The 106 Most Anticipated Movies of 2021

The year 2020 has disheartened the movie buffs around the globe. With the spread of the unusual pandemic Covid-19, theatres were closed, mass gatherings were prohibited, consequently, people were restricted from watching their favorite stars delivering their high-heeled performances. Many American movies, both of high and low budget, were planned for a release in 2020 but couldn’t make it to the big silver screen. Ecstatic acknowledgment is that Christopher Nolan’s Tenet could satisfy the audience with a theatre experience. Some movies like Enola Holmes reached the audience through OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon prime, etc. But, don’t worry guys,  time is changing: 2020 is at its end stage. 

The upcoming year 2021, offers  a blissful visualization with several movies making its ferocious appearance to satisfy people’s everlasting craving for movies.  The flattering word is that 2021 stands  out as a big visual treat to all the cinephiles. Now, let’s  delve into the power-packed list of films that are gonna hit the massive  screen next year. Go through the list and  ensure appropriate plans are scheduled well in advance  to watch your favorite one.

Movies releasing in January

1. Shadow In the Cloud

Directed by: Roseanne Ling

Starring: Chloe Grace Moretz, Nick Robinson

Releasing date: 1st January,2021

Premiered  at the Toronto International Film Festival on 12 September 2020, the movie was well-received by the critics and also won the People’s Choice Award for Midnight Madness. The plot is said to follow the story of a female World  War II pilot, who experiences an evil presence inside the plane, terrifying isn’t it ?. This action horror film is sure to bring you to the edge of  your seats with its terror-strickenscreen presence.

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2. The Devil’s Light

Directed by: Daniel Stamm

Starring: Virginia Madsen, Ben Cross

Releasing date: 8th January, 2021

This supernatural horror thriller follows the story of a Nun Ann, who is highly interested in exorcism, and the movie entails her encounter with a demonic force, which opens the  door to her past. It is  a final film of Ben Cross’s career,before the legendary actor passed away and is a tribute to the late actor. We can expect this movie to be a good addition to the American horror movies list.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet

3. Wrath of Man

Directed by: Guy Ritchie

Starring: Jason Statham

Releasing date: 15th January, 2021

The master craftsman of the Sherlock Holmes franchise is back with a bang, creating memorable and colorful characters through the frames. The Wrath of Man is an action thriller movie that deals with the character H, a mysterious yet curious character, who works at a cash truck company and has to deal with transporting millions of dollars. The movie is a remake of a French Thriller, The Cash Truck.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet

4. The Dig

Directed by: Simon Stone

Starring: Carey Mulligan, Ralph Fiennes

Releasing date: 15th January, 2021

The Dig is based on  a novel of the same name, written by John Preston, and takes the audience through the story of  discovering the Sutton Hoo, a burial site,picturizing the events from1939 through  a protagonist character. The peculiarity is that the film will have two back-to-back releases, one on the15th of January in theatres and Netflix stealing and telecasting the other part on the 29th of January. Let’s  wait and watch whether the movie will create the same magic as the book did.

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5. Outside the Wire

Directed by: Mikael Hafstrom

Starring: Anthony Mackie, Damson Idris

Releasing Date: 15th January, 2021

Announced in 2019, the filming of the movie began in August 2019. Anthony Mckie plays the role of an android officer who needs to  collaborate with a drone pilot to prevent a global destruction. The movie is set for a direct release  and streaming only on Netflix.

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6. Our Friend

Directed by: Gabriela Cowperthwaite

Starring: Jason Segel, Dakota Johnson

Releasing date: 22nd January, 2021

This movie is based on the book The Friend, written by Mathew Teague. It is a story of love and friendship, where a caring man drives himself to help out a couple who were subjected to a crisis. It premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival on 6th September 2019 and opened to numerous positive reviews, with the lead characters’ performance being enormously praised. Get ready to lighten your heart and soul with this comedy-drama.

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7. The Marksman

Directed by:  Robert Lorenz

Starring: Liam Neeson, Katheryn Winnick

Releasing date: 22nd January, 2021

Known for his ventures with Clint Eastwood, the producer-turned-director Robert Lorenz, embarks on an action thriller with Liam Neeson in the lead role. He plays the role of a rancher living in the Arizona border town who sets off to rescue a boy from the Mexican drug cartel. Shot entirely in New Mexico, the film holds high expectations as this will be Robert’s first action movie in his bucket of many more.

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8. Born a Champion

Directed by:   Alex Ranarivelo

Starring: Dennis Quaid, Katrina Bowden, Sean Patrick Flanery

Releasing date: 22nd January, 2021

As the name indicates, the movie is a sports drama. It depicts the story of Mickey Kelley, one of the first men to hold a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, according to the storyline,he is forced to leave his passion for numerous reasons and his struggle comeback to an unsanctioned MMA tournament is finely shown. The movie is brought to the audience by Lionsgate.

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9. Wrong Turn

Directed by: Mike P Nelson

Starring: Charlotte Vega

Releasing date: 26th January, 2021

Remember the horrific story of three cannibals who kill people in Western Virginia with their unique traps?. Yes, it’s Wrong Turn. Now the makers are back again with the 7th  edition in the series. It can be considered a reboot of the previous movies shown in the series. The story follows a team of friends who are on a journey  to the Appalachian Trail, and gets hunted by the ‘Foundation’: a group of isolated people in the mountains.

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10. The Little Things

Directed by: John Lee Hancock

Starring: Denzel Washington, Rami Malek, Jared Leto

Releasing date: 29th January, 2021

This crime thriller will release both into theatres and subsequently  streams after one month  on HBO Max. The movie deals with the enmity that occurs between a Kern county detective and a Los Angeles deputy detective while investigating a murder case. John Hancock, who has dealt with all genres and with the expertise of almost 20 long years in the movie industry,  is sure to convince the audience with his filmmaking skills this time.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

Releasing in February

11. Malcolm & Marie

Directed by: Sam Levinson

Starring: John David Washington, Zendaya

Releasing date: 5th February, 2021

A filmmaker returns with his girlfriend after a movie premiere show, but  that evening turns out to  be a test to prove the strength of their love. Will they meet a happy ending, or will they  split apart? Find the answers on 5th February with Malcolm & Marie. The movie was  completely shot during the Covid-19 pandemic and is slated to release directly on Netflix.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

12. Cinderella

Directed by: Kay Cannon

Starring: Camilla Cabello, Billy Porter

Releasing date: 5th February, 2021

The fairy tale is all set to be back to revoke the nostalgia and to mesmerize children with an appealing story line. Cinderella’s story is quite adorable and familiar  to people, and the technical team promises to offer a good visual quality. What more do you need? The film will be released in 3D, at the Dolby Cinema, and IMAX. Experience the best, folks.

