Baby Shark

All you need to know about ‘Baby Shark’

“Baby Shark, doo doo da-doo da-doo………” Do these lyrics sound familiar? If you have a toddler in the house, it is most likely that you’ve heard it. The song is mainly aims at children under the age of 3. Also, it comes in several versions on platforms such as YouTube, Amazon, and Youk. the series shares a familiar spot with the shark in the `Jaws` animation. When you watch it, you’ll think the little shark disappears into the water, never to return. However, it surfaces again to have another bite. 

An original viral version of the video of Baby Shark was intensively launched by Pinkfong (an animation company in South Korea). It was first performed by 10-year old Hope Segoine, a Korean-American singer. The video also featured the other two young actors, one of them being a 9-year old Elaine Johnston. A short synopsis demonstrates tiny shark going to marine habitats. His mother joins him, then the father and grandparents appear later. The family decides to go hunting for fish. The small fishes run away for safety.  

However, it didn’t make an intense entrance when it was first launched. A Baby Shark dance challenge that emerged, later on, made it more popular. The video attracted 5.7 billion views on YouTube and made it to several billboards. To amaze toddlers more, companies started producing kids’ clothing and toys with the Baby Shark brand. According to the creators of the exciting series, it has been watched 3.3 billion times. The dances that have gone viral about the song are also a number. The most viral version features two  Korean kids enjoying the Baby Shark Dance. 

Another popular version of Baby Shark dance was produced with the title, “Kleiner Hai,” which is a German translation of `Little Shark’. The stage character and publisher, Alexandra Muller, developed the story around the theme for “Jaws.” In her plot, a baby shark grows up and eats a swimmer in the water. The song became famous quickly among youths and several other variations in Germany. 

Johnny Only produced another version of Baby Shark video. Being an entertainer for children, he saw how kids in camps became more entertained when Baby Shark was performed. He decided to come up with his version and made it public in 2011. Other videos were produced where fish in the sea unite to hunt the sharks that want to eat them. In another film, Baby Shark can be seen playing with a ball and gets lost in the sea. Later, the fish seeks help from an angler fish to trace his way home. There is also the video where Baby Shark rebukes some octopuses that were mean to the fish. In others, he goes to have fun in a picnic and shows interest in becoming an architect, and his grandparents renew the vows that they made at their wedding.

Analysis of Baby Shark’s Characters

The Baby Shark song has an accurate touch on the experience that the shark family goes through in the story. The main character, Baby Shark, is one that many people believe in. He makes the entire plot more exciting with feeding habits that can be made with children’s fingers. Baby Shark demonstrates the limited attention that little sharks get immediately they are born. Unlike human beings, they have to learn to swim fast, hunt for prey, or starve to death.

The characters of Mommy shark and Daddy shark imply that the male is more mature and has a physically larger body. This was produced for the sake of viewers, especially children, to make them understand the authority that fathers have. However, sharks are a species that may result in the mother shark being larger than the father.

In the dance moves that play along with the show’s music, grandma shark and grandpa shark are different from mommy and daddy sharks. The singers curl their fingers at the knuckle to demonstrate a lack of teeth for the grandparents. The animation is more interesting because the toothless old sharks continue to hunt, even though they do not have teeth. 

The Upcoming Baby Shark TV Series

After the original Baby Shark video was produced, the news went across that exciting series from the video synopsis would be out soon. A real cartoon series of Baby Shark would be more exciting and not just a little shark swimming and singing about his littleness. In essence, the TV show would be a more appropriate and legitimate animation that would air on one of the world’s largest broadcasters of kids’ programs.

Nickelodeon finally gets the green light to work on producing an animated series of Baby Shark. Nickelodeon currently titled the animation series as Baby Shark’s Big Show. SmartStudy and Nickelodeon Animation Studio co-produced it. SmartStudy is a company for entertainment that is famous for producing popular Pinkfong. Seeking to find more terrific characters, Nickelodeon will have an opportunity to use more terrific characters to explore Baby Shark’s world. 

Ramsey Naito is the executive vice president of Nickelodeon animation production and development. He sees the creation of the series as an opportunity to explore the world for more exciting storylines. Eryk Casemiro, the head of the preschool, is ready to bring his team on board to add more fun to the amazing Baby Shark series. The story would follow the adventures of Baby Shark and his best friend, William. The two characters join their other friends and family members to explore the Carnivore Cove community. Furthermore, new catchy songs will be also be produced.

The new series’ plot will be slightly different from the previous one. The team that produced Breadwinners is working to create the series more stylishly. The first series is set to play around December 2020. It would have 26 episodes, each playing for half an hour. New episodes of Baby Shark will surely take the series to new heights. 

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