there are many amazing characters in the anime series. Although every character is fictional, they reflect the behavior and quality of a real person. In this article, you will read about ten famous and influential characters of My Hero Academia Anime Series that one way or the other reflects your emotional structure.

#1 Yagi Toshinori (All Might) – The Protagonist

Yagi Toshinori AKA All Might is the protagonist in this anime series. He is among those superheroes of the world that are admired by many. He is a confident, brave, and generous man. Moreover, he happily sacrifices his comfort to solve other problems. In essence, anyone who shares his personality helps others even if their happiness and contentment are at stake.

Yagi Toshinori - My Hero Academia
Yagi Toshinori

#2 Shoto Todoroki – The Architect

Shoto Todoroki is one of the best representations of an INTJ personality in this amazing anime series. Being calm and cool by nature, Shoto always considers his own decisions instead of listening to his father. Subsequently, anyone who shares the character’s personality can attest to being dependent and self-reliable.

Shoto Todoroki - My Hero Academia
Shoto Todoroki

#3 Keigo Takami (Hawks) – The Debater

Think of the character as one who is intelligent, wise, and an entertainer; Keigo is as carefree as a bird. He is a debater in the anime series and can manipulate anyone through his speaking skills. This character has significantly proved that how a person can enjoy youthfulness while being serious and work-oriented. Furthermore, Real-life personalities who share his nature can manipulate and convince people even with false statements or lies.

Keigo Takami
Keigo Takami

#4 Naomasa Tsukauchi – The Defender

Some actors from the supporting cast have had their performances praised more than the protagonists. Among them is Naomasa, a character in the anime series that All Might has appreciated for his hidden quirk. Naomasa, the True man is a police detective. Also, he is known for his truthfulness, sincerity towards work, and determination. He brings out a positive aspect of people in real life.

Naomasa Tsukauchi
Naomasa Tsukauchi

#5 Tenya Iida – The Executive

Although you may find Tenya to be one of the strictest characters in the series, there is more to his personality. If you oversee the series, you will find him disciplined and earnest. Subsequently, his personality illustrates people who abide by rules and roles and are disciplined in following them to the core.

Tenya Iida
Tenya Iida

#6 Mashirao Ojiro – The Adventurer

A focused but straightforward character, Mashirao is among those who work according to their instincts. He does whatever he finds apt and suitable for him. Several instances in the series show a similar kind of trait. If you are the type who has the desire to always do the right thing, your nature is not far from Mashirao`s.

Mashirao Ojiro
Mashirao Ojiro

#7 Chizome Akaguro – The Logician

If you are seeking famous villains in the show, Chizome’s name would be the first one to appear. Soon after his first appearance in the anime series, he has been shown as a highly manipulative person, who can do anything that would work for him best. Chizome brings out individuals who can go the extra mile to achieve their initial plans.

Chizome Akaguro
Chizome Akaguro

#8 Tamaki Amajiki – The Mediator

Tamaki is a shy and reticent character in the anime series who is also very sensitive. He prefers to keep things to himself. However, he is also a perfectionist when it comes to completing tasks and solving problems. Real-life individuals who share the nature of the character love achieving their goals without necessarily having to involve other people.

Tamaki Amajiki
Tamaki Amajiki

#9 Izuku Midoriya – The Advocate

Izuku is a delightful, caring, helpful, and hard-working character in this anime series. He has set an example for all those who think that achieving personal goals alongside helping others is not possible. He demonstrates individuals who are resilient in working hard, and are ready to involve others even in tough times.

Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya


The insight above describes some fantastic characters of the anime series-My Hero Academia. Multiple characters in the series depict real-life situations, whereby human beings possess different natures that influence their surviva.

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