13. Minamata

Directed by: Andrew Levitas

Starring: Johnny Depp

Releasing date: 5th February, 2021

The cool pirate of the ocean, Jack Sparrow, is here again in 2021 to soothe the audience with a mesmerizing drama movie. Johnny Depp is best known to portray the versatile roles and will be no exception  this time too. The movie is also produced by him and was premiered in Berlinale on 21st February, 2020 and follows the story of a photographer who sets on  a path to cover the effects of mercury poisoning in Minamata.

14. Little Fish

Directed by: Chad Hartigan

Starring: Olivia Cooke

Releasing date: 5th February, 2021

We all take things for granted in our life, thinking there is a tomorrow, don’t we?. What if there is no tomorrow for sure? Little fish focuses on a couple’s struggle to hold their love strong when they  were subjected to the spread of a memory loss virus. This science-fiction romantic drama offers a unique plot in the backdrop of love and is based on the Little Fish by Aja Gabel.

15. French Exit

Directed by: Azazel Jacobs

Starring: Michelle Pfeiffer, Lucas Hedges

Releasing date: 12th February, 2021

A woman, who ran out of money, moves to Manhattan with her son and her cat. The surprising factor is that the cat is the reincarnated version of her husband Hope this new idea can create vibes of laughter in the theatre. The movie premiered at the New York Film Festival on 10th October, 2020. The appraisal from the critics about its brilliant screenplay sets high hopes for a fresh comedy movie.

16. Dog

Directed by: Channing Tatum, Reid Carolin

Starring: Channing Tatum, Q’oriankaKilcher

Releasing date: 12th February,2021

The film evolved from a story formed by Reid Carolin with Brett Rodriguez. The director also  portrays the central role in the movie. It was shot entirely during the Covid-19 pandemic situation with Los Angeles  being the basic plot area. Finely Structured as a comedy film, it depicts the story of Briggs and Lulu and their journey. I hope you have a refreshing experience with the movie.

17. What About Love

Directed by: Klaus Menzel

Starring: Sharon Stone, Miguel Angel Munoz

Releasing date: 12th February, 2021

The movie is about revisiting life and love. Two friends step  in with an attempt to  find their love life yet again and high aspirations of regaining the joys  of their life prevail by an inspiration from a young couple. The film aims to provide a soothing romantic story with a message. Rekindle your life with this movie.

18. The Mauritanian

Directed by: Kevin Macdonald

Starring: Jodie Foster, Tahar Rahim, Shailene Woodley

Releasing date: 19th February,2021

Missing a legal thriller for an extensive time? Then this can be your cup of tea. Crafted by Kevin Macdonald, who has led the light  of many critically acclaimed movies. This movie was announced in November 2019. The plot follows the story of a character MohammedouOuld Salahi, who was detained by the U.S. government without any trial. He confides  to lawyer Nancy Hollander for justice. The star cast, along with Kevin Macdonald, raises the hopes for the movie.

19. Nomadland

Directed by: Chloe Zhao

Starring: Frances McDormand, David Strathairn

Releasing date: 19th February, 2021

Based on the book Nomadland: Surviving America in the twenty-first century, the movie premiered on 11th of September, 2020 at the Venice Film Festival and at the Toronto International Film Festival and won the Golden Lion and People’s Choice Awards, respectively. The Critics praised the movie for its screenplay, direction, and the lead character’s performance. Hold your breath guys,  this movie can be a milestone in the American cinema history.

20. Flora & Ulysses

Directed by: Lena Khan

Starring: Matilda Lawler, Alyson Hannigan

Releasing date: 19th February, 2021

This family comedy film follows the story of Flora Buckman, a little girl who comes across a mysterious squirrel named Ulysses, who possesses supernatural powers, interesting isn’t it?. It is an adaptation of the book Flora & Ulysses by Kate DiCamillo.  This movie aims for an immediate release in Disney+. There is nothing amusing  when your kid becomes a big fan of the characters after  watching the movie.

21. Tom & Jerry

Directed by: Tim Story

Starring: Chloe Grace Mortez, Michael Pena, Colin Jost

Releasing date: 26th February, 2021

The most anticipated movie by the masses, Tom & Jerry, is back to give you a nostalgic fun ride next year. No one would have grown up without enjoying the slapstick comedies. What more can make the year enjoyable when the Warner animation group itself brings  this master-piece to you? The best part is that you will get to feel the characters as the same, with voices being rendered by Hanna, the long-term voice artist for these characters, along with Mel Blanc, Frank Velker, and June Foray.  Remember that Tom and Jerry are returning after 16 years to the screens, and both will be seen with real-life characters, just can’t wait.

22. Cherry

Directed by: Anthony and Joe Russo

Starring: Tom Holland, Clara Bravo

Releasing date: 26th February, 2021

The heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe-Anthony and Joe Russo, along with the spidey, Tom Holland, are back on track again for a crime drama film. Based on the novel of the same name by Nico Walker, the rights were brought by the AGBO company of brothers in 2018. The story follows an army medic suffering from a post-traumatic stress disorder after getting addicted to opioids and the after-effects of him trying to rob a bank for money to meet his addiction is elegantly shown in the film. Along with the theatrical release, the movie would be released on Apple+ TV on 12th March  of the same year. When the Russo brothers and Spidey join together, we can expect a complete action blast.

23. Nobody

Directed by: Ilya Naishuller

Starring: Bob Odenkirk, Connie Nielsen, RZA, AlekseiSerebyrakov and Christopher Lloyd

Releasing date: 26th February, 2021

With ‘Saul Goodman’ of Breaking Bad at the center, you all know how well the film can be made, with his fantastic performance. Hutch Mansell suffers from PTSD. One day, two thieves enter his house, where he withdraws himself from defending  his family, but when they attack his neighbor, he acts intelligently and falls prey to the vengeance of a Russian drug lord. This thriller can keep you engaged in every scene while driving through the right track. The movie is distributed by the Universal Pictures.

