Are Funko pops worth collecting?

Funko pops started as ornaments of nostalgia; they held an important place in many hearts depending on the character it had imitated. It started as fictional characters, then cartoon characters, and then even movie characters.

This was all to promote the love we have for the characters and those who played them. To forever be charted in our memory and heart; a sweet memory, a harmless hobby. But with time, these hobbies took a turn of serious collectors and even bids.

Funko pops value

Robot Funko pop

As we know, the old is gold; the same goes for the funko pops; old funko pops are gold funko pops. The fun remains when the value exceeds. It is a universal law that anything that is either the first education or limited in number are always valuable.

So the basics are the same for these funko pops. The first-ever launched ones are valuable, such as #1 batman, #2 batgirl, #9 green lantern, but some characters are also priceless, increasing their value game of thrones character Jon snow.

Are Funko pops worth collecting?

The funko pop launches a variety of pops based on the popular character. Some are easily available in the market and are accessible to all. But some are collectors editions; they are specially made for those eager collectors who fancy their fandom.

These collectible pops have high prices, and they are worth more. Some of the collectibles are:

  • SHE-RA

There are more, almost 15 of the most valuable pops out there. The box, their mint condition, and seals all matter to the collectors who deal and bid for these pops.

In or Out of the box

Collection of funko pops

Honestly, it does not matter at all. If you are a collector or just started with a few, you might have known that the boxes are not sealed. So it doesn’t make a difference as long as the box and the pop are in good shape and well kept any investor or collector will give you a fair bid. But yes, some of the dealers sell the boxes for around 15-225 dollars online.

With a box and the pop, it adds another 8-10 dollars to the price. But if they are a special or limited edition, leaving them in the box is better. We don’t want you denting the box while taking it out.

How this is an investment?

If you appreciate the value of these funko pops, then you are in for some trader and seller game. For this reason, you need to leave it boxed on your shelf. That adds more value.

So it’s simple, the vinyl figurine you buy at a low price now. When the demand goes up, the market is short of these figurines, giving those specific figurines more value and a higher selling price. Such as the Gandalf pop that went almost thrice as any other pop.

What are the rarest pops to collect?

Investing in Funko pop collection

We all understand the game; the rarer, the more value, the more value, the higher it sells. But other than that, it is always an amazing experience to get your hands on something no one has or only a few people have; if you are a collector, then you will have other sentiments towards the funko pop characters.

Rarest pops:

  • Boo Berry
  • Count Chocula Freddy
  • Boba Fett Freddy
  • Dumbo Gold
  • Buzz Lightyear Freddy
  • Frankenberry Freddy.
  • Stan Lee Signed Pops
  • Dumbo

There are almost 3-5 more on this list as well.

Where can you find these collectibles from?

The collection

Well, most certainly, you can get these pops online, from either their official website, the funko—Inc, or from Amazon, which is their largest distributor. Many find them on eBay, which is a mostly dealer trying to get a bid on the pop. Or you can keep the dates memorized and visit the closest store.

They are also mostly always present in conventions like comic con, but they always sell out before the convention even starts.

The most expensive collectible pop

The worth of a single pop

Even though time and trend decide which pop goes in demand and has the highest price, for the year 2020, the Holographic Darth Maul funko pops in the most expensive and most wanted pop, for $3,750.

This vinyl figurine was launched in San Diego Comicon 2012. And has been in high demand ever since. It was launched pretty late after the first series of pops, but it still has quite a demand.

What makes funko pops attractive to collectors

Attractive collection

It depends on what the collector is looking for in these funko pops; some collect them as a hobby keeping the memory of their childhood characters alive and never going out of options to get.

Others invest in the funko pops to sell them at a much higher price, giving them a good profit. Others like to create a fandom lair of their own like a memory box, but instead of a box, it’s a room filled with the most amazing, rare, and expensive pops no one has ever seen.


If a fan is asked the question, what is the worth of collecting these pops? They will surely look at you in awe and explain each pop’s value and how it has brought meaning to their life. But on a milder and a friendlier note. These pops are something to remember your childhood or your most-loved moments by.

They are something to hold dear in times when you might not feel yourself. So yes, they are worth collecting; it is an emotional attachment, a hobby, a memory, and, importantly, an investment. The worth of each collectible lies within the heart of each buyer and trader. It is the intentions that matter.

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