Make A Funko figure pop Of Yourself?

Isn’t it adorable seeing tiny things? There is something about it that brings out your most inner feelings of cuddles and mushiness? Now imagine holding a mini-you—a small vinyl figure pop exactly like you but with a softer and cuddlier detailing.

The latest update on funko pops is that you can get yourself a customized version of the pop; small factories will be installed in all of DC for the customers to create their own pop avatar.

How will this work?

It’s simple. You have a number of skin tones and styles to select from. And they come with customized tools and gadgets just as you want them to be. Let us go step by step;

  • Find the nearest headquarter of pop in Everett, Washington, and in the Hollywood funko shop
  • Design your avatar by choosing the gender, skin tone, and hair. (on the order form)
  • Add a little more details like the color of your sweater or the cap you wear, maybe a beard or glasses; there are almost thousands of customizing options. (on the order form)
  • When you have designed your avatar, take it to the mini-factory and submit it
  • When the pieces of your avatar arrive, you will be contacted
  • Assemble and enjoy

Mini pop factories

The dream of having tiny cuddly vinyl figure pops that looks like you has been said to be turned into a reality on the 11th of December. It is just a collectible hobby, and there is no harm in getting one for you.

It is a high word of success for funko that they will be installing mini pop factories that will be reachable to all. Everyone can feel special and get themself a cute little figurine of themselves.

What’s the point of it?

Why must you try and see the point in everything? Like Charlie said in Charlie and the Cholocate factory, candy doesn’t have to have a point. Similarly, the fun doesn’t have to have a point! And we all know what funko aim is, Fun and nostalgia.

Maybe something to remember you by, or a moment you might cherish your entire life? Maybe get it for a loved one. It’s just fun. And who doesn’t like to have fun!

Cute funko figure pop present Ideas

When you go to the factory, you might as well get it for someone you cherish. Maybe a grandparent, your parents. It can serve as a great birthday gift or a valentines gift.

 Remember, it is not the thing that matters as much, but the feelings behind it and what greater emotion can be behind a cute personalized clone of your loved one—making them see how you see them every day.

Imagine your loved one opening a box to see a mini figure pop of them in it all cute and cuddly. It would melt anyone’s heart.

A very special funko figure pop collectible

We all are a fan of something; we like to hoard memories and tiny moments captured in time like a time capsule. Well, now is the time to feel even more special. You have the option to have your own customized action figure as your collectible.

Nothing can get better than that. To have a mini, you are starting from the desk! Wow, that feeling. You may not be batman or superman, but you still are special, and that is what funko pop is doing here. Making you realize that you indeed are special too.

Customization offered by funko for figure pop of you

This whole new dimension of fun has made it so easy. You can just get on your computers or laptops, go to the funko site, and easily design your funko figure pop avatar. It costs only 25 dollars and has free shipping with more than 50 dollars worth of bill. With a variety of customization offered;

  • Body: The body has six different options to choose from. It goes from a little slender look to a chunk and a short one. Apart from the stature, it has a color scale for you to choose your skin tone. It is ranging from ivory to black.
  • Face: The face has thirteen options to choose from, as we know, the pops do not have lips or mouth. The face has button eyes and eyebrows.
  • Hair: The hairstyle options are twenty-six total in number, ranging from short and long, and also have the option of multi-colors to choose from.
  • Dresses: There are around forty-two dresses and styles to choose from.
  • Accessories: From fifty or so customized accessories to choose from, you can completely customize your pop look.
  • Background: An optional one, but you get it behind your box; your avatar will be delivered in. There are four options to choose from.

Things you can use your pop avatar as

There is always a bunch of things you can think of doing with your figure pop; here are a few ideas for you on the table right here:

  • Use it as a key chain. Cute and not a total waste
  • Use it as an accessory for your car. Customizing the entire thing so cool
  • Use it as a collectible with the other collections
  • Use it as a fridge magnet with a little DIY
  • Play with it if you are a kid
  • Use it as a pencil or pen holder on your desk
  • Use it as an accessory to your bag.
  • It can be used to personalize birthday cakes. Going a little extra doesn’t hurt
  • Leave on the side table as a decoration. Totally cute


The funko pop never ceases to amaze us. With growing time, it always gives us something to smile. Getting a customized pop of yourself is not a bad idea but is a cute and funny way of accepting yourself as you are and expressing your love for others.

You do not have to be a supermodel to have an action figure of your own. You, as you are, is enough. The message funko was trying to share was well received and appreciated. Go down to the shops and get your avatars already.

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