24. The United States v/s Billie Holiday

Directed by: Lee Daniels

Starring: Andra Day, Trevante Rhodes, Natasha Lyonee, Da’vine Joy Randolph

Releasing date: 26th February, 2021

This biographical drama film is made on the life of Billie Holiday and draws all the details from the book Chasing the Scream: The first and last  day of the war on drugs by Johann Hari. The story depicts the phases of Billie Holiday during her career and the undercover operation initiated by  a Federal agent on her. The movie explores the effects of drug criminalization and inspires us with the life of Billie Holiday. Paramount Pictures is set to release the film soon.

25. The Vigil

Directed by: Keith Thomas

Starring: Dave Davis, Menashe Lustig, Malky Goldman

Releasing date: 26th February, 2021

Based on the myth of dybbuk, this is another addition to the year’s horror movie list by a debutant director, Keith Thomas. The movie conveys the story of a man who is summoned to guard a deceased member of the Orthodox Jewish group but encounters  a dybbuk, to his horror. The concept is relatively  new and let’s see whether Keith Thomas’ debut will enthrall the audience. It was premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and was said to be creepy and horrific to the core, applauding with positive reviews.

26. Coming 2 America

Directed by: Craig Brewer

Starring: Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, Jermaine Flower, Leslie Jones, Shari Headley

Releasing date: 5th March, 2021

The second  edition  is Coming to the  American franchise, whose first film was released in 1988, this film would bring back those vintage memories. As stated by Paramount pictures, the film revolves around Prince Akeem Joffer, who works his way out to become  theking, when he realizes about the existence of his son in America, which he never knew before. His journey to America and the series of events form the rest of the story. Set for a release  on Amazon prime, the movie is expected to step in as a perfect comedy entertainer.

27. Chaos Walking

Directed by: Doug Liman

Starring: Daisy Ridley, Tom Holland

Releasing Date: 22nd January, 2021

Chaos Walking follows the story of Todd Hewitt, who encounters Viola, who crash his  land onto a mysterious planet, which is devoid of humans. The movie was announced in 2011 and was subjected to rigorous checks and rewritings to produce the final breathtaking output. This elevates the anticipation for the film and can present a visual magic on the big screen.

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28. Raya and the Last Dragon

Directed by: Don Hall, Carlos Lopez Estrada

Starring: Kellie Mary Tran, Awkwafina (voice)

Releasing date: 5th March, 2021

Raya and the Last Dragon is a computer-animated adventure fantasy film produced by the king of the genre, the Walt Disney group, and  this is the 59th film produced by the studio. The movie is set in the world of Kumandra, where monsters invade the land 500 years after, and the warrior Raya has to track the last dragon to fight. Here, the character Kumandra is designed as a South-east Asian land4. The film would be released theatrically and in Disney+.

Trailer Link:

29. The King’s Man

Directed by: Matthew Vaughn

Starring: Ralph Fiennes

Releasing Date: 12th March, 2021

The Kingsman series entertained the audience before with its unique plot, hilarious scenes, powerful action sequences, and emotions. Now, a prequel story of the movie is coming to cheer up the audience. With an ensemble cast and Matthew Vaughn as the director, the premise revolves around a criminal who wants to destroy the world and the protagonist who enters the arena to fight him. Set as a  periodic drama film, the movie will keep upto the previous films’ level in this series.

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30. The Many Saints of Newark

Directed by: Alan Taylor

Starring: Alessandro Nivola, Lesile Odom Jr., Jon Bernthal

Releasing date: 12th March, 2021

This movie is a prequel to HBO’s crime drama series, The Sopranos. In Newark, set in the 1960s and 1970s, focuses on the 1967 riots in the city and the fights between the Italian-African and the African-American people. HBO Films, along with the New Line Cinema, are producing this crime drama. It will be released in the theatres and released  on HBO Max streaming service after a month of its release date.

Trailer link:

31. Morbius

Directed by: Daniel Espinosa

Starring: Jared Leto, Matt Smith, Adria Arjona, Jared Harris

Releasing Date: 19th March, 2021

Marvel is ready to strike the big screen yet again, continuing the franchise with thecharacters from Spiderman, and now it’s Morbius. Based on Morbius, the living vampire, the movie is centralized on Michael Morbius, who gets subjected to a dangerous cure that turns him into a vampire. Let’s wait to see the impact the movie can make in MCU.

Trailer link:

32. The Unbearable weight of massive talent

Directed by: Tom Gormican

Starring: Nicolas Cage, Pedro Pascal, Sharon Horgan

Releasing date: 19th March, 2021

A movie in which Nicolas Cage acts as himself adds  the realistic touch to The Unbearable weight of massive talent. Nicolas cage accepts a large amount of money from his fan to participate in his fan’s birthday party. Later-on, it is revealed in the movie that the fan is a drug lord, and what ensues forms the rest of the story. The movie does deserve a little patience from you to see how far this unique plot can go up.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

33. The Boss Baby: Family Business

Directed by: Tom McGrath

Starring: Alec Baldwin, James Marsden, Amy Sedaris, Ariana Greenblatt

Releasing date: 26th March, 2021

Based on The Boss Baby and The Bossier Baby by Marla Frazee, this is the second edition in The Boss Baby franchise. The new story follows Tim and his boss baby little bro Ted’s life after the events of the first movie. This 3D computer-animated family comedy film is expected to provide a quality time to children and entertainment its seekers.

Trailer Link:

34. No Time to Die

Directed by: Cary Joji Fukunaga

Starring: Daniel Craig, Rami Malek, Lea Seydoux, Lashana Lynch

Releasing date: 2nd April, 2021

Happy news to James Bond fans: it’s confirmed. The 25th installment of the franchise: No Time to Die is on  its way with Daniel Craig as the intelligent action hero. This is the first movie to be distributed by the Universal Pictures in the series. The movie depicts the events 5 years after capturing Ernst StavroBlofeld and how James Bond becomes a part of a mission in searching Valdo Obruchev. Delayed twice due to the pandemic, fans are on high expectations, and the movie will be a treat for them.

