Are Funko Pop figures Made In China?

China Funko? Well yes, you guessed it right. The major manufacturers of these pop figures are China and Vietnam.

After the manufacturing of small parts; they are assembled and boxed as per requirement in Everett, Washington. If a why pops up in your head then, here is a clear answer.

The labor is far cheaper in those countries, and they have a large vinyl industry that produces millions of other products. It is a win-win situation for all of the mutually related production firms and parties.

Where are Funko POP! figures manufactured?

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The manufacturer is funko inc situated in Everett, Washington. But they use low-cost labor and higher produce of Funko pop figures from China and Vietnam.

We all know that China is heading to the moon when it comes to plastics, and that is why Funko uses it as its producer. After these figurines are made. They are then shipped to the Funko headquarters, in Everett, Washington.

They are assembled in the storage house, and boxed with authentic seals and licensed franchised figures; when a Funko pop has received the address below: shows 2802 Wetmore AVE, Everett, WA 98201(Funko Headquarters).

Does this make Funko pop figures fake?

Fake figure made in china

No, not. The factories making the vinyl pop figures are licensed to make them only and not to cell them. Secondly, they are not allowed to box them or even sell them. Thirdly once the figurines are made, they are shipped to the US for further detailing.

This means that authentic Pop figures are available at US shops only. Those shown to be China-based are either fake or not authentic. So if you buy a pop and it shows anywhere other than the US being its origin, 95% it is a fake. The rest are licensed and original funko inc production.

How to identify a china funko pop

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It’s not that easy. But the fake ones are always caught, and like said before; they are not authorized to sell them or even box them.

The red flags are right there if only someone would give a thought to them, such as the fonts and writings are change, there is no mention of funko or Comicon anywhere on the sticker, and the address is not of the funko headquarters in Everett.

The best way to avoid these fake pops is to filter out the are on your search engine to the US or North America. Or don’t buy any of the pops showing any other origin.

How are these pop figures brought to the US?

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After the production phase of these pop figures is complete, they are packed into containers and shipped through the sea, in large containers on a cargo ship.

These figures are millions, and they are all tightly packed for safe reaching to the US. At the port, they pass through security checks for any doubts to be clear. Once they are brought to the warehouse, they are stored until required.

The warehouse is always near or in the factory, where these vinyl figurines are assembled and being pack in boxes as per proper protocol.

Does China make fake pops?

Naruto pop from china

Not China, but yes, some of the workers or even the shipping crew can forge these pops into funko pops for a few extra bucks. People have been scam into it, and many have bought limited edition for far more.

It is not that we blame China for this; this means that if a funko pop is coming from China or Vietnam, it doesn’t have to be fake, and the one from within the US doesn’t have to original. Anyone can be scam for it. So keep your eyes open and only buy from trusted sites and shops.

Does China have a license to make funko pops?

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No, China is not authorized to make the funko pop figures, but instead, they have a license to manufacture the vinyl figurines for the company in Washington. China has the authorization to create the plastic body that will be later used as pop by Funko. Inc.

Moreover, they are not authorized to sell them or box them as it is only the headquarters job, and they do it with proper protocol, maintaining the quality and value.

Fake china pops


There are multiple ways to spot fake funko pop figures, such as the detailing will be minor or absent. The stickers and fonts will be different, a slight change in colors, the major red flag is the price, which will be very low.

And if you take a closer look, the box art will be quite similar but different from the original piece. And the serial number will be either shady, or you may never find it. Here is a list of some spotted fake pops;

  • Jason pop
  • Captain America pop
  • Goku (super saiyan god) pop
  • Beerus pop

Can you trust Funko?

Fake vs Real

Funko. Inc provides us fully authentic and detail funko pops. Their manufacturers might be china and Vietnam, but the product their customers receive is 100% authentic.

Each pop has a special box and a serial number—any ambiguity regarding your product’s authenticity. You can directly go to their site and check out the serial number of your pop. The company wants its customers to be happy.

Final Thoughts

Funko being a large company, has to create many funko pops, and hiring the vinyl companies in China or Vietnam has aided in their labor prices. The company authorized these companies to manufacture the vinyl figurines only.

The funko products from the Everett origin are authentic and real; there is no doubt about that. Other than that funko helps its customer to help themselves to the serial numbers and funko seals that is proof enough for their authenticity.

China is a helping hand of funko, which does not mean that china makes fake pops or the pops that funko sales are not authentic.


  1. You keep saying Washington DC, but this is not true. It is Everett Washington state. Different part of the US.

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