New Changes in Minecraft Game

Minecraft is not just a game; it is a whole different world with endless activities. Earlier, it used to be a game where you could just simply indulge yourself in mining and crafting. But, over the years, the whole scenario of this super amazing game has changed completely.

Not just mining and crafting, this game lets you perform different kinds of activities. If you are bored by doing one thing, then you could another, and the list goes on and on. Minecraft provides a limitless world to its players who can explore their hearts out.

Talking about its origin, Minecraft is a sandbox game developed by Mojang Studios and created by Markus Notch Persson. He created this amazing game using the Java Programming language.

Although the game was released for personal computers back in 2009, It was officially released in the market in November 20. Since then, the makers have not looked back for a single time. If you are among those who haven’t played this game yet and doubt whether it is good or bad, check this data. So far the creators have sold over 200 million copies of this game internationally. In fact, there are over 126 million active users of this game as of 2020.

Gameplay of Minecraft

A 3D sandbox game, Minecraft is a marvel on its own. With no pre-determined tasks and goals, players are free to use their imagination to play this game. If you are a player and you think you are creative enough, then this game would be the perfect thing to test how creative you are.  

The gameplay is in the first-person perspective (FPP) by default. But, you can easily change it to a third-person perspective (TPP) in a matter of seconds. You have no missions; however, you do get rewards and advancements in the Java Edition of this game.

It includes all 3D objects including, different kinds of stones, blocks, home décor, furniture, humans, animals, demons, and plenty of other things that can be easily customized according to your preferences. The blocks in the game represent different kinds of materials including ice, lava, water, minerals, stones, and much more.

The core gameplay of this game revolves around placing different kinds of blocks and other 3D objects. These blocks get arranged in a 3D grid while your character will have the complete freedom to roam anywhere in your world. You can even mine blocks and place them anywhere and anytime you like. 

The most amazing thing about this game is that the players can create huge buildings, houses, mansions, mountains, trees, ponds, and whatever they want to through these 3D blocks. Not just above the ground, you can even create wonders under the ground by using different kinds of blocks and other materials.

If you are creative enough, the game allows you to create your mansion. This can include a pond, helipad, your farm, trees, and every other stuff that makes a mansion complete. Many critics have termed this game as ‘unrealistic’ because of the way liquids flow in this game.

As mentioned above the game is completely based on your creativity and imagination as it lets you explore your world and make changes as you like. It does not matter if you are a child or an adult; this game entertains every category of a person irrespective of age and gender.

To enter into this game, the players have to first select one of the five modes, which is followed by choosing the difficulty level, ranging from peaceful to hard. The difficulty level increases the damage caused to the player through mobs (demons and wild animals). For better clarity, the peaceful difficulty level prevents the mobs from spawning, whereas in the hard difficulty level, you eventually die if your hunger bar depelets. 

Once selected, the model type and difficulty level remain the same throughout the game. But, you can change the same only by using cheat codes. New players have a random skin and character that is either Steve or Alex. The game includes some large spiders, hostile creatures, zombies, and other such demons that attack you while you roam openly in the area. 

Minecraft Game Modes

Players can use one of the five different modes in this game. These include:-

Survival Mode: In this mode, players have to collect different natural resources available in their world, including wood, stone, minerals, weapons (swords and bow & arrows). In this mode, players can create buildings and other structures using these collected items. It also includes mobs (zombies, spiders, etc.) that appear in the night. Hence, you can create a shelter so that these mobs could not attack you. These mobs can reduce your health bar that could eventually kill your player. You will see places filled with and if you step into it; your health bar would deplete. In short, in the survival mode, the players can do all those things that will let them stay inside the game for a long time without getting killed.

Hardcore Mode: It is another version of survival mode where players have even tougher challenges. If you die in this mode, you would either have to delete that world or spectate your teammate playing with you. 

Creative Mode: Personally, the creative mode is the best mode of this game. You have complete freedom in this game to do whatever and wherever you want to do. You get an unlimited supply of resources to create huge buildings, mansions, and much more. The mobs in this mode do not attack but are present in the game. 

Adventure Mode: This mode is similar to survival mode but comes with additional restrictions. It features user-crafted customs maps. Hence, the players have to play accordingly.

Spectator Mode: In this mode, players do not get any inventory but are free to fly between the blocks and watch the gameplay without making any interaction with the players.

You could play this game in two forms; Single Player and Multiplayer. You have to select the type of game you want to play before selecting the type of mode. For a multiplayer game, the players have to select a common server to enter into the same world. With so many things on board, Minecraft has become one of the most played games of 2020.

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