Trailer Link:

35. Peter Rabbit 2:The Runaway

Directed by: Will Gluck

Starring; James Corden(voice), Rose Byrne, Domhnall Gleeson

Releasing date: 2nd April, 2021

The movie is a sequel to the 2018 movie Peter Rabbit and is based on Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter. The film is about Peter’s mischievous acts, which gains him access to  the world where he is appreciated, and now he has to choose between his residence and the brand new world. This live action/animated comedy movie is expected to keep up the legacy of Peter Rabbit

Trailer Link:

36. Bob’s Burgers: The Movie

Directed by: Loren Bouchard

Starring: H. Jon Benjamin, Dan Mintz, Eugene Mirman, Larry Murphy

Releasing date: 9th April, 2021

Loran Bouchard is entering the industry with  a movie that is part of his animated musical comedy TV series,Bob’s Burgers. You will get to see the adventures of Bob Belcher and his family in this. The film aims to retain the series’ popularity and offer a light-hearted watching experience to both kids and adults.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

37. Mortal Kombat

Directed by: Simon McQuoid

Starring: Ludi Lin, Joe Taslim, Tadanobuu Asano, Jessica McNamee

Releasing date: 16th April, 2021

This new Mortal Kombat movie revokes the franchise after 24 years. Based on  a video game, franchise of the same name, this film provides a high octane action and martial arts sequences. It is planning to have a theatrical release and subsequently  on HBO Max in the month of April. Hope the movie will be able to clear the dark history of Mortal Kombat’s previous film.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

38. BIOS

Directed by: Miguel Sapochnik

Starring: Tom Hanks, Caleb Landry Jones

Releasing date: 16th April, 2021

The name ‘Tom Hanks’ is enough to assure all the viewers the excellent quality of the movie. Tom Hanks will be playing the last man remaining on earth, suffering from a disease, and embarks on a journey with his dog. The science-fiction drama is distributed by the Universal Pictures. It is based on the events of post-apocalypse.

39. Fatherhood

Directed by: Paul Weitz

Starring: Kevin Hart, Alfre Woodard, Melody Hurd

Releasing date: 16th April, 2021

The movie was announced in 2015 and was based on the memoir Two Kisses for Maddy: A memoir of loss and love by Matthew Logelin. As the name indicates, Fatherhood is the story of a father and his life as a single parent, and the wonderful relationship he holds with his daughter. This father and daughter relationship will inculcate a feeling of bliss in you.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

40. A Quiet Place Part II

Directed by: John Krasinski

Starring: Emily Blunt, Cillian Murphy, Millicent Simmonds

Releasing date: 23rd April, 2021

To all the spooky horror movie lovers out there, there is something coming up for you. This movie is the sequel of the 2018 movie A quiet place, which was a box office hit. Distributed by the  Paramount pictures, the movie revolves around the events after the first movie, where the Abott family continues their fight for survival. It was premiered  at the Lincoln Centre on 8thMarch, 2020.

Trailer Link:

41. Last Night in Soho

Directed by: Edgar Wright

Starring: Anya Taylor-Joy, Thomasin McKenzie

Releasing date: 23rd April, 2021

Psychological thrillers are meant to interact with the psyche of the viewers and keep them engaged. Last Night in Soho is a new addition to the genre and maybe a unique one this year. The plot follows a young aspiring fashion designer, who goes back to the 1960s and meets her idol. The resulting events determine the axle of the movie. It is distributed by the Focus Features in the U.S.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

43. The Asset

Directed by: Martin Campbell

Starring: Michael Keaton, Samuel.L.Jackson, Maggie Q

Releasing date: 23rd April, 2021

The director of Edge of Darkness, Golden Eye, Casino Royale, Martin Campbell is on the list with The Asset. Shot in Bucharest, London, and Da Nang, it is about two assassins and their journey to Vietnam to track a killer. This action thriller was announced in 2017 and is distributed by the Lionsgate.

Trailer link:

44. Black Widow

Directed by: Cate Shortland

Starring: Scarlett Johannson, Florence Pugh, David Harbour

Releasing date: 7th May, 2021

Missing the Avengers from MCU after theEnd Game? Now, it’s time for the Marvel to revoke  its fans with its phase 4, the story of Black Widow. This is the 24th film of MCU and revolves around Natasha Romanoff, a.k.a Black Widow, and her past life. As per the trailer, the movie will be an  amalgamation of action and fantasy. Fans are holding high anticipations for the release.

Trailer Link:

45. Rumble

Directed by: Hamish Grieve

Starring: Geraldine Vishwanathan, Will Arnett, Terry Crews (voices)

Releasing date: 14th May, 2021

The Rumble depicts a world where humans and monsters fight against each other. A little girl, Winnie, trains a monster, Steve, to fight the titan of the group, the Tentacular. Based on the Monster on the Hill by Rob Harrell, it is a computer-animated sports drama. The film will be an excellent addition to the animated movies list and can rise to the position of being the children’s all-time favorite.

Trailer Link:

46. Marry Me

Directed by: Kat Coiro

Starring: Jennifer Lopez, Owen Wilson

Releasing date: 14th May, 2021

The famous pop star comes to know that her stage partner is having an affair and tries to retaliate back by getting herself marry a stranger from the audience in one of her concerts. Funny right? Let’s see how the movie can satisfy the audience in the backdrop of love and comedy. This romantic comedy is distributed by the Universal Pictures.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

47. Godzilla V/s Kong

Directed by: Adam Wingard

Starring: Alexander Skarsgard, Millie, Bobby Brown

Releasing Date: 21st May, 2021

Heard of two stories converging together to create a blast? If not, you are gonna see it on the 21st of May. The Godzilla and Kong are here: the two most powerful forces in the world, to battle against each other. Based on the Godzilla by Toho and King Kong by Edgar Wallace and Merian.C.Cooper, the film is a combined sequel to Godzilla: King of the Monsters and Kong: The Skull Island.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

48. Free Guy

Directed by: Shawn Levy

Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Jodie Comer

Releasing date: 21st May, 2021

This science-fiction comedy film travels through an open-world video game, Free city, where the protagonist is a bank teller. When he realizes that his world is a video game, he runs to save the world. This is the first film to continue its production under the 20th Century Fox after its acquisition by Disney. The movie will have a theatrical release  at IMAX by the 20th Century studios.

