5 Most Influential Characters Of ‘AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER’ Series

Premiered in 2003, ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ has garnered much appreciation from the viewers all around the world since then. The show created a mystical world for the audience where everything seemed magical and surreal. No one questions the amazing plot of the show and the imaginary world it has, but the characters in this show has made it even more exciting to watch.

There are many anime characters in this show that are worth praising. However, practically it is not possible to describe every character as there are many such lovable characters with amazing qualities of their own. If you are Avatar: The Last Airbender fan,  we have come up with 5 such Influential Characters that will make your day.

#1. Sokka: Leader of The Tribe

A former leader of the tribe, Sokka is one of the most influential characters in the anime series. He is a mastermind of his group. He is the one in charge of making a strategy and war tactics during tough situations. He was also a Water Tribe warrior of the Southern Water Tribe. 

Sokka was the only child among other children in his tribe who was sent to fight a war along with his father and other men. He became the sole child in his tribe who was responsible to protect the South Pole. In short, he was the best among the future warriors of his tribe.

Sokka: Leader of The Tribe

#2. Boulder: The Showman 

Boulder’s entry into the show was not given much of an importance. But with time, he successfully created a positive image of his own. He is a person with a positive mindset. He believes in himself and does what is right.

Primarily, he was just a showman and an athlete who used to throw rocks in an arena during a fight to entertain the crowd. After receiving guidance from Toph, Boulder was among those who took part in the Day of the Black Sun Invasion.

Boulder: The Showman

#3 Pakku: The Teacher

A teacher to Aang, Pakku is a cold-blooded personality who believed in his ideologies. Earlier in the series, he refused to teach talented Katara and even subdued him in an intense water bending duel. But this is not where Pakku’s story ends.

As we moved further into the show, came a day when Pakku’s mind completely changed and he made some shocking decisions. He allowed Katara as his second student despite rejecting him in the past. He even married Katara’s grandmother Kanna whom he earlier considered as his enemy. This was when Pakku became the Grandfather of Katara. Apart from being a teacher, Pakku is a member of the White Lotus organization. 

Pakku: The Teacher

#4. Aang: The Avatar

Aang is undoubtedly the most beloved Airbender. He is a brave and fearless young boy who has gone through many troubles in his young life. Though he is Avatar, the amount of bravery he has shown in the series is beyond everything. He once emerged from an iceberg after he being frozen in that iceberg for a complete century in his Avatar state.

Aang is the only survivor of his kind. He is destined to bring back the peace that was once lost during the war. Toph refers to him as Twinkle Toes in the complete series. Aang is a character of a young, brave, bold, kind hearted and a courageous boy. 

Aang: The Avatar

#5. Appa: The Loyal Bison

Another amazing character in the anime series, Appa is the beautiful and loyal Bison. It has played one of the most important roles in its group. Appa not only helps to transport heroes from one place to another, but it has also helped them in coming out of many tough situations and has assisted the heroes in their problems.

Appa is also a living proof of the long-lost Air Nomads and represents their civilization. The kind of loyalty and faith Appa has shown towards Aang has earned him a great reputation and administration from the fans of this amazing show.

Appa: The Loyal Bison


These were just 5 characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Although there are many other characters in this anime series, these 5 characters are most adored characters of all time. 

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