Are Gold vinyl funko Pops Rare?

One does not have simply one vinyl funko Pop. There is always an undying desire to get one more. The Funko Pops is a much-anticipated addition to your ultimate toy figure collection.

They are amazing structures that are made with delicacy. The gold Funko Pops are limited edition and are quite rare in the market.

Gold vinyl funko Pops

Gold vinyl funko pop

Gold vinyl funko Pops are only available in a few select stores that are quite popular. Their availability is also unconfirmed due to its rarity. They are not easily available outside of United States. In other countries, a collector or a personal shopper should be able to facilitate you to get your hands on the latest Gold Funko Pops.

Since you will have to pay a hefty amount compared to other toy figures, you will cherish every moment of having this Gold Funko Pop in your hands. Some of the rarest Gold Funko Pops are as follows:

Metallic Gold and Platinum Stan Lee vinyl funko pop

Metallic Funko pop

The father of the comic book generation, Stan Lee, is one of the most influential vinyl funko figure in the Funko Pop world. Due to his raging popularity amongst the teens, the Metallic Gold and Platinum Stan Lee Funko Pops are very hot in the market.

There is a wide variety in the Stan Lee collection, but the Gold Funko Pops are the market rarest. A Stan Lee set being auctioned on eBay is going for $55K, signed by Stan Lee himself.

Star Wars- Holographic Darth Maul

Holographic funko pop

The Holographic Darth Maul figure is one of the most coveted Gold Funko Pops. It has a value of $1800 in the market and the reselling price increases with time. It is a gem to go into your collection and could be a great investment in the long run.


Headless Ned Stark vinyl funko pop

Ned stark

In first season of Game of Thrones released in 2013, no one anticipated that Ned Stark would die at the end of the first season.

A famous Ned Stark quote says, “The man who passes sentence, should swing the sword.” This is one of the limited edition vinyl funko Pop figure that will go for an even higher price when Game of Thrones concludes.

Batman (Blue & Vinyl)


As Batman said, “Sometimes it’s only madness that makes us what we are.” The madness for Batman toy vinyl funko figure is never going to end. This vinyl figure is one of the rarest in the market.

Its been 8 years after its launch, still these vinyl funko figure collection is very limited. Only the geekiest collectors have this figure in their collection. The undying love for Batman in the superhero universe will not lower the prices for this figure anytime soon.

GITD- Green Lantern

Green Lantern funko figure

When Green Lantern said, “No matter how bad things get, something good is out there, over the horizon,” he was talking about the GITD Green Lantern vinyl funko Pop figures. This Green Lantern figure is as bright as the superhero who plays it.

This Funko Pop released at the 2010 Comic-Con is here to stay in your hearts for all the Green Lantern fanatics. With its increasing price by the day, this piece is for your collection.

With someone like Ryan Reynolds playing this character in the cinematic universe, it is very hard to pass on this figure. Who would want to miss the chance to get their hands on this desirable piece?

Alex Delarge

Alex delarge

Alex Delarge was portrayed as a sociopath in one of the greatest books called The Clockwork Orange. Which was later made into a movie that turned out to be a classic. The immense popularity of the character makes this Alex Delarge Funko Pop figure very sought after.

There are many Alex Delarge sets available in the market, but the older ones are way more valuable than the recent ones. The older sets can go up to $13000 on the market. Since there were some licensing complications at the launch, getting an original Alex Delarge figure might be a challenge.

But an expert can easily help you spot an original one. When this figure was originally released, it had only 24 pieces that makes it so rare.

Planet Arlia Vegeta

Planet arlia

What was childhood without Dragon Ball Z? If you are an anime fanatic, it is very hard to miss Dragon Ball Z as one of the greatest anime ever to exist. Planet Arlia Vegeta Funko Pop is very dear to all the anime buffs. It has a lot of emotions attached to it.

Planet Arlia Vegeta was one of the tougher figures to get to the United States and overseas market. Since, it was released by the Toy Tokyo exhibit, it has been priced at a whopping $3500 on the market due to its huge fanbase unlike other released figures at the Comic-Con.


Shadow Storm trooper

480 pieces of the Shadow Troopers from Star Wars were released back at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con. This is one of the most marketable pieces from the Star Wars collection for all the Star Wars buff.

It will be the perfect culmination to your collection or will be a great addition to it. Complete your Star Wars set with one of the rarest Funko Pop figures.The price of this figure is $1450.


All in all, these rare Funko Pop figures can be found at the eBay store or other related websites. If you cannot find it in webstores, you might as well contact international buyers, collectors, or sellers to help you find them in a lesser time.

If you are an owner of a lot of Funko Pop pieces, consider yourself lucky because the retail prices will go through the roof in the next years, so hold on to your Funko Pops tightly.

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