Trailer Link:

49. Spiral

Directed by: Darren Lynn Bousman’

Starring: Chris Rock, Samuel

Releasing date: 21st May, 2021

This is an investigational horror-thriller that travels forward through the story of Ezekiel Zeke, who is in charge of some murders mysteries that are  the indicators of the city’s past, and  future investigations, whichmake him land in trouble. What makes the movie promising is that it is Chris Rock’s first venture  into the horror movie field. Therefore, we will get to see the versatility in him.

Trailer Link:

50. F9

Directed by: Justin Lin

Starring: Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, John Cena

Releasing date: 28th May, 2021

Cars, action, brotherhood, and moreover, FAMILY! What comes to your mind first? Yes, it is about the Fast and Furious Franchise. The 9th installment  of the film is set to release soon, on the 28th of May. Now  Vin Diesel has to fight his brother Jakob, which is played by John Cena. The trailer shows Vin Diesel and his team with the same old vibrance, and now, audiences are gonna see the best movie of the franchise.

Trailer Link:

51. Cruella

Directed by: Craig Gillespie

Starring: Emma Thompson, Joel Fry, Paul Walter Hauser

Releasing date: 28th May, 2021

Cruella is based on the character Cruella de Vil who first made an appearance in The Hundred and One Dalmatians and in the animated film One Hundred and One Dalmatians.  This movie is a prequel to the movie 102 Dalmatians. Glenn Close, the hero of the previous movies, is the executive producer of this movie. Set in the 1970s, the story revolves around a fashion designer who has an insatiable craving for the dalmatian’s  skin and becomes a horrifying person called Cruella.

The trailer hasn’t been yet released.

52. Infinite

Directed by:Antoine Fuqua

Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Dylan O’ Brien, Sophie Cookson

Releasing date: 28th May, 2021

Based on the 2009 novel The Reincarnationist Papers by D. Eric Maikranz, the movie centers around Evan McCauley, who discovers that his hallucinations are visions from his past life. Mark Wahlberg is the protagonist and is also a co-producer of this film. The film is distributed by the Paramount Pictures.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

53. The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

Directed by: Michael Chaves

Starring: Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Ruairi O’ Connor

Releasing date: 4th June, 2021

The Conjuring series is one of the best horror thrillers among the American horror movies list. Now, the makers are back with a third movie in the series. The film follows another case from the file of the paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren and the series of events that lead a murder suspect to raise a defense  against the demonic possession. Let’s wait for another spine chilling eerie horror thriller from the series.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

54. Samaritan

Directed by: Julius Avery

Starring: Sylvester Stallone

Releasing date: 4th June, 2021

The Rambo of the American cinema is back to entertain the audience in a fresh role. Samaritan starring Sylvester Stallone is a superhero film that revolves around a young boy who realizes that a superhero who was presumed to be missing 20 years ago is still alive. As per the reports, the movie is a dark and innovative take on the superhero genre.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

55. Spirit Untamed

Directed by: Elaine Boggan, Ennio Torresan

Releasing date: 4th June, 2021

This movie is a continuation of the series Spirit Riding Free and a sequel to Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. The plot has not been revealed yet. The film was announced in 2019 and is produced on a lower budget by the DreamWorks Animation and Walden Media.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

56. Vivo

Directed by: Kirk DeMicco

Releasing Date: 4th June, 2021

This computer-animated musical film follows a Kinkajou who craves for an adventure and his journey to achieve a destiny. The movie’s idea has its origin in 2010, beginning with the discussions from the Dreamworks Animation. Later, Sony Pictures Animation acquired the project. The film comprises of 11 songs.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

57. Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Directed by: Jason Reitman

Starring: Carrie Coon, Finn Wolfhard, Mckenna Grace

Releasing date: 11th June, 2021

The movie is the fourth installment in the Ghostbusters franchise and a direct sequel to the first two movies. The premise is set after 30 years  forthe second film, where  a family realizes their grandfather’s legacy and their original connection with the ghostbusters. This supernatural comedy-drama film is reported to be a treat for all the Ghostbusters’ fans.

Trailer Link:

58. Luca

Directed by: Enrico Casarosa

Releasing date: 18th June, 2021

This American 3D computer-animated film is distributed by the famous Walt Disney Pictures and produced by Pixar Studios. The movie depicts the story of Luca, who shares the memories of his happy vacation with his friend. But the dark truth is that Luca is a sea monster. Interesting, right? Let’s witness the rest of the events on 18th June, 2021.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

59. In the Heights

Directed by: Jon M. Chu

Starring: Anthony Ramos, Correy Hawkins

Releasing date: 18th June, 2021

Based on the musical of the same name, which was released in 2007, this is a musical drama film directed by Crazy Rich Asian fame Jon M. Chu. As stated by the Warner Bros., the movie revolves around the life of Usnavi, who sings about a better life and all the struggles to meet both ends. The film will soothe your hearts for sure.

Trailer Link:

60. Venom: Let there be Carnage

Directed by: Andy Serkis

Starring: Tom Hardy, Woody Harrelson

Releasing Date: 25th June, 2021

Again, another character strikes the theatre from the Marvel Comics: VENOM! Based on Venom by David Michelinie and Todd McFarlane, the movie is a sequel to Venom,released in 2018. The plot is not revealed yet. The movie started production in 2019. With lots of movies from the Marvel comics coming up, let’s see if Venom can reprise the legacy.

Trailer Link:

61. Top Gun: Maverick

Directed by: Joseph Kosinski

Starring: Tom Cruise, Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly

Releasing date: 2nd July, 2021

The action king is here. Yes, Tom Cruise is back with another action drama film where he will be seen playing a test pilot and a flight instructor named Pete’ Maverick’ Mitchell. The plot is locked safely. The movie is distributed by the Paramount Pictures. This is gonna be a perfect action thriller for sure!

