Pokemon Series

Everything You need to Know about Pokemon Series

Pokemon is a Japanese show and is a dubbed form of Pocket Monsters as titles in Japanese. In the English medium, the show has been presented as Pokemon the Series that is a Japanese Anime TV series. It is a part of The Pokemon Company Pokemon Media Franchise. The first episode of the show featured back on April 1, 1997, on the Japanese media channel, TV Tokyo.

Since then the show has garnered much attention and applause from the viewers all across the world. Not many shows are made in the history of Anime that run through many decades, and Pokemon is one of them. From a child to an adult, everyone loves this show. 

The Pokemon Anime franchise consists of seven series that are in sequence with each other. Each of the series is based on the official Pokemon Video Game series made in Japan. The series has twenty-two different seasons. The twenty-third season of the Pokemon series is all set to release on the Netflix, on June 12, 2020.

Plot of Pokemon Series

Pokemon is a fictional creature that looks like a strange animal but has some amazing superpowers. Each Pokemon has its superpower and most of the time the names of the Pokemon match their respective powers. Now talking about the plot, the complete series of Pokemon revolves around a Pokemon trainer, Ash Ketchum. 

During his journey, his partner pokemon named Pikachu joins him. further, different human characters join Ash in the anime series. Presently, a new human character named as Gosh accompanies him in this journey. Ash takes part in various Pokemon-battling tournaments, referred to as Pokemon Leagues, to achieve his aim of becoming a Pokemon Master.

 Pokemon Chronicles is another spin-off series that follows the original Pokemon anime. It consists of side stories, actions, Pokemon related shows including Weekly Pokemon Broadcasting Station, Pokemon Smash, and much more.

This pokemon anime series was critically acclaimed worldwide for its unique plot and action sequences. It is believed that Pokemon gave life to Anime series and developed the interest of viewers towards them. In countries like South Korea and America, Pokemon maintained its top position on the two highest-grossing anime films.

Pokemon was such a huge topic that it became the first in its type series to reach masses with a high level of mainstream success. Not to forget, Pokemon also performed extremely well in its video game adaptation. Over 1000 episodes of this anime series have been broadcasted so far. It became one of the highest watched shows on Netflix in 2016.

Main Character in Pokemon Anime Series

Almost every human character depicted in this anime series is either a Pokemon trainer or wants to become one. All the episodes of this show focus on these trainers who are in the quest to become a Pokemon Master. There are always after wild Pokemon creatures whom they want to capture inside their Pokeballs.

The series has every emotion including love, hate, anger, etc. Now to give you a clear picture of some of the main characters in the show, we have mentioned details regarding these characters. 

1.Ash: Ash is the main character in the Pokemon series. He is the protagonist in the series and the plot of all the episodes revolve around him struggling hard to capture Pokemon and winning battles. He is a 10-year old Pokemon Trainer with an ambition to become a Pokemon Master one day.

Ash | Pokemon Series

In the Pokemon Anime series, he can be seen competing in Pokemon Leagues in various places such as the Orange Islands, Kalos, Alola, Kanto, etc. 

He also works as a research assistant in the Sakuragi Institute and at the same time, he also competed in different Pokemon leagues along with Pikachu and his other Pokemons.

2. Misty: She is Ash’s first traveling partner and is also 10-years old. She is also a young Pokemon trainer and seen with Ash throughout all the five Japanese Seasons. Misty has the ambition to become the world’s greatest Water Pokemon Master. Her way of achieving her ambition always creates problems for her. 

She is a gym leader of Cerulean City along with her three older sisters. In the early stage of the series, viewers can notice that she is being belittled by her sister. But, by the end of the original series she takes over the gym and spares no one who messes with her.

Misty | Pokemon Series

3.  Brock: He is a 15-year-old Pokemon leader who is more of a ladies’ man. He is also a former Pewter Gym Leader. At the beginning of the original anime series, Brock wanted to become the world’s greatest Pokemon Breeders but eventually shifted his ambition to become the world’s greatest Pokemon Doctor.

Brock is a funny and chaotic character that easily fell in love with every other girl he meets. Because of this mischief, he is often pulled away by either Ash or Misty who try to keep his emotions under control. 

Brock | Pokemon Series

4. Tracey Sketchit: Tracey is one of Ash’s traveling friends. He is a Pokemon watcher and also works as an assistant to Professor Oak. He replaced Brock as Ash’s traveling friends in one of the seasons and even gave guest appearances in other seasons as well. 

Tracey Sketchit | Pokemon Series

These were some of the main characters of the Pokemon series. Although there are countless characters in the series, the plot of the show revolves mostly on the above-mentioned characters. These Pokemon trainers even meet their rivals in this journey who either try to harm their Pokemons or steal them.

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