The Devil’s Light

The Devil’s Light is a supernatural-horror movie that released on the 8th of January 2021 in the USA. The horror movie stars Virginia Madsen, and Daniel Stamm directs. The other members are Ben Cross, Colin Salmon, Jacqueline Byers, Christian Navarro, and Nicholas Ralph.

The Devil’s Light Plot

The Devil’s Light is about Sister Ann, a young, gifted woman who believes in creating a better life for those possessed with her exorcisms. This thought of her puts her at crossroads with the authorities, as sisters weren’t allowed to commit exorcisms. When a Professor suspects that Sister Ann has a special gift, she is allowed to experience the training seasons of upcoming and budding exorcists. Things take a weird turn when she meets the most disturbed patient. She soon realizes that her calling to exorcisms has to do something with her past. Now, not just her, but the entire school has to battle an ancient, demonic spirit who has a personal connection with Sister Ann.

The Devil’s Light Plot Review

Nuns and Christianity has inspired film-makers for a long time. In modern times, we have The Nun, a spin-off of The Conjuring that had a Nun as a central character. Even in the seventies, we had Nun horror movies in famous franchises, including Exorcist III and even Psycho III, even though the latter isn’t that popular among horror fans as a Nun horror movie.

Since the past few years, the Final Girl concept of horror movies has changed as well, with the female characters being strong and someone who can take on the world right from the beginning. With Daniel Stamm at the helm of this, The Devil’s Light becomes one of the most anticipated movies of 2021.

With 2021 opening up with newer, better sensibilities and bolder storylines, we can only think that The Devil’s Light will give birth to a whole new franchise.

Daniel Stamm, the director, is one of the younger talents who are exploring the horror genre. He earlier directed horror series like Into the Dark, Fear the Walking Dead, Scream, 13 Sins, and The Last Exorcism.

Virginia Madsen has enough horror content in her filmography to make this a promising project. Right from the 1987 Zombie Drams to movies like Candyman and The Haunting, she’s even part of the never-ending comedy anti-horror Scooby-Doo by giving her voice to Scooby-Doo! Where’s my Mummy? Newer audiences know her for her role in the political thriller series for Netflix, Designated Survivor. She recently gave in to some Christmas cheer with Operation Christmas Drop.

The Devil’s Light is also the final filmed appearance of Ben Cross, who died during the Covid-19 Pandemic due to undisclosed causes. The movie was announced in June 2020 and will release in the first week of the new year, so it is one of the few that didn’t undergo the Covid-19 pressure.

The Horror genre has seen a lot of evolution over the past few years. With streaming channels using supernatural and horror as their AAA projects, horror and supernatural themes are finally becoming mainstream.

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