Trailer Link:

62. Minions: The Rise of Gru

Directed by: Kyle Balda

Voice cast: Pierre Coffin, Taraji.P.Henson, Michelle Yeoh

Releasing date: 2nd July, 2021

Minion fans; Good news for you. The sequel to the 2015 movie Minions is here. This is the 5th installment in the Despicable Me franchise. The movie is set after the events of its prequel and follows Felonious Gru, who wishes to join a supervillain group and the events that ensue after he joins the group. The film was announced in 2017 and is distributed by the Universal Pictures.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

63. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Directed by: Destin Daniel Cretton

Starring: Simu Liu, Tony Leung, Awkwafina

Releasing date: 9th July, 2021

This superhero film from the Marvel comics is the 25th movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is a part of the phase 4 of MCU. It focuses on the life of Shang-Chi and his story after he is drawn into the Ten Rings organization. This is Marvel’s first film with an Asian lead and was shot in Australia and San Francisco.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

64. The Forever Purge

Directed by: Everardo Gout

Starring: Ana de la Reguera, Josh Lucas, Tenoch Huerta, Leven Rambin

Releasing date: 9th July, 2021

The Purge Franchise is gonna end with  this last movie, The Forever Purge. This dystopian action science fiction horror film depicts the annual Purge where every crime becomes legal in America. As per the reports, the movie will portray a really ‘cool ending’ to the franchise.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

65. Uncharted

Directed by: Ruben Fleischer

Starring: Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg

Releasing date: 16th July, 2021

It looks like Spidey has numerous releases in line this year. Tom Holland is again on the track to mesmerize you with the Uncharted. He will be playing the role of Nathan Drake, a young fortune-hunter who belongs to the family of Sir Francis Drake, an English explorer. The movie will follow his adventures that come across his journey. The film is based on the game series of the same name created by Amy Hennig.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

66. Space Jam: A New Legacy

Directed by: Malcolm.D.Lee

Starring: LeBron James, Eric Bauza

Releasing date: 16th July, 2021

Based on Looney Tunes by the legends: Warner Bros., the movie stars a famous basketball player, LeBron James in the lead role. It is a live-action/ animated sports comedy film, following LeBron James and his son, who gets trapped in a digital space; where they have to train the Looney Tunes to win over the champions of AI, to escape from there. This is  a final movie from the 4-year contract between the Spring Hill Co. and Universal Pictures.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

67. Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar

Directed by: Josh Greenbaum

Starring: Wiig, Mumolo, Jamie Dornan

Releasing date: 16th July, 2021

Love, friendship, and comedy: perfect blend, right? Then you are gonna get all these in 2021 with this movie. The plot follows the story of two best friends Barb and Star, who go on for a vacation in Vista Del Mar, Florida, and they have to confront a villain who aims to destroy the whole town. This movie is distributed by the Lionsgate and can be a golden feather for the company in 2021.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

68. The Tomorrow War

Directed by: Chris McKay

Starring: Chris Pratt, Yvonne Strahovski, Betty Gilpin, Keith Powers

Releasing date: 23rd July, 2021

This military science-fiction action film is  a directorial debut  for Chris McKay. The movie is set in the future and revolves around human’s ability to confront the attacking alien force, by recruiting soldiers from the past. It is sure that with all the versatile aspects mixed together, the movie will surely be a visual treat for the audience.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

69. Old

Directed by: M.Night Shyamalan

Starring: Gael Garcia Bernal, Eliza Scanlen

Releasing date: 23rd July, 2021

M.Night Shyamalan is well known for his unconventional way of filmmaking. Now his new flick is set to release, which draws an inspiration from the graphic novel the Sandcastle by Oscar Levy and Frederik Peeters.  The specialty of  this movie is that it was pictured in an old-style using a 35mm movie film. Something unique and nostalgic is on the way.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

70. Jungle Cruise

Directed by: Jaume Collet-Serra

Starring: Dwayne Jhonson, Emily Blunt

Releasing date: 30th July, 2021

This movie is set in the past, in the early 20th century, where Frank is on a mission to take a scientist and her brother through the jungle to find  a tree of life. On the way, they have to counter numerous wild animals and a German group. It is based on the Jungle Cruise by Walt Disney. We can expect a good adventure thriller from this team.

Trailer Link:

71. The Green Knight

Directed by: David Lowery

Starring: Dev Patel, Alicia Vikander, Joel Edgerton, Sarita Choudhury

Releasing date: 30th July, 2021

This epic medieval fantasy film follows the story of Sir Gawain, King Arthur’s nephew, who embarks on a mission to fight the Green Knight. It is based on Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Wait to see this epic history and the visual magic it tends to  present on the screen.

Trailer Link:

72. The Suicide Squad

Directed by: James Gunn

Starring: Margot Robbie, Idris Elba, John Cena, Sylvester Stallone

Releasing date: 6th August, 2021

Since now, we have seen movies from the Marvel Comics on the list. Now let’s have movies from the DC on the list. The antihero team, The Suicide Squad, is what DC has to offer. This movie is a sequel to the 2016 film of the same name. The best part is that it includes John Cena as a new member of the Suicide Squad and Sylvester Stallone in an unrevealed role. The story is based on the imprisoned convicts from the Task Force X, who is on a mission to destroy a prison and a laboratory.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

73. Hotel Transylvania 4

Directed by: Derek Drymon, Jennifer Klushka

Releasing Date: 6th August, 2021

This is the fourth installment in the Hotel Transylvania franchise. The movie follows the adventures of Dracula and the pack. Further details on the plot are not revealed yet. It is distributed by the Columbia Pictures along with Sony Pictures Animation.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

74. Deep Water

Directed by: Adrian Lyne

Starring: Ben Affleck, Ana de Armas, Tracy Letts

Releasing date: 13th August, 2021

Deep Water is an erotic psychological thriller film based on the novel of the same name by Patricia Highsmith. The movie depicts the story of a married couple who are bored with their monotonous life and starts playing deadly games against people around them. This movie marks Adrian’s comeback into the film industry after 19 whole years.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

75. Respect

Directed by: Leisl Tommy

Starring:  Jennifer Hudson, Forest Whitaker, Marlon Wayans

Releasing date: 13th August, 2021

Aretha Franklin, is well known for her hit songs such as I Never Loved You, Respect, etc. Now, this movie is based on her life with the title inspired by one of her songs. Franklin, herself was involved with the making of the film until her death in 2018. After being delayed four times, the movie is scheduled to release on 13thAugust, 2021.

