Pika Pika? Pikachu… becoming the most demanded Pokemon pop vinyle figure. We all remember the pokemon hype, a very cool trend for the 90’s babies. The pokemon was series released in 1997. The fun fact being the cartoon was actually released after an entire year, after the game cards in 1996.

The card game and the collector hobby really took a pace in the early 2000s. Pokemon cards were a must-have for every teenager and kid right up till 2007. The franchise never let its fan down. Later the funko pop took over the euphoria.

A brand new Idea

The funko pops were known to make vinyl figurines of every popular cartoon or movie character, almost after a decade of card games, movies, cartoons, and school bags of pokemon.

The franchise, in collaboration with funko released its first pokemon pop vinyle figure Pikachu in the year 2018. Having to face a little skeptical reaction at first, the funko pops were a hit and are releasing new figurines ever since. The Pikachu pop was just the beginning of a whole new collectible dimension.

Cards to funko pop.

With a great of this Japanese franchise, the funko pops were introduced to the market before the announced date. It broke the market when the Pikachu vinyl figurine was made available to collectors and Pokemon fans. And ever since, people have wanted more.

The first pop was a hit, and then slowly, they aced their game when they release Charmander, vuplix, Bulbasaur, Pichu, evee, and many more. These adorable figures just keep on coming.

Are you a fan of pokemon pop vinyle figure?


Are you a real pokemon fan? Do you collect everything themed pokemon? Well, here is a fun new and exciting addition to your fandom. Having a rare pokemon card, school bag, lunch bag, pencils is all news now.

To upgrade the fan lair of pokemon funko pops released the pokemon funko pop vinyle figure, available in a variety of  Pop! Vulpix, Pop! MewTwo, Pop! Mr. Mime, and Pop! Pichu.

Must have pokemon funko pop vinyle figure


The pokemon funko pop vinyle figure started with the Pikachu, and it has multiple variants.

Maybe because this little yellow mouse-like pokemon was a famous cartoon character too, and many people wanted it as their collectible, you can find the Pikachu pop in different sizes ranging between 10-18 inches, in different colors, yellow and metallic, and an upcoming action stance.

This is not the end; every year, there is a new variety depending on the fan demand.

Keep a check on upcoming pops

With the increase in demand, these funko pops are available almost everywhere in shops and online. Amazon is the biggest distributor, has a thrilling update for collectors for when the new pokemon funko pop will be resealed.

They already have it on their carts. The demand is great, and the competition is tough. Or you can check the official websites on funko pop vinyle figure and pokemon for details and launch dates.

Something new for the fans

We realize that with the new and updated pokemon cards, many collectors and eagerly waiting for funko pop to release the latest pokemon funko pop as well.

The pop vinyle figure is adorable and a must-have; the good news is The year 2020 brought you the news for a whole new series of pokemon.

Another Pikachu variant and the Pikachu attack stance, Mew, Raichu, and Ponyta. Something to keep looking forward to, right?

Raichu or Pikachu?


If you are a pokemon fan, you do know that Raichu is far more powerful than pokemon and has a lethal attack and a special attack. But, there is always a but. It cannot use a light ball like Pikachu, which makes Pikachu better for being the sweeper.

The funko pop vinyle figure has the options of both, which they announced on 17th December 2020. It’s like a new Year gift, making all the collectors and fans excited to jump in the new year with their new figurine.

Not only the figure now, but funko has also started to make action stances such as the Pikachu attack stance figurine. The fun never ends.

The year 2021 brings a Mew pop vinyle figure


Remember the Mew pokemon? It was one of the popular Nintendo game pokemon, Yeah that psychic pocket monster was one the cutest pokemon created by the franchise. It was pink and adorable, but many fans still debate it is the most lethal one.

Because it can copy the technique, the opponent has to its advantage. Starting a New year, the year 2021, will bring the fan with a new funko pop vinyle figure. This pop has been ever waited and waited in the fandom of pokemon.

 It looks like funko chooses its variety for each year and let the fans anticipate the best of it.

The Mew or Mewtwo dilemma


The twins, as we can call the Mewtwo, is Mews’s bigger and more powerful clone. It has more trauma than Mew. But Mew has a better variety of attacks. For the Fanclub. You can get both of them now.

The Mewtwo was released on May 2, 2020, finally. And this new year, 2021, brings us Mew funko pop. We are completing the Mew family and many fan desires. Let’s see what other pops will be released this or n the year 2022.

Final Thoughts!

 The Pokemon franchise has boosted throughout the years, and it has a separate fan club; the fan club is diverse, and each pokemon monster has an individual fandom. These mystic creatures were given a form by funko pop giving the monsters physical 3D bodies for their fans to hold and love even more.

The franchise has done its market reading well; the pokemon seem to be a never-dying hobby and to keep. These pops are an evergreen desire to collect; it will remain a hobby for many. Some collect them as a hobby.

Some professional collectors know their real price and are willing to deal for it. So it is safe to say that there will be more Pokemon funko pops; they are never-ending.

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