Is it Good to INVEST in latest funko pops?

Ever thought about what you would do with your collection of all the funko pops you have? They are cute, I know. It is a tool of nostalgia. It started as a recreation of fictional characters in a Japanese toy style that was very cute and had big eyes and no mouth.

 They moved on to creating funko cartoon characters and eventually came to formulating pop movie characters. This was initiated to promote childhood memories, love for fictional characters, and retain a part of childhood.

Is it only a collectible?

But what else can you do with them? Some professional dealers and collectors use them as a good investment, fulfilling the soft corner of collecting them and then selling for a higher and more profitable price.

For the year 2020, the Holographic Darth Maul funko pops in the most expensive and most wanted pop, for $3,750. Collectors who have an eye for these pops know how much profit one pop will have over a year.

How to invest in latest funko pops ?

If you have a big collection of funko pops, and you collected them for like always. Then you might be someone that appreciates the value of these funko pops. Use your collection to find out what it is worth, either individually or in deals.

Start a journey towards better investments as a  trader or a seller. For this reason, you need to leave it boxed on your shelf. That adds more value. If you have some open, be sure to find its box. Some traders sell one box for around $15-$225.

How to invest

How can you invest? Well, buy the ones released now; these vinyl figures increase in value as time goes by.

When the demand goes up, the market is short of these figurines, giving those specific figurines more value and a higher selling price. Such as the Game of thrones funko pops, they are worth thousands now.

Investment in latest funko pops with the box or without the box?

The box itself has its value, and when the original box is present with a funko pop, it doubles its value and, yes, its price. Even though, honestly, it does not matter at all.

If you have a collector’s item or an especially made pop, it has value as well, and you will get a good profit. But you need to do some market research. It’s not like the boxes are pin packed; you might have known that the boxes are never sealed.

Leave it in the box

As long as the box is in perfect condition, original, and not damaged at all, then your funko pop vale increases, and its a jackpot for all the investors.

But from an investment point of view, it does add another 8-10 dollars to the pop. Depending on the demand or the value of that pop. In other words, it’s better to leave it in the box.

Is the collector’s edition of latest funko pops a good investment?

We all are a fan of something, and funko pop makes sure to help everyone’s craving. The funko pop produces a diversity of pops, based on the pop character that is popular and trendy for the time.

These are either bought from Comicon or any convention, traders give attractive offers, and the collectors out there show off their collection. Still, some are easily available in the market and are accessible to all.

But some are collectors editions; they are specially made for those collectors who fancy their fandom and highly exclusive collection. If you are looking to invest, these collector editions are the right investments for you; a few of them are:

  • SHE-RA

There are more of these, almost 15 at this time. Every year there are either new editions or additions to the previous one. As an investor, keep your updates on and know where to get them. Familiarize yourself with the market, and you might find a collector’s edition at a lower cost.

Investment in Funko pop that is of value

The investment in funko pop is evergreen and trusted. It is a well trusted and old franchise; old is gold. Old funko pops are gold funko pops. When it comes to investments, many collectors have put their trust in funko pops.

The aim of funko pop doesn’t change fun to buy them and profit to sell them. It is a universal law that anything that is either the first edition or limited in number are always valuable. So the basics are the same for these funko pops. The first-ever launched ones are very valuable, such as;

 #1 batman, #2 batgirl, #9 green lantern. If you have these pops or somehow got lucky, then use them strategically. Some fans would pay anything to get their hands on any of them.

Funko Inc stock

If you want to invest in the main thing, you can go for the funko stocks available on stash. All you have to do is;

  1. Type in the amount you want to invest and then proceed to check out.
  2. Select the stash account while you are making an account.
  3. Once the stash account is created, you can see your bought funko stocks on your account.


Funko pops have made their name in the industry for ages now. It has earned public interest and trust. They are expected to keep the pops coming every year, and that makes it a good investment strategy; also, with a rich history and successful launches, their stock never ceases to fail the investors.

So it is a smart thing to do, take a chunk of your savings and invest it with funko, either its pops or in its stocks. Try it out with a little money that you can experiment on. Either way, it is an investment.

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