Trailer link:

76. Don’t Breathe 2

Directed by: Rodo Sayagues

Starring: Stephen Lang

Releasing date: 13th August, 2021

Remember Norman Nordstrom or ‘The Blind Man’ , who scared the hell out of the thieves in the movie Don’t Breathe in 2016 ?. Now, he is back with the sequel of Don’t Breathe. And this time, this horror movie aims to scare you to the core. The old man is hiding in a cabin for years, along with his adopted daughter. A group plans to kidnap her, and the old man steps in to save her. Let’s see how intriguing this thriller would be.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

77. The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard

Directed by: Patrick Hughes

Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Samuel.L.Jackson, Salma Hayek

Releasing date: 20th August, 2021

The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard is a sequel to The Hitman’s Bodyguard, released in 2017. The film is set after four years of the first movie, where Michael continues the relationship with Darius and embarks on  a mission to save the  latter’s wife. It was shot in various places such as Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, and the UK. This action comedy film will be thrilling and hilarious equally.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

78. PAW Patrol: The Movie

Directed by: Cal Brunker

Starring: Ian Armitage, Kim Kardashian West, Jimmy Kimmel

Releasing date: 20th August, 2021

Another addition to the animated movies list, this family adventure comedy is based on the hit television show, PAW Patrol, originally given birth by Keith Chapman. The movie focuses on Ryder and the pups who go on a mission in the Adventure City to stop the activities of the Mayor, Humdinger. This movie will satisfy you with a well-crafted action sequences, exciting missionsand new vehicles etc.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

79. Candyman

Directed by: Nia DaCosta

Starring: Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Teyonah Parris,

Releasing date: 27th August, 2021

Anthony McCoy is a painter whose career is on the verge of destruction. One day he comes  across the true story of Candyman, a serial killer. He draws inspiration from the story, but this causes him to travel to his past, and the horrifying events that result  forms the rest of the story.

This is the fourth film in the Candyman franchise and a sequel to the second movie in the series.

Trailer Link:

80. The Beatles: Get Back

Directed by: Peter Jackson

Starring: The Beatles

Releasing date: 27th August, 2021

Who doesn’t know The Beatles, the famous rock band who played a large role in transforming the music culture in the U.S.A . This movie covers the story of the struggles faced by The Beatles to create the album Let it Be. On the whole, the movie is inspired by a plethora of video clips captured for Michael Lindsay Hogg’s documentary about the same album. It also explores the friendship between the members of the band.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

81. Jackass 4

Directed by: Jeff Tremaine

Starring: Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera

Releasing date: 3rd September, 2021

This is the fifth installment in the Jackass Franchise directed by Jeff Tremaine, who is the director of the previous Jackass movies. The plot is kept under locks till now. This hidden-camera comedy film will provide a unique experience to the audiences and make you laugh out loud.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

82. Resident Evil

Directed by: Johannes Roberts

Starring: Kaya Scodelario, Robbie Amell, AvanJogia, Hannah John-Kamen

Releasing date: 9th September, 2021

Resident Evil is based on the video game of the same name by Capcom, especially on the first and second names. The movie is set in the backdrop of 1998 and will go on revealing the mystique secrets of the Spencer Mansion and the Raccoon City. As per the testimonials from the makers, the film is said to be damn scary and will stay more true to the game version.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

83. Death on the Nile

Directed by: Kenneth Branagh

Starring: Tom Bateman, Annette Bening

Releasing date: 17th September, 2021

Ready for an  investigational thriller? Yes, a sequel for the Murder on the Orient Express named the Death on the Nile is ready to hit the screens. It is an adaptation of the book of the same name by the master brain of detective novels: Agatha Christie. Here, a detective,Hercule Poirot sets out to investigate the murder of a passenger in S.S.Karnak, before another murder. This film will rig your brains till the end for sure.

Trailer Link:

84. The Bad Guys

Directed by: Pierre Perifel

Releasing date: 17th September, 2021

The DreamWorks Animation and Universal Pictures again join hands for a computer-animated movie, and this time it is a heist comedy based on The Bad Guysby Aaron Blabey. The story focuses on five people who are considered as villains, which is not the truth. They set out to live the rest of their life as good people. The movie was shot entirely during the COVID pandemic.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

85. The Man from Toronto

Directed by: Patrick Hughes

Starring: Kevin Hart, Woody Harrelson, Kaley Cuoco

Releasing date: 17th September, 2021

Action comedies have everything to offer for the common audience as a perfect entertainer. The Man From Toronto is expected to provide the same. Here, a screw-up joins with an assassin and starts a chain of confusion during their stay at Airbnb. Delayed two times, the movie is set to release on 17th September, 2021.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

86. Dark Harvest

Directed by: David Slade

Starring: Unknown

Releasing date: 24th September, 2021

Dark Harvest is based on the book of the same name by Norman Partridge. The story takes place in 1963 and focuses on a few teenage boys and their encounter with October Boy/Sawtooth Jack. The movie is in the pre-production stage  screen-played by Michael Gilio.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

87. My Little Pony: The Movie 2

Directed by: Jayson Thiessen

Starring: Tara Strong, Ashleigh Ball, Andrea Libman

Releasing date:

Based on My Little Pony by Bonnie Zacherle and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic by Lauren Fraust, this movie is the sequel to the 2017 movie My Little Pony: The Movie. This animated musical fantasy film aims to keep up the legacy of the My Little Pony franchise and will be quite  adored by the kids.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

88. Dune

Directed by: DeniisVelleneuve

Starring: TimotheeChalamet, Rebecca Ferguson

Releasing date: 1st January, 2021

The science-fiction movie is based on the 1965 novel Dune; The Sisterhood by Frank Herbert. The movie revolves around a substance called The Dune, which has the property of extending human life and also several other superhuman properties. The film covers only the initial half of the book, while the latter half would be dealt in the next part. The movie is an exciting addition to the film under the production of the Legendary Pictures. It would be released simultaneously in theatres and on HBO MAX.

Trailer Link:

89. The Addams Family 2

Directed by: Conrad Vernon, Greg Tiernan

Starring: Oscar Issac, Charlize Theron

Releasing date: 8th October, 2021

The Computer animated supernatural black comedy film is the sequel to its 2019 film,The Addams Family. The former film has made a profit of more than eight times than its original budget, raising marked expectations on its sequel part. The story revolves around a family who lives outside the world and the problems associated with them.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

90. Halloween kills

Directed by: David Gordon Green

Starring: Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Andi Matichak

Releasing date: 15th October, 2021

The American slasher film is a Sequel to the Halloween, which was released in 2018. It would be the continuation of how Laurie Strode forms allies and  fights against Michael Myers. Initially, the movie was set to be released in 2020 and got postponed due to theCovid outbreak.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

91. The Last Duel

Directed by:Ridley Scott

Starring:  Ben Affleck, Matt Damon

Releasing date: 15th October, 2021

The historical drama-thriller film is based on the book written by Eric Jager named The Last Duel: A True Story of trial by Combat in Medieval France. The movie is set up in the 14th century between Jean de Carrouges and Jacques Le Gris and the conflicts between them. It was initially planned to be released on Christmas 2020, but has been postponed due to the  COVID crisis.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

92. Snake Eyes

Directed by:Robert Schwentke

Starring:Henry Golding, Andrew Koji

Releasing date:22nd October, 2021

The American Superhero film is based on the G.I Joe Film Series and Comics. The film shows the origin and the initial stages of the character,Snake eyes. This can be a good superhero entertainer movie and is set to reach the screens in the latter part of 2021.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

93. Eternals

Directed by: Chloe Zhao

Starring:Richard Madden, Gemma Chan

Releasing date:5th November, 2021

The American superhero film is based on the marvel comics. The movie also comes under the  Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the audience holds ahuge expectations for it. Followed by the end of Avengers: The Endgame, an immortal alien race on earth for an extended period of time to unite to protect the humanity from its evil counterparts.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

94. Elvis

Directed by:  Baz Luhrmann

Starring: Austin Butler, Tom hanks

Releasing date: 5th November, 2021

The movie is a Biographical drama of Elvis Aaron Presley. He is an American based singer and musician often referred to as “The King”.The movie speaks about the personal and professional life of Elvis. Austin Butler, plays the role of Elvis in the movie and is definitely to be one of those amazing shows to wait anticipatingly.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

95. Clifford the Big Red Dog

Directed by:  Walt Becker

Starring:Darby Camp, Jack Whitehall

Releasing date: 5th November, 2021

The computer-animated Family comedy film is based on the children’s novel book “Clifford the Big Red Dog” by Norman Bridwell. The movie revolves around a young girl and her big red dog , who teaches her the meaning of love and acceptance.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

96. Mission impossible 7

Directed by:  Christopher McQuarrie

Starring: Tom Cruise, Hayley Atwell

Releasing date: 19th November, 2021

Here comes the 7th film of the Mission Impossible series. The American Action spy thriller film Is one of the most anticipated movies of the year. The combination of Tom Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie offers a treat to watch for the audience. The next sequel of the film is also said to be directed by Christopher McQuarrie himself as a continuation of this movie.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

97. King Richard

Directed by: Reinaldo Marcus Green

Starring:Will Smith, Aunjanue Ellis

Releasing date:19th November, 2021

There is also a biographical drama releasing for the audience this year. This film portrays the life of a famous tennis coach Richard Williams, who is also the father of Venus Williams and Serena Williams.

This movie would be a treat for all the tennis fans out there.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

98. Encanto

Directed by:  Byron Howard, Jared Bush

Starring: Not yet said

Releasing date:  24th November, 2021

The American Computer animated musical fantasy film tells us the story of a girl and her life revolving around music. The film crew has not revealed many details about the cast of the film. The film would be produced and distributed under the banner of Walt Disney.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

99. Gucci

Directed by: Ridley Scott

Starring:Lady Gaga, Adam driver

Releasing date: 24th November, 2021

The story revolves around PatriziaReggiani and how she kills her ex-husband. The movie is based on the novel written by Sara Gay Forden. The film crew has not revealed much about the details of the film. Let’s wait for the movie.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

100. West side story

Directed by: Steven Spielberg

Starring: Ansel Elgort, Rachel Zegler

Releasing date:  10th December, 2021

It is an Upcoming Romantic musical drama film and is an adaptation of a musical of the same name by ArthusLaurents, Leonard Bernstein, and Stephen Sondheim. It is also based on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. The film is set back in the 1950s which shows the life of a teenage  couple and their love story.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

101. American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story

Directed byErwin Brothers

Starring: Zachary Levi

Releasing date: 10th December, 2021

The film shows the story of an American football star who comes from the stocking shelves of a supermarket. The film crew has not revealed further details about the cast and crew of the movie. Hope we get some exciting updates soon.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

102. Untitled Spider-Man: Far from Home sequel

Directed byJon watts

Starring:Tom Holland, Benedict Cumberbatch

Releasing date: 17th December, 2021

The American Superhero film is one of the most anticipated movies of the year. The movie comes as a sequel to Spiderman: Homecoming (2017) and Spiderman: Far from Home (2019). The film is a highly anticipated one in the year and is expected to be the highest grosser of 2021

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

103. The Matrix 4

Directed byLana Wachowski

Starring: Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss

Releasing date: 22nd December, 2021

The American Science fiction action film is the fourth installment of the Matrix franchise. It is the fourth movie under this franchise and is also one of the year’s highly expected movies. The film would release in the theatres and on HBO MAX simultaneously.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

104. Sing 2

Directed byGarth Jennings

Starring: Mathew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon

Releasing date: 22nd December, 2021

The American computer-animated musical comedy film is the sequel to the 2016 film Sing. The prequel was a successful movie at the box office of collecting more than $600 million from a very small budget. The story follows Buster and his cast on debuting a show in the Crystal tower theatre and the problems faced to achieve the feat.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

105. The Nightingale

Directed by: Melanie Laurent

Starring: Dakota Fanning, Elle Fanning

Releasing date: 22nd December, 2021

The American Drama film is based on the novel “The Nightingale” by Kristin Hannah. The cast of the movie includes two Fanning sisters Elle and Dakota. The movie is set back during the World  War II during which the two sisters struggle to survive and resist the German invasion to their country.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

106. Babylon

Directed byDamien Chazelle

Starring: Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie

Releasing date: 25th December, 2021

Details of the movie have not yet been revealed, and we expect further updates from the crew very soon